Harshal S. Nahar: Leading His Venture Towards A New Dawn Through Actions, Visibility, And Example | CEOInsights Vendor
Harshal S. Nahar: Leading His Venture Towards A New Dawn Through Actions, Visibility, And Example

Harshal S. Nahar: Leading His Venture Towards A New Dawn Through Actions, Visibility, And Example

  Harshal S. Nahar,    Managing Director

Harshal S. Nahar

Managing Director

Even though the Indian automotive industry has undergone a tough phase and perhaps the toughest challenge due to the unprecedented pandemic crisis of COVID-19, it is gearing up to resume its erstwhile robustness. As of now, the industry accounts for over 7% of the country’s GDP, and 22% of the GDP is from the manufacturing vertical itself and has undergone marked changes both in consumer habits and consumer behavior. The Indian automotive segment is driven by some prolific conglomerates, and Laxmi Group of Industries aces the list as one of those influential players. Founded in 1979, the Laxmi Group of Industries is a leading automotive manufacturer in India, having facilities for press operation, fabrication and assembling, and surface treatment. Ever since, Harshal S. Nahar, MD, brought his engineering expertise and joined the family business, he has been planning to take it to a new level.

A mechanical engineer by profession, Harshal S. Nahar is a process improvement and redesigning expert, using his skills for planning projects at an automotive components manufacturer in India.

Harshal S. Nahar engages in a one-on-one interaction with the CEOInsightsMagazine.

What are the major challenges faced by Auto Components Manufacturers, and how do you address them?
COVID-19 has resulted in the change in consumer behaviour and marketing patterns of Automobile Manufacturers in India, resulting in challenges like lower margins, more demanding customers, the switch from BS IV to BS VI transition, and preference for personal mobility, and going digital. Preference for personal mobility would effectively translate into a higher preference for affordable personal mobility, which will boost sales for auto manufacturers. By going digital, the original equipment manufacturers, both premium and mass market, have accepted this trend and launched a complete online buying experience, starting from initial inquiries, customization of features, booking, financing, and delivery
a contact less transaction.

The increasing cost of compliance and overheads cost is also a major concern. The entire value chain of most of the major industries in our country was impacted because of COVID-19 protocol measures. Thus, as business enablers, we assist and support the original equipment manufacturers through customization, adaptation to new technology needs, innovation in both product and process, and flexible people practices while ensuring compliance to COVID protocols. Enhancing and increasing business is the only way to reduce the burden of such over heads.

When the going gets tough, the tough get going. Extraordinary people are ordinary people who do everything in life with extra ordinary passion and determination

What are the major expectations of client organizations from an Auto Components Manufacturer? How do you meet their expectations?
A prolonged truncation of consumer demand due to the lockdown has significantly affected auto manufacturers’ revenue and cash flow. However, the growth momentum is now visible, and we need to excel in safety, customer expectations, quality, productivity, human resources, on-time delivery, enhancing the share of the business, and adapting to technological changes at a faster pace. Productivity and quality are always expected, but the new requirements are quick development to finalize our vendors and processes, agile organization, and inhouse processes for seamless supply.

How is Laxmi Group of Industries positioned in this segment? What major factors set you apart from other players in this segment?
At Laxmi group of Industries, we have ensured resetting of specific business enabling goals and personal goals to renewed purpose due to pandemic, turning thoughts and ideas into tangible action plans, preparing everyone mentally, emotionally, and physically to face the challenges and to re-align the vision and values during the period of a pandemic for success. We implemented a new change perspective, enhanced strategies, and actioned the plan with precision in all areas, ensuring we played to win amidst strict adherence to pandemic protocols. Mutual trust was forged between the entire
workforce and the management, leading to the overall improvement in operations, enjoying individual achievements and the mini victories along the way, leading to larger achievements, an increased share of the business, and a 100% increase in the plant business.

Shed light on the various products that you offer. Also, elaborate on the key differentiators that make these products stand out in the market.
We are the manufacturer of tubular parts, assemblies, and assembled products, namely sheet metal assemblies, exhaust, tubular assemblies, and welded and painted assemblies offering an illustrative list of forty-two plus components. Four Companies of Laxmi Group, namely Laxmi Rickshaw Body Private Limited, Laxmi Metal Pressing Works Private Limited, Nahars Engineering India Private Limited, and Luminaz Safety Glass Private Limited, have ten state-of-the-art plants located in Aurangabad (Maharashtra) Narasapura (Bengaluru) and Hosur (TamilNadu), known for good manufacturing practices, latest pieces of equipment, at skilled, trained and consistent workforce, and flexible people practices.

Our components' compliance with the requirements of IATF 16949:2016 QMS is a distinct edge, our key differentiator, and our USP. We at Laxmi Group value our employees and the entire workforce; therefore, we ensure high morale through proactiveness, care, timely wages, salaries, higher trust, total involvement, and participation. We are redefining the entire shop floor management through KANBAN, enhancing visual display, re-engineering, and ensuring process consistency. The list of clients includes industry leaders like Bajaj, HMSI, TVS, M&M, and RE. Laxmi Group is a preferred partner in growth, an employer of choice, and a great place to work.

Harshal S. Nahar, Managing Director, Laxmi Group of Industries
Mr. Harshal S. Nahar has done his Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering from Jawaharlal Nehru Engineering College, Aurangabad, with distinction, post which he went to pursue Masters of Science in Manufacturing Systems from the University of Wisconsin Madison, USA. Since 2012 he has been hands-on in a gamut of manufacturing activities. His notable achievements have been the turnaround of the Narasapura plant establishing a new product line of laminated glass, and acquiring TVS, M&M, and Siemens as clients.

Awards and recognition: Lokmat Gennext Leader 2019 Aurangabad By Lokmat Media

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