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Gstar Info E-solutions: SEO Services that Escalate Businesses, Raise Profits

Gstar Info E-solutions: SEO Services that Escalate Businesses, Raise Profits

With over 46 percent of the population leveraging internet to undergo transactions, search engines are witnessing millions of searches per second! While this is a welcome sight for most e-Commerce marketplaces, online businesses & other institutions, appearing on the first page of the search results is becoming a big problem. Thus, the need for Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is imperative for survival of any enterprise. SEO not only enhances the quality & quantity of website traffic but also increases their visibility to users of a web search engine. Consequently, the global SEO software market is growing extensively at a CAGR of 14.80 percent YOY.

Presently, India is the epicenter for businesses of all kinds; statistics too reveal that the number of global companies entering Indian markets is phenomenal. Thanks to the increasing awareness, influence & spending power of our population, this swarm is only going to swell in size! Inevitably, talent sans marketing is not ample for enterprises to thrive today. And not even marketing but efficient marketing in the need of the hour; as a plethora of good talent fail not due to lack of guidance but misguidance. Working towards escalating client’s business via its tested & proven SEO services & expert guidance is Gstar Info E-solutions, which more than a SEO agency caters to all digital marketing needs its clients. The following are some exclusive excerpts from an exclusive interview with Saurabh Porwal, the brain behind the business, Gstar.

What would you like people to know about your company? Please share with us a few highlights of your SEO firm along with details of the services it offers.
Capable of contending with all digital marketing needs of our clients who are functional across diverse sectors; we deliver an extensive range of tailored services such as – SEO, SEM, PPC, PTC campaigns, reputation management, Google business listing, Google local promotion, local listing, link building services, and off page optimization, aimed at surging their business. We have a global presence & we optimize e-Commerce websites for global markets like India, the US, Qatar and Canada. Our mutually beneficial
pricing model ascertains our fidelity towards their business as our revenues are directly proportional to customers’ profits. Apart from SEOs, we are also into website design, Web development, Mobile app development, Web Hosting & Staff Augmentation.

Capable of contending with all digital marketing needs of our clients who are functional across diverse sectors; we deliver an extensive range of tailored services aimed at surging their business

Enlighten us about the major challenges that you have faced in your entrepreneurial journey. Also, tell us about your qualifications & professional experience that helps you propel Gstar forward.
While we address customer pain points like issues with updates with ease, working with clients to provide them more & more business is cumbersome especially when they are out of business for years. Developing new feature for existing apps & websites is also a challenging task, but we are able to fine tune them for our customers at any costs. Furthermore, our diligent & vigilant team constantly keeps coming up with innovative ideas to rocket fuel clients business through research & analysis. Our customers are happy with us & this gives us maximum satisfaction.

Coming to my professional career, I am an engineering graduate with over 18 years of extensive experience in the IT industry. Having served at senior managerial positions & top executive positions in companies like Ethane Web Technologies & Purplecode Interactive Solutions, and having gained a plethora of knowledge, I together with three of my friends decided to give flight to our dreams & established Gstar, initially as a SEO agency & then as a fully fledged software agency. Additionally, I am a Google Adwords & Google Analytics certified intellectual.

Kindly tell us about the tools & technologies that you leverage in
delivering your services. Also, enlighten us on how you maintain authenticity & quality in your services.
As far as tools & technologies for delivery of high quality SEO services are concerned, we utilize SEO merge tools, Google analytics & Google webmaster for best results. To maintain authenticity in our services, we resort only to white hat SEO services & implement manual tools instead of automated ones. Moreover, knowledge sharing among our interconnected workforce further assures authenticity.

Facts such as our efforts showing results within four to six months & our services bringing bankrupt companies back to the track highlight the optimism around our company.

Take us through the road ahead for your firm Gstar Info E-solutions.
I genuinely want to establish an e-Commerce business for our organization in addition to further strengthening our reach across the globe by setting up physical offices at strategic locations like Qatar, Aberdeen & Scottsdale and this is our key focus at present. Most recently, we have launched a new portal for our company. And, plans are in progression to implement AI & IoT at our software services company, Gstar.

Key Management:
Saurabh Porwal, Founder & CEO
An engineer with over 18 years of experience in the IT industry, Saurabh has gained an extensive experience in domains like SEO & ORM while serving at senior managerial & executive positions in several companies.

Dileep Gupta, Managing Director
A strong digital marketing consultant with over eight years of experience in RoI based digital marketing services, Dileep is an expert in a plethora of technologies including PHP, Laravel, HTML, & WordPress to name a few.

Headquarters: Noida
•PTC campaigns & Reputation management
•Google business listing, Google local promotion & Local listing
•Link building services
•Off page optimization

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