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Dr. Vinod Kumar Patil: A Biotechnology Expert Thriving On 30+ Years Of Industry Experience

Dr. Vinod Kumar Patil: A Biotechnology Expert Thriving On 30+ Years Of Industry Experience

 Dr. Vinod kumar,     Founder

Dr. Vinod kumar


As per a report by IBEF, India is among the top 12 destinations for biotechnology worldwide. The industry comprises of more than 2,700 biotech startups and over 2,500 biotech companies in the country. To add to the figures, India has 665 FDA-approved plants the US; 44 percent of the global abbreviated new drug applications (ANDA) and over 1400 manufacturing plants of ours are compliant with WHO. Established in 2013, Dyna Biotech was set up by Dr. Vinodkumar Patil to bring a paradigm shift in Biotechnology and Biopharma industries in India and abroad through adoption of innovative technologies and exceptional customer service.

A brand that has grown to be a provider of world-class technology and premium equipment at an affordable cost, Dyna Biotech is broadening the horizons in healthcare as well as veterinary sectors by establishing the best product range, which is greatly influencing the APIs, vaccines, pharmaceuticals products, beverages, food, and dairies landscapes, among others, in a progressive and positive way. “Dyna Biotech is in manufacturing, validation, installation, and servicing for a wide range of biopharma and biotechnology equipment and has an extensive, customizable product range. We manufacture Biopharma equipment like fermentor, bio kill systems, Hollow fiber systems, Ultra/Micro filtration Systems, TFF systems, mixing, transfer and storage pressure vessels. At Dyna Biotech, we also have a separate team dealing with manufacture of various essential components like safety relief valve, Bottom valve, sample valves, filter housings which are manufactured by inhouse technology. We manufacture for Biopharma and Biotechnology industries in India and abroad with innovation, customization and exceptional customer service”, says Dr. Vinodkumar Patil, Founder, Dyna Biotech.

With over 30 years of diversified experience in clean room design, equipment design, manufacturing, validation and setting up processes for microbial and cell culture products, Dr. Patil is a name synonymous for matchless and inspiring expertise.

Recently engaging in a one-on-one interaction with CEOInsights magazine, Dr. Patil shared his insights on the budding biotech industry, how Dyna Biotech is contributing to this segment and how he is leveraging his expertise to contribute towards the growth. Below are the snippets from the same.

Highlight upon your educational & professional journey so far. What have been the experiences and how do you apply those learning in your endeavours?
Being a Microbiologist Ph.D.by profession, I have completed my secondary education from Latur, Maharashtra and later moved to pursue higher education in basics of microbial science from Marathwada University at Aurangabad. Having completed my MSc in Microbiology, I began my professional career in 1993. Since then, I have served at world’s best Biotech industries like Lupin, B. Braun Biotech (Germany), Sartorius, Shantha Biotech (Sanofi group Company) and Serum Institute of India at responsible directive positions. To add to this, I was also a leader for successfully acquiring of WHO pre-qualification of pentavalent vaccine for pediatric application at Serum Institute. It was in 2013 when I took a leap and established my own company in Pune under the name of Dyna Biotech, a firm established with the vision of providing clients with latest biotech equipment and products used in the manufacturing of
vaccines, antibiotics, and more. During my profession, I also pursued and completed my PhD. from Open International University for Complementary Medicines, SriLanka in 2017. Soon after that, I was awarded with Doctorate of Philosophy in the field of Science and Biotechnology. The self-stimulus to gain the knowledge and experience in the field of Biotechnology gave many logical marvels to our clients and partners.

Today, Dyna Biotech is capable of achieving awards and it is being recognized through various notable national and international institutes like Business Excellence Award, Company of the year Award 2020, Adarsh Udyojag Award, Certificate of Excellence from CEO magazine, Industry Young Academic Entrepreneur Award, Global Asian of the Year 2019-20 Award, Greatest Brand of the year award and the list goes on

Tell us about Dyna Biotech’s position in the industry. How is it setting itself apart from other competitors?
Dyna Biotech is leaving no stone unturned when it comes to achieving a perfect balance between the functionality and affordability of its products without compromising on the high standards of quality it maintains. At Dyna Biotech, every stage of design, production, installation, commissioning, automation, integration and validation is being monitored with a client specific approach. Being a visionary organization, Dyna biotech is continuously working towards maintaining the goal of the Indian Multinational Brand. Working with a 'Go Global’ approach, Dyna Biotech is stepping towards the exploration of international market under leadership of exceptional leaders from across various departments.

With our clients presently located in countries like South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Bangladesh, Turkey, Germany and US, we are pledged to diversify the penetration of Dyna Biotech into global healthcare market. While out current strength lies in the healthcare industry, with growing advancement in the trust and strong association with our clients and vendors has motivated us to take up opportunities to cater Food processing industries, biodiesel manufacturing firms, Agro-based fertilizer businesses, dairy industries and more.

SV Biotech is another sister concerned branch of Dyna Biotech. SV Biotech brainchild of Dr Patil, will be taking care of API manufacturing, Diagnostic kits manufacturing and will be leading new product development modules.

Throw some light on your professional accomplishments so far. What is it that keeps you motivated?
Celebrated globally for its innovation and excellence, Dyna Biotech has achieved a number of awards throughout the years. Over the years, I have been awarded with Doctorate of Philosophy (Science and Biotechnology), Business Excellence Award, Company of the year Award 2020, Adarsh Udyojag Award, Certificate of Excellence from CEO magazine, Industry Young Academic Entrepreneur Award and the list goes on.

Contributing to the society, Dyna Biotech is generating direct and indirect opportunities for employment. Over the past few years, Dyna Biotech has also been associated with social contributions like mass tree plantation programs, blood donation drives, road sides, benefactions at local schools and many more. It is also associated with welfare activities for State Police department and under privileged class of society. Opportunity towards the service to the nation is the greatest reward for Dyna Biotech. This omnipotent approach of Dyna Biotech encourages its associates to progress in all domains of development.

How would you define your growth over the years? What is your
success mantra? How do you balance work and personal life?
The most apt answer for the question would be ‘Passion'. I always wanted to pursue my zeal for engineering and hence I started my own setup for the manufacturing of fermentors and other Biotech equipment under the banner of Dyna Biotech. Also, I wanted to provide a best in class, premium equipment to the healthcare industry at an affordable price; making the healthcare favourable for one and all. Dyna Biotech has completed around six projects for Covid project during national and international emergency and contributed over 650 million dose vaccine commercial manufacturing for their clients.

Speaking about work life balance, over the period you get habituated to every day’s development and progress. The 2020 pandemic taught us many alternate lessons for handling man, machine and material demand and forced us to evolve new technologies. It was a challenging period and beyond help from any source made evolve us into alternate technologies and build strength in operations.

How do you plan to lead ways for many young aspirants and create career opportunities for them? What would be your advice for them?
I believe in keeping the youth of India inspired since India has this big asset that is to be explored and engaged. Newgen employees are blessed with science and technology since childhood and their grasping power is better. They need to understand the need of time and choose a career very wisely. Since the pandemic, investments have been diverted into life science profession. India is very keen on ‘Make in India’ and stop imports from other countries like China. This has been an excellent opportunity for Indian corporates and startups which is creating a lot of job opportunities for job seekers with passion for the field of biotechnology.

Owing to more and more advancement in the field of biotechnology, the younger generation of today has an opportunity to explore into the depths of biotechnology and make new innovations for the betterment of mankind. With Dyna Biotech, we welcome aspirants to showcase their talent and gain skills in understanding biopharma equipment. We bestow opportunities to learn the knowledge and skill it takes to develop and provide systems required for clients. Dyna Biotech also plans on setting up processes to provide more client suited, customized equipment with the support of newer skills of these youngsters.

For the budding talents, my advice to them, especially for people freshly stepping out of universities and people looking to diversify their skill set would be to keep following their passion and keep up to date with latest news in the fields of their interest. Learning and staying motivated is the key to a knowledgeable mind, leading to personal growth and good career opportunities.

Dr. Vinodkumar, Founder, Dyna Biotech
Dr. Vinodkumar is a process Engineer with 30 years into Pharma Biotech industry. Installed plants, equipment and processes for more than 200projects and manufactured more 6000 Biotech equipment. He has customized approximately 30 Biotech products and equipment including vaccines, therapeutics, probiotics, diagnostics, antibiotics, steroids and many more. Dyna Biotech is brainchild of Dr. Patil.

Favorite Cuisine:Indian cuisine
Favorite Book:Bhagavad-Gita
Favorite Travel Destination:Europe

Awards & Recognition:
Doctorate of Philosophy(Science and Biotechnology), Business Excellence Award, Company of the year Award 2020, Adarsh Udyojag Award, Certificate of Excellence from CEO magazine, Industry Young Academic Entrepreneur Award and the list goes on.

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