• Robin Raina, Chairman & CEO

    Robin Raina, Chairman & CEO

  • Of late, technology is widely catching up in teaching methodologies across the education space and teachers are bringing the vital elements of experience, discovery, excitement, engagement, fun, and interaction to the classroom by using various technological tools. Efficient usage of the new age technological tools has the power to make a better teacher out of a good teacher - one who would be cherished and remembered by the students, parents, and teaching institutes alike. It is proven that utilizing technology in the classroom is a great way to bring enthusiasm among the students, improve student engagement, enrich the teaching process, and bring and liveliness in the classroom. With 70,000 classrooms; 7000 schools, 3 million students, and 3.5 Smartclass sessions everyday, Ebix Smartclass Educational has been bringing in exceptional 21st Century eLearning solutions.

  • EBIX Smartclass Educational: Revamping The Classroom Experience

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Top 10 Ed-Tech Startups - 2020

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  • Top 10 Ed-Tech Startups - 2020

    With the advancement in technology, the world has changed, so is the process and the way of doing a work has transformed. From studying in a group under ‘peepal ka tree’ to having an online study session via mobile phone or laptop/desktop, technology has totally revolutionized the education system in India. This is all possible because of implementation Education Technology (EdTech) in the educational realm. But, to be true, EdTech is not just about technological implementation in the classroom or reformatting books, training manuals, or about the individual technologies themselves. It is the key to offer the best education to the student community. It is about applying digital technology to deliver a new form of learning architecture. In changing the traditional architecture of education, EdTech has the power to create efficiencies, cut costs and enable new levels of standardization and democratized access. Looking at all these advantages, EdTech Startups began to sprout in the country. Schools & colleges are important but equally important are the skills which schools & colleges don’t teach us. Top leading Edtech companies in India are changing the scene of education in India. They are making it interesting to learn new things. Not just that, but these startups are also playing a major role in bridging the skill gap between fresh graduates and the requirements what companies expect from them. According to a Google and KPMG report, India’s e-learning market will grow to $1.96 Bn by 2021. Edtech startups can play a pivotal role in making this happen. With several startups already taking the lead, the education sector is all set for a revival in India. Today, more than ever, the role of educational technology in teaching is of great importance because of the use of information and communication technologies. It ultimately helps the nation because it is obvious that children are the future of India, so are the EdTech Startups are the future of India. Hence, with an objective to help parents, students, educational experts, teachers, mentors and many others to choose the best startup partner for operations, siliconindia identifies ‘Top 10 Ed-Tech Startups – 2020’. An expert panel encompassing the industry leaders along with siliconindia Editorial Board has performed a diligent evaluation of the industry before listing the front-runners. The organizations listed here have distinguished themselves through successful ideation and implementation of practical ideas that complement the market requirements as well as cater to the end consumers. This listing will assist our readers in selecting well-suited, impeccable and best EdTech companies that will not only help understand the nuances but also help simplify the approach to such organizations.

Top 10 Ed-Tech Startups - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
AspireBuzz Vijay Basani,Founder & CEO AspireBuzz Creating leading-edge e-Learning platform with most adaptive, innovative, accessible and cost-effective courses for students across the web
Cognigix Ajay Kumar,Founder & CEO Cognigix Providing end-to-end, customized digital learning solutions to organizations, thereby redefining digital learning and building the new normal
Cymatic Kaushik Sharaf,Co-founder & CEO Cymatic A Digital Education platform that offers online and offline education courses spanning a wide variety of topics that are in high demand
illumnus Education Technologies Akash Singhal,Founder & CEO illumnus Education Technologies Organization that is dedicated toward simplifying the communication flow among the students and teachers
Ken42 EdTech Ganesh Raju,Founder & CEO Ken42 EdTech A first of its kind integrated educational ecosystem by quintessentially amalgamating integration of learning systems & stakeholders, optimized learning outcome, and the overall seamless & holistic user experience
Kunduz Prashanth Somasundaram,Country Head - India Kunduz A global ed-tech company making high quality & efficient educational content accessible to students
Learnyst Shankar Mahesh, Co-Founder & CEO,Shivaranjan Kumar, Co-Founder & CFO Learnyst One of the fastest growing LMS companies that has helped 1000+ educators/institutes generate Rs.250+ Crores in revenue, wherein educators can easily sell their courses online from their own highly secure white labelled web & mobile apps
Modo Edulabs Amalore Jude, Founder & CEO,Susan Jude, Co-Founder & Head - Curriculum Modo Edulabs Modo aims to empower young students in technology literacy and digital skills and make them 21st century ready.
NutSpace Rohini Vij,Founders NutSpace Delivering reliable & quality content that is based on the International Early Years Curriculum
Square Panda Ashish Jhalani,Managing Director - India Square Panda Provides a multisensory phonics learning system helps to develop English language skills based on the neuroscience research and AI technology for cognitive skills development in preschool children