Ecoprosus India: Energy Efficient & Quality Smart City Solutions Tailor- Made for the India

Ecoprosus India: Energy Efficient & Quality Smart City Solutions Tailor- Made for the India

Anand Br (Co-Founder & CSO), Nalin Kanshal (Co-Founder & COO), Mayank Kela, Co-Founder & CBO With the finance minister Arun Jaitely pledging Rs.2.04 lakh crore in 2018’s Union budget, India’s Smart City dreams are well on. The need of the hour is indigenous solutions that are tailor-made for our country, considering its discrete milieu including the colossal need for energy efficiency amidst many other alarming factors. Embracing these sophisticated needs to develop state-of-the-art India-centric Smart City solutions is Ecoprosus India - an intuitive tech-savvy company providing energy efficient solutions (products & services) for Smart Cities and medium to large manufacturing units/institutions.

Ecoprosus boasts of a diverse yet highly successful team and was founded by three experienced promoters – Anand Br (Co-Founder & CSO), Nalin Kanshal (Co-Founder & COO) and Mayank Kela (Co-Founder & CBO). The management team‘s 100+ years strong cumulative experience justifies its clear vision of providing technologically sound solutions, which are appreciably energy efficient. CEO Insights indulges in an exclusive interview with Mayank to explore more about Ecoprosus and its niche approach.

With global Smart City solutions market expected to hit $2.6 trillion by 2025, the competition is huge. How do you mold your business model & approach to offer a matchless proposition?
We integrate new age technology and energy efficiency in the urban and rural space. Our Smart City program is intended to give sustainable, meaningful & scalable smart solutions in the private & public domains. We are one of the very few companies that have developed a sound financial system coupled with our technical expertise to make it viable for our customers. We work with customers on both sides of the meter to reduce operating expenses, upgrade & maintain facilities, stabilize energy costs, improve occupancy comfort levels, and increase energy reliability.

This leads to just one take away: ‘we earn, when you save!’We pride ourselves in being in a business which is not only relevant and
lucrative, but gives back to the society in huge way. Often, we jokingly say, the more money we make, the more we do for our environment. We help domestic and international companies in identification of the CSR activities they can do & also help them to achieve their goals by implementing them.

"We pride our selves in being in a business which is not only relevant and lucrative, but gives back to the society in huge way"

Indian scenario is nothing like the global one. What are your strategies to produce India-centric solutions?
That’s true. For example, we receive massive voltage fluctuations here. To mitigate this, our smart city solutions can withstand voltages from 150-400 V. This reduces the maintenance cost, which is another pain point in our country.

The credit of developing such India-centric, quality & environmental-friendly products & services goes to our highly skilled technicians and technology experts, as well as partnerships with some of the best technology companies. Putting it in a nutshell, we believe in providing the most viable solution, and often quote it as the ‘most appropriate technology,' rather than the latest technology. Our in-house technology experts are always innovating and finding easy to operate and replicable solutions.

Your parent company Elpro Energy Dimensions Private Limited is 20 years old. How do you channel this legacy to produce proactive solutions that benefit the country as a whole?
Elpro has 300+ happy clients and executed 1280 projects in the last two decades, winning an award from the former President of India (Late Shri A.P.J Abdul Kalam) amidst several other key awards. With this back-lift, we amalgamate new-age technologies with energy efficiency to create highly efficient and scalable solutions.

We have created an indigenous intelligent Light Pole which will improve connectivity and help people in their chores in urban and rural scape. Our solutions also include integrated street lighting, visual display system, centrally controlled management system, renewable energy system, EV charging system, environment monitoring system running on RFID, IoT, and LORA technology, among others. Our smart solutions predominantly spread across connectivity, lighting, energy, planning, governance, security, mobility and infrastructure.

All our products and services run on
ourIP tech by the name 'Rubix Integrated Energy Management System’. Currently we are focused on developing EV charging infrastructure in the cities, so that people get motivated to use EVs and curb pollution.

Innovation is the oxygen in this segment. What kind of innovation is currently happening in your organization?
As Steve Jobs famously said, ‘Innovation is the key difference between the leader and a follower’. We certainly want to lead the way when it comes to innovation. Our pedigree itself is based on innovation, as our parent company is the first SME in the country to have DSIR approved lab to commercially create electricity through Hydrogen fuel cells. In this age of collaboration, we are always in look-out for new technologies, companies to work with, and working with several companies to give cutting-edge technologies. We are here to co-create wealth!

What is the future roadmap set for Ecoprosus India?
We want to be the biggest name amongst the energy efficient smart city solutions companies in India and subsequently capture a large chunk of business globally. As per the World Bank report, Indian energy efficiency market is pegged at$23 billion and will grow substantially. Coupled with the budget and focus on sustainable smart city solutions, I think we have massive opportunity in our hands. Our first focus is to expand to all parts of India, before going global. We want Indian cities to experience the same quality of technology and infrastructure as any other developed city in the world is experiencing.

We keep ourselves updated by participating in lot of global &domestic events, in addition to having a close relationship with BEE(Bureau of Energy Efficiency) and often speaking in their events as industry stalwarts. We actively work with a lot of new companies and startups to understand their tech and sometimes integrate with them.

Key Management:
Mayank Kela, Co-Founder & CBO
A creative thinker, Mayank is a passionate leader with expertise in Retail Marketing, Process Innovation, Retail Operations, Marketing Operations and Sales. Over the past 14 years,he has created a successful track record of setting up new headways for some of the top global companies in India.


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