Deepak Raj Singh: Striving To Create An Omni Channel Network For Automotive Lifestyle Accessories

Deepak Raj Singh: Striving To Create An Omni Channel Network For Automotive Lifestyle Accessories

Deepak Raj Singh,Co-Founder & CEO

Deepak Raj Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

Digitalization is creating transition through a multitude of sectors, and the automotive industry in particular. As we have seen, there has been a great transition in technology in the automotive industry in order to shift towards a more digital and sustainable future. Technology, however, is not the only thing moving rapidly and evolving with digitalization. Leadership is being significantly influenced, as there are changes happening in working habits and other factors must work proactively to ensure that their company is ready for digital change, with high demand for digital talent.

CEO Insights interviewed one such leader of automotive industry, who is working with an aim of growing his company to a greater heights, Deepak Raj Singh, the Co-Founder and CEO of Elegant Auto Retail shared about the ups and downs he came across in his professional journey.

Tell us about the journey so far and what are the challenges that you encountered and how did overcome.
The biggest challenge of my journey with Elegant Auto Retail was seeding the concept of Direct to consumer approach in a highly conventional and retailer focused aftermarket automotive accessories.

Although we faced a lot of amused faces at the beginning asking if I could walk the talk, we took it as a challenge, a few good brands such as Elegant came forward to assist and establish Elegant Auto Retail successfully. Moving ahead we face similar reactions again from potential investors now which I am sure we will overcome very soon.

As we know, the barriers to progress require much toiling, staying abreast with upcoming
advances to succeed in this competitive world of Automotive. As a leader in Automotive, how crucial has your industry experience been in shaping your leadership journey?
I had the fortune to work in a leadership role at the ‘Car Dekho’ Digital Automotive Company where I was exposed to opportunities for Car Ownership Industry. This training allowed me to ask the right questions to build a successful solution that is now widely referred to as ‘Elegant Auto Retail’. Mr. Sudhir Singhal from Elegant Auto Accessories has been a great mentor, who helped me learn about the industry in greater detail. I could pick up best practices from each and combine them into building Elegant Auto Retail.

My broad exposure to various industries and distribution platforms has widely taught me to make the right choices and avoid mistakes based on parallels in consumer journeys and profiling

In the current day and age, the Co-Founder & CEO of a company has to assume various roles such as a leader, visionary, decision-maker, manager, board developer and others. What different roles have you been undertaking at Elegant Auto Retail?
Well, beginning as the first member of the team offers a lot of different challenges and opportunities to choose the right team that shares your vision and dedication to it. I juggled between many hats I wore to be a doer and tutor for recruiting, writing material, teacher, photographer, digital marketer, and all that was needed to set up and run the company.

How does your vast industry experience help you to chalk-out efficient business modules at Elegant Auto Retail?
A project like Elegant Auto Retail demanded out of box thinking well supported by a custom-designed technology stack. My broad exposure to various industries and distribution platforms has widely taught me to make the right choices and avoid mistakes based on
parallels in consumer journeys and profiling. I spent 8 years into a channel and modern retail sales which widened my scope of understanding problem statement for offline businesses which we solved for our franchise partners by linking them digitally to our online store and offering an Omnichannel solution.

As technology is ubiquitous today, what are your strategies to leverage the best of it and carve-out beneficial solutions for both the company and the clients? Also, how do you ensure that Elegant Auto Retail specialization reaches every client in the best way possible?
We love our clients and want to deliver a truly Omnichannel solution to them by delivering consistent information, pricing and services across the sales channel. We harness technology at each stage of the customer life cycle to provide the updated information and we top it up with an AI-enabled Chatbots, Automated LMS (Lead Management System) and CRM to ensure all our customers are attended proficiently delivering customer delight.

What is your mantra to strike the right balance between your busy professional life and personal life?
My family has been very supportive all through my career, on my part, the best I do is to spend whatever time I have got in doing what they like and enjoy while keeping some time for things I love doing like Biking, Cycling & Reading.

How do you update yourself with the latest technologies and industry trends?
I believe networking is very important in modern times to keep yourself updated, therefore I take out time from my calendar to attend networking events, industry webinars, and expert speaker sessions digitally for now. I always look forward to helping my friends from different industries in solving their problems with my personal and professional experience; which in turn updates me automatically.

Deepak Raj Singh, Co-Founder & CEO, Elegant Auto Retail
A Marketing Management Master's from IILM, Deepak completed Bachelor's of Computer Applications from Kurukshetra University. For 16+ years, Deepak is contributing to development of teams in FMCG, Consumer Electronics, Digital Services and Automotive sectors.
Office: Noida

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