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Docquity: The Social - Professional Network of Verified Doctors

Docquity: The Social - Professional Network of Verified Doctors

Indranil Roychowdhury, Co-Founder & CEO,Amit Vithal, Co-Founder & CMO

Indranil Roychowdhury, Co-Founder & CEO

Amit Vithal, Co-Founder & CMO

The internet boom and enormous data availability have engendered exiguous quantities of ‘doctor-ness’ within most of us. So was the case with a patient of Dr. Arun Ghosh - a highly reputed neurosurgeon in the beautiful city of Singapore. The patient, who was suffering from degenerative disc disease, had ‘over-Googled’ his case and become despairingly prejudice about the available treatments and their outcomes. Intrinsically, Dr. Arun had to shred the patient’s prejudice-thoughts into pieces first, before taking any step further.

Dr. Arun was quick to plant hope in his patient’s mind, as he acquainted him with merely a week old clinical inception - a state-of-the-art expandable technology in minimally invasive lateral lumbar inter-body fusion. Interestingly, Dr. Arun didn’t have to spend hours to discern the up-to-the-minute trailblazing study, as Docquity – a state-of-the-art private & secure continual learning network of verified doctors, brings him such mint set of knowledge real-time, just like how it assists thousands of doctors worldwide to indulge in peer-to-peer discussions & continuous learning from any part of the world. Available in Android & iOS platforms, this unique app allows doctors to post & share clinical content, and engage in real-time individual & group conversations and much more by appreciably putting Artificial Intelligence (AI) to good use.

The Art of Creating Actionable Insights with Trust
The Medical Council of India’s code of ethics states that the members should complete at least 30 hours of continuing medical education (CME) every five years; but according to WHO, only about 20 percent of Indian doctors follow this, since it’s not legally binding. But be it Singapore, India, or any other part of the world, continuous learning based on the geographical divide is inevitable for doctors to remain God’s agents. With human lives at stake, doctors are in no position to surf over the sea of e-knowledge, where trust is questionable. In truth, the most trusted information source for doctors are discussions that they have with their experienced peers/colleagues, but such typically compact circles put their knowledge in confinement. This is precisely where Docquity pitches in and enables doctors to have discussions with & learn from thousands of verified doctors with different(or same) specialization across the country and even beyond the borders – everything with the convenience of a mobile app. Furthermore, the more than five(per month)accredited CME courses on offer make it a comprehensive solution, beyond being a platform for availing second clinical opinion.

While promoting continual,byte sized, and most importantly, localized learning anytime & anywhere, this advanced technology platform that includes 1000+
specialized discussion-groups in fact goes one step further than just being a network, to continuously auto-learn from the trusted discussions happening on the platform and present the aggregated actionable insights back to the doctors through its AI powered specialized clinical search engine.

"Docquity enables doctors to have discussions with & learn from thousands of verified doctors with different (or same) specialization across the country and even beyond the borders"

Breathing Quality & Credibility
‘Quality &Trust’ is the name of the game. This three-year old startup has been appreciably ablaze with its thought-process to make trust the cornerstone of its product, marketing & monetization strategies. To achieve this, Docquity ever since its inception has been partnering with Medical Associations of the countries, which not only aided in establishing an indubitable trust for the network, but also helps the company in validating &verifying the users(doctors).

“As a startup, getting these partnerships has been quite challenging. Though it took us over a year to partner with Medical Associations in different countries, I think that was the game changing decision in the entire concept. It also took a significant amount of product development & localization efforts, in order to adapt into the uniqueness of every market,”asserts Indranil Roychowdhury, CEO, Docquity, who along with his close-friend,Amit Vithal,(CMO),Co-Founded Docquity in 2015. The college mates from Symbiosis University, both Indranil & Amit boast of 16+ years of Product Management & Enterprise Sales experience. “The medical associations help us to verify the members by uniquely matching doctors’ ID numbers provided in the application. With some associations, we have also created a back-end verification APIs to validate the user. All of these come in addition to manual verification, which consolidates the trust factor,” explains Amit.

An App Powered with Amazing Technologies
As the college-buddies soar up in confidence gained from the trust-factor, Docquity has already become the largest professional network in Indonesia and is expanding quickly into other Southeast Asian countries. It occupies a unique space in the mobile home-screen of thousands of doctors; they have finally found their secured professional network adhering to all the regulatory compliances. A significant share of the credit goes to the user-friendly interface and the way the platform is modeled similar to the existing social networking apps, which tremendously reduce the learning curve of the Docquity app.

To add more spellbinding flavors, Docquity’s network architecture is designed to counter the sporadic internet services in the country. For instance, the platform enables the doctors to solve & complete their CME courses offline, as the reports get auto submitted whenever they are back online. Besides auto submission of cases, the key features such as history of courses completed and references are all available in Docquity to make the experience more fruitful. One of the users from Singapore, Dr Prem Pillay(a neurosurgeon with around 25 years of experience) echoes his experience, “It is a powerful knowledge-sharing site for doctors.
This is a secure site, and it is not the same as YouTube. It is about making medical education richer and deeper”.

Above all, Docquity’s agility in adapting according to the direct feedback from the users has been excellent, and this futuristic approach indeed is the rationale behind the inclusion of many features like Live Events, CME and Expert Lectures. Even its team is set to learn from the needs, get trained from peer-to-peer discussions & online sources like Coursera& Udemy, and up-scale itself.

With the stage being well-set and the future looking intensely bright, it’s an excellent time to be in the health-tech industry. The buzzwords heard from the town include online second opinions promoted by the insurance sector, while the paradigms of telemedicine, AI based healthcare diagnostics& interpretations, and Data Analytics have become the new norms. Clearly, technology is the key to decipher this new world of opportunities, and Docquity looks a sure bet with its strategies. Indranil adjoins “We believe that we are uniquely positioned, as Docquity is all about connecting doctors and leveraging their common wisdom & experience to determine insights that drive better patient outcomes”.

" Docquity is up for the contest, focusing on improving & enhancing its AI driven specialized clinical search engine"

Well Equipped to Fulfill the Mission
Docquity is up for the contest, focusing on improving & enhancing its AI driven specialized clinical search engine. The endeavor is projected towards helping doctors identify potential disease areas based on a combination of patient presentations and then presenting a complete diagnostic map based on the clinical discussions happening on the platform. However, this high-potential engine is currently expanding data sources to improve the accuracy of results.

“Improving the core product and enhancing the user experience will be a continuous effort. Our mission is to ensure that we drive continual value-added learning. Every user session on Docquity application needs to add value, and we will ensure this by investing whatever effort it takes,” concludes Amit. As the young breed entrepreneur-duo moves forward with no fear to experiment and learn from mistakes, Docquity's vision of becoming the biggest network of doctors in the world is well on the cards.

Key Management:
Indranil Roychowdhury, Co-Founder & CEO
A professional with B2B industry as his forte, Indranil holds an MBA from the Symbiosis University & University of Chicago Booth. With 16+ years of Product Management & Sales experience, he manages teams on all levels.

Amit Vithal, Co-Founder & CMO
An MBA graduate from the Symbiosis University, Amit has garnered 16+ years of Enterprise Sales & Digital Marketing experience across many leading companies within South East Asia. He has been instrumental in giving the company the brand persona.

Headquarter: Singapore
Offerings:Continual Learning Network of Verified Doctors

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