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Gaurav Vijay: People Focused Leadership With Insights Driven Strategies

Gaurav Vijay: People Focused Leadership With Insights Driven Strategies

Gaurav Vijay,CEO & Director

Gaurav Vijay

CEO & Director

An entrepreneur can teach us a great deal of things. The majority of them are role models, having achieved success through remarkable dedication, business acumen, confidence, honesty, integrity, and, above all, empathy. Their success is based not just on their financial acumen, but also on their ability to inspire others to achieve their aspirations. With one-of-a-kind plans and solutions, we are blessed to have such dynamic mavens in the Pink City of India, who are considerably contributing to the growth bandwagon of their respective enterprises, industries, and the country's economy. One such exemplary business leader is Gaurav Vijay, who began his career with Sanguine Global Consultants, a modest recruiting firm in India, where he learned the ropes of the industry and aspired to be an expert. Gaurav is now the CEO of Sanguine Recruitment Private Limited in Jaipur, which he co-founded with his spouse, Ritu Vijay, in 2011.

In an interview with CEO Insights, Gaurav shares the highlights of their entrepre neurial journey and how they are redefining corporate performance in the HR consulting domain.

What prompted your venture into entrepreneurship? What factors do you relish about the journey?
We truly believe that when we want something, all the universe will conspire in helping us achieve it. Similarly, we must say that our journey into business and entrepreneurship was destiny. I always wanted to do something on my own and didn’t want to settle on a job. Significantly, the idea of consulting cropped into my mind. Subsequently, my wife joined me and this is how we ventured into the HR domain. Since we started from the ground up, it was all about self-motivation for us to figure out how to move forward and settle the business. I believe we were destined to enter the business, but sustaining the business cannot be done by fate it is all about hard work and developing strategies to gain a strong foothold in the market.

Give a brief overview of your brainchild.
Sanguine Global Recruitment Network has an international reach through its network of associates and has helped thousands to find decent jobs. We aspire to be a progressive, modern organization where employees have the power of shared values and goals,as well as a people organization that prioritizes self management across all decisions. Since inception, we've been providing a variety of recruitment and consulting services to our clients, and we've built strong partnerships and a quality network of candidates. We have completely integrated office setups and are well-known for providing nationwide executive search services with suitable candidates.

All our clients happily can bank on us; we’re always more concerned about how we can eliminate clients’ efforts in their recruitment hunt for hiring top talents

We provide clients and candidates with top-notch service that exceeds expectations, owing to the perfect blend of sourcing technologies and recruitment experience. Applicants apply through a website and several social media sites, then attend an interview, where they will be tested on their skills and potentially given a drug test, depending on local requirements. Applicants that find a suitable job and are offered employment learn how to work with our clients before starting their new responsibilities. Sanguine charges employers for its services, so job seekers don't have to pay anything.

What were the initial challenges that you faced? How did you scale the business by overcoming them?
Speaking of the challenges, no journey is easy. Initially, it was difficult to set up a startup, gain clients, and build a thriving culture as we were both fresher back then. We didn't lose our passion or determination in any of the scenarios. In such instances, it was critical to develop strategies that took into account the opinions of the team and to act swiftly. We've learned a lot along the way, and we've progressed day by day to get to where we are now. After years of rewarding journey, we are now perfectly positioned to offer the best career opportunities to candidates across the countryby leveraging our extensive client relation ships. Throughout my time at Sanguine, I have been lucky to work with fantastic people and have had the opportunity to learn a lot about leadership and management, including how to develop a strong
culture by defining and living by team values.

What are the most interesting aspects of the company?
Insight flows through everything we do, we’re a specialized recruitment network with market leading recruitment offerings. This range includes talent intelligence, mapping, research, executive searched, advertising & selection, pipelining, diversity & location planning.

Our esteemed clients prefer us because we eliminate their efforts in recruitment and offer comprehensive solutions delivering retained search, contingency placements, as well as customized solutions tailored to fit the hiring needs and financial concerns. Our experienced team, stable clients, immense quality standards, consistent execution, and long term relationships are our core strengths and differentiating factors.

When all the businesses faced the thump of the pandemic, we formulated techdriven strategies and strengthened the team to grow the business. We are focusing on emerging technologies such as AI, ML, Blockchain, and others to expand the business and effectively serve the clients and candidates as well. Today, with need-of-the-hour strategies, we are serving international clients, especially brands in the Middle East

What suggestion would you put forward to youngsters who would like to start a business?
Unlike a salaried job, entrepreneurship demands knowledge of all business aspects. Often, we are told to become go-getters but not taught how! We entrepreneurs cannot stick only to our expertise. Irrespective of the backgrounds, we have to learn everything right from finance to marketing, sales, development, HR, client relationship, and more. Honestly, you have to be energetic active agile, and involved all the time, which certainly feels over whelming.

Sanguine Global, Co-Founder & CEO, Sanguine Recruitment
Gaurav is a strong management professional from the Indian Institute of Modern Management, Pune, and brings in 10+ years of recruitment experience in end-to-end recruitment in different sectors across verticals.He is an experienced professional with a demonstrated history of working in the human resources industry and specializes in Talent Management, Sourcing, HR Consulting, Management, and Performance Management.

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