Ken42 EdTech: A First-of-Its-Kind Integrated Educational Ecosystem

Ken42 EdTech: A First-of-Its-Kind Integrated Educational Ecosystem

Ganesh Raju,Founder & CEO

Ganesh Raju

Founder & CEO

The traditional educational institution management model is passé. Over the past decade, it has become essential for educational institutions to find a solution to leverage the best of both worlds – traditional and digital, while the pandemic has now triggered a sudden landslide towards the latter. But with the flood of digital transformation providers, digital partner selection couldn’t be more difficult. In truth, everything boils-down to three vital requirements – integration of learning systems & stakeholders, optimized learning outcome, and most importantly, the overall seamless & holistic user experience. Crafting a first-of-its-kind integrated educational ecosystem by quintessentially amalgamating these factors, while also maximizing ROI on technology for institutions, has been the game changer for Ken42 EdTech Pvt. Ltd to become one of the fastest growing EdTech company in India. The company’s solution provides institutions with digital integration that enables them to manage their end-to-end pedagogical cycle and ensure personalized student development, school administration, students and faculty with an improved user experience, and educators with shaper insights. It engenders a truly connected campus!

Foreseeing the need of the hour, the Bangalore-based startup has also enabled online classrooms and examinations, and even certificate courses from universities, making it a one-stop solution for end-to-end education needs. No wonder the company has recently bagged a $1.4 million funding, despite the pandemic. CEO Insights Interviews Ganesh Raju (Founder & CEO), the mastermind behind Ken42.

It’s been almost a year since
inception. How did it all begin, and how has been the journey so far?
The personalized student development and providing better experience to the stakeholders have long become a necessity. Education institutions clearly need to deliver more. Thus, we decided to develop a one-stop solution that enables this capability, encrusting everything from advanced program management to additional skills development for students, and enhanced & collaborative teaching for faculty. We incepted this company out of Turbostart, which is a national accelerator program designed for early-stage startups. Started by veterans of the startup ecosystem, Turbostart helps both startups and large organizations grow their market footprint and remain actively involved in the growth of Ken42.

With our solution, we equip universities, schools and colleges to focus on creating value by enhancing experience for all stakeholders, thereby taking their reputation up several notches

As institutions and educators continue to adapt into the new world of education, our journey has been both challenging and inspiring at the same time. We take pride in being able to address our clients’ sophisticated requirements. The credit goes to our team that features a unique blend of professionals who bring a potent mix of talent, expertise and enthusiasm to the table.

What’s the kind of digital transformation that your company provides?
Our comprehensive approach enables a single point of contact for all the tech needs of an institution, which means no more multiple vendor management, and they can operate with leaner teams and reduce IT costs. We also provide scalable solutions at every level, as well as integrate seamlessly with existing systems to provide a unified experience. This also ensures improving productivity within
administration, as you migrate several tedious processes online with thorough process definition. Above all, we continuously focus on providing high quality digital access to the students with data security that complies with global standards and clear-cut access controls, which is bound to increase student engagement.

How do you cater to the needs of every stakeholder of the education system and make a difference for each of them?
With our solution, we equip universities, schools and colleges to focus on creating value by enhancing experience for all stakeholders, thereby taking their reputation up several notches. For instance, teachers can use Ken42 to manage their day-to-day work, give their students personalized attention, and network towards improving the quality of education. On the other hand, encompassing the complete student lifecycle, we provide next-gen Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered solutions within a single interface. Developed with world-class partners, it will transform the way education is imparted to our students and will essentially future-proof their careers.

Ken42 has recently bagged a $1.4 million funding. What is your future roadmap?
We will use the capital for product development, as well as scaling-up our marketing, business development and operations. We at Ken42 believe that education done right will turn each possibility into an opportunity – for students, the institutions and us. Our mission is to build a partnership geared for success each step of the way.

Ganesh Raju, Founder & CEO
A serial entrepreneur, Ganesh has completed his B.A LLB from Mysore University. He is also a Certified Public Accountant from AICPA, and a Company Secretary from The Institute of Company Secretaries of India. In his previous role, he headed the Entrepreneurial and Private Business practice at PwC India for 19 years. In the last four years, Ganesh has advised more than 300 startups and is an integral part of the business and education ecosystem in the country. He is also the founding partner of Turbostart, ZenQore, StartNXT and Activewires.
Office: Bangalore

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