Cognigix: Devising End-to-End & Customized Digital Learning Solutions

Cognigix: Devising End-to-End & Customized Digital Learning Solutions

Ajay Kumar,Founder & CEO

Ajay Kumar

Founder & CEO

Digital learning in organizations has surpassed the traditional learning due to its multiple benefits such as minimal disruption, cost-effectiveness, accessibility, variety, continuity and many others. Especially during the recent Covid-19 crisis, learning function has gone through significant transformation to digitalize itself for the ‘New Normal’. This intricate process of digitalizing learning involves structuring diverse components, onboarding multiple external partners, and investing significant time by the L&D team.

Handholding organizations through this process is Mumbai-based Cognigix Digital Learning Pvt. Ltd. by providing end-to-end, customized digital learning solutions that seamlessly integrate the aforementioned components. Cognigix leaves no stone unturned to deploy integrated learning methods in a digitized environment to create an unparalleled learning experience for the learners. This way, the company has been redefining digital learning by amalgamating technology with traditional learning to build the new normal!

To learn more about Cognigix and its excellence as an EdTech startup, delve into the following excerpts of an exclusive colloquy between Ajay Kumar (Founder & CEO, Cognigix) and CEO Insights.

Brief us about your current roles and responsibilities at Cognigix.
Having spent more than a decade and half in custom-designing a variety of learning solutions for more than 100 organisations across the industry, law enforcement agencies, PSUs and government organisations, I plunged into the digital space of learning. I think it was the then CM of Maharashtra - Fadnavis, who during an event on ‘Emotionally Intelligent Police’ initiative that I was driving in the state, asked me how I would train over two lakhs in-service police personnel in the field. And I really didn’t have right answer through traditional medium then. I was
curious about the meaningful role of technology in learning. When it comes to learning, it’s not about having great technology, it’s about creating an impact on people’s thinking, behaviour and action. After a lot of deliberation, I conceived Cognigix not merely as a tech platform, but as an end-to-end digital learning solutioning company. My role is to guide this enterprise reach its vision of being the learning digitalisation partner of organisations.

Through Custom e-Learning, our team of highly skilled digital content creation experts design and develop deeply customized behavioural and technical e-Learning modules under the guidance of ace learning architects

Tell us about Cognigix’s guiding principles.
We follow simplicity in everything we do. We delight our learners with the value we create through our customized learning solutions. We are determined to remain ahead of the technology curve as our learners evolve. We collaborate across the various digital learning ecosystems to bring the best for our learners.

What value propositions do you offer to your clients?
Our learning solutions ensure convergence of established and emerging digital learning channels including web based training (WBT), virtual classroom training (VCT), micro learning nuggets, personalized learning, gamified learning, online simulations, online assessments and many others. We make these learning solutions simple, enjoyable and engaging for the learners through intuitive access to learning journeys, organizing learning content in a meaningful way, easy-to-follow learning paths, language of choice, and continuous learning on the go. We also deeply customize these solutions right from the learning plan to delivery channels, content and adoptions strategy for our clients. In addition, we take-up the role of a valuable learning partner, wherein we monitor the quality of content and experience of learners, check their progress & performance, provide them requisite support & assistance, and supervise the effectiveness of learning channels.
Walk us through your diverse offerings.
Our offerings include Learning Architecting, Custom e-Learning, Learning App, and Learning Adoption. Under Learning Architecting, we painstakingly conduct in-depth diagnostics study and architect deeply integrated and customized digital learning journeys leveraging multiple learning channels. Through Custom e-Learning, our team of highly skilled digital content creation experts design and develop deeply customized behavioural and technical e-Learning modules under the guidance of ace learning architects. Our simple and elegant Learning App creates unparalleled experience for the learners while driving targeted learning agenda. We also create and implement customized Learning Adoption strategy and provide support and service desks to learners.

Brief us on the unique approach that you deploy while devising the learning solutions.
The first step in our solutioning approach is in-depth diagnostics and customization study to understand the learning needs, objectives and themes, along with a probable mix of delivery channels. Secondly, we create customized digital learning plan and solution map for an integrated learning journey and experience followed by customizing learning content in tune with the needs of the learners and the business contexts. The last but one step is learning program deployment and delivery through a world-class learning app, learning adoption strategy and personalized learning assistance. Generation of real-time reports and analytics through pre-configured, on-demand and customizable performance & progress dashboards, and impact measures are in-built in the delivery. The final step involves becoming the virtual learning assistants for the learners and proactively connecting with them to ensure learning completion, learning transfer and a healthy return on investment in digital learning.

Ajay Kumar, Founder & CEO
Ajay founded Cognigix Digital Learning in 2018 after over 18 years of experience in the space of corporate learning and L&D consulting. His interest in digital learning technology inspired him to imagine and conceptualize Cognigix with like-minded people.

Quick Facts:
Office: Mumbai
Offerings: Learning Architecting, Custom e-Learning, Learning App and Learning Adoption

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