illumnus Education Technologies: Enabling Online Teaching for Schools & Institutes

illumnus Education Technologies: Enabling Online Teaching for Schools & Institutes

Akash Singhal,Founder & CEO

Akash Singhal

Founder & CEO

The advancement in technology has undoubtedly changed the world in many ways. Be it the business world or day-to-day lives of people, technology has positively impacted each and every segment relatively. The same is the scenario of the education realm; the technological evolution has profoundly changed the education system with the passage of time and has generated advancements in the field of learning. One such innovation is the Learning Management System (LMS) that is revolutionizing the education space by offering a number of benefits to its users. LMS has not just simplified the way how education was imparted earlier, but has catered to the changing needs of modern learners by transforming an inefficient traditional classroom-based approach to a highly efficient advanced technology-driven approach. With the introduction of LMS, the 21st century educational methodologies have changed into those which are much simpler, more personalized, interactive, and experiential. Consequently, there is no doubt that LMS is a must for education in the current era.

Offering the finest in the segment while contributing its best to the education space is illumnus Education Technologies, a Pune-based Ed-Tech startup. The firm completely understands that traditional classroom lacks interaction & practical implementation of knowledge, and it is important to have an interactive classroom to instill the true meaning of education. With the same belief, the organization strives hard to bring the imagination of a collaborative classroom into a reality through its LMS – illumnus. illumnus is the brainchild of Akash Singhal (Founder & CEO), who is extensively passionate about revolutionizing the EdTech sector. Under his aegis, illumnus has secured a clutch in the industry as one of the reliable firms that offer the best LMS Platforms across the globe. In an exclusive colloquy with CEO Insights, Akash articulates
about illumnus, its features, and future perspectives.

Tell us more about illumnus as an organization and as a product?
illumnus is an effort towards creating a change in the education sector for a better future. It’s a premium product that focuses on the needs of students and teachers alike. The main purpose of developing this platform is to make learning fun and simple while simplifying the operations for management. We are an Ed-Tech company and our core ideology is – Learning should never stop, no matter what. The whole purpose of our existence is to provide the upcoming generation an education system that prepares them for life, rather than just for exams.

Our video lecturing tool & AI-based content recommendation engine

illumnus is a B2B SaaS-based Classroom Collaboration Platform for students and teachers. It enhances the pedagogy and personalizes the learning experience in schools & institutes using Machine Language. Our Video Lecturing Tool & AI-based content recommendation engine helps teachers and administrators plan-out the learning process for each class and student with precision, while our collaboration tools help students in getting their queries resolved without waiting for another day at school.

illumnus is crafted to obtain high efficiency, and all the features are purpose-based. For instance, from the super quick onboarding process to its flagship features like AI-driven personalized feedback & analytics system, everything has been created with specific intent and purpose. Since parents, students and admins are connected intricately through our dedicated apps, communicating or sending notifications becomes an instant task.

Tell us about the education market, and the opportunities you foresee in the current Ed-Tech market of India for your company.
Indian Ed-Tech market is still in its nascent stage. Though people, schools, institutes and education leaders have started realizing the advantages of technology in education, there are very few who actually take initiatives towards implementing such a system in their schools and classrooms. We are reaching-out to teachers &
administrators and helping them in understanding why a skill-based education system coupled with technology is the best option to shape the future of the education industry.

Talking in terms of opportunity, I would say that the education industry in India can still be categorized under the blue ocean category. There is a lot to be done, and we have just started to pick a little pace. We can see ourselves being one of the major key players in driving this collaborative form of learning throughout the education system, be it at schools, universities, or at an individual level. We are dedicated to solving the problems that we all faced during our education days so that our juniors don’t have to go through them at all.

Are you coming-up with innovations or upgradations to enhance your organization’s portfolio?
Definitely! There is no business that can thrive without innovation and upgradation. For us, it’s the very core of our organization. We have a specialized R&D team that is constantly working on improving formal education. In fact, we are now working with several curriculums across the globe.

What is your future roadmap?
We are highly invested in modern technologies like Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to enhance the learning & teaching experience of the students and teachers. We have developed the core technology suitable for the needs of every school, college, and coaching institute. On top of that, we are adding-up modules and compatibility with various curriculums. We have been excelling since our inception, and for the coming future, we have plans to expand to four countries by the end of 2020.

Akash Singhal, Founder & CEO
Graduated from IIT Bombay, Akash is a serial entrepreneur with 7+ years of experience in startup ecosystem. He has previously co-founded a healthcare startup, Medd which after a tremendous response and 3 rounds of investment was later acquired by 1mg/HealthKart+. Originating from a technology background, he has helped several organizations in developing scalable tech architectures and growing the business to reach profitability.

Akshaya Singhal & Devashish Saxena, Co-Founders
Office: Pune (India) and Dubai
Offerings: Collaborative Learning Management System, Video Lecturing, Online Examination, Students performance Analysis

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