Kiran Sirurmath: A Point Of Convergence Where A Diversified & United Workforce Achieves Organizational Objectives | CEOInsights Vendor
Kiran Sirurmath: A Point Of Convergence Where A Diversified & United Workforce Achieves Organizational Objectives

Kiran Sirurmath: A Point Of Convergence Where A Diversified & United Workforce Achieves Organizational Objectives

Kiran Sirurmath,       MD - Offshore Services

Kiran Sirurmath

MD - Offshore Services

Business owners and Directors are always looking for new ways to make their organizations run smoothly and eliminate bottlenecks between departments. It's impossible to achieve meaningful company transformation or growth if their tools don't allow them to make better choices, drive innovation or engage clients in a more timely, customized manner. To assist leaders and businesses in overcoming such challenges in India, msg global solutions provide solutions that strengthen organizational agility and decision-making skills under Kiran Sirurmath.

msg global solutions is a systems integrator, software development partner, and managed services provider focused on SAP solutions for multiple industries. Our services include strategies for accounting, finance, regulatory reporting, performance management, sustainability, customer experience, and IoT.

In an exclusive interaction with CEO Insights, Kiran spoke about the work culture and enhancement opportunities offered to the employees by msg global solutions.

How would you define msg global solutions as an organization and its position in the market? What is the unique proposition that your organization offers to its employees?
msg global solutions is part of the msg group, an international network of companies with more than 9,000 professionals in 28 countries. Our consulting, implementation, and managed services help companies in the world's most important markets improve operational efficiency and decision-making capabilities by combining experience, expertise, and technology. Long-term partnerships increase our attractiveness to customers and help to ensure sustainable success. In all aspects of our business activities, sustainability is a decisive and guiding value for us.

We provide services across the globe to our key clients, primarily on SAP technology and other technologies like Java and C++. Our offshore location in Bangalore, India,
is vital to delivering value-differentiated managed services.

Because we are well versed in the structures, trends and challenges of numerous industries, we can help companies in Automotive, Banking, Consumer Products, Food, Healthcare, Insurance, Life Science & Chemicals, Manufacturing, Public Sector, Tele communications, Travel & Logistics, and Utilities identify trends faster, increase their productivity, and prepare for digitalization.

We strive to exceed expectations in everything we do

Tell us about the exposure your company offers to its employees. Shed some light on the unique work culture of msg global solutions?
Dynamic, Fun, Innovative, Creative, Challenging, People-Oriented Freedom, Transparent Open Culture and Team Spirit are those some words and phrases people frequently use to describe their careers at msg global. While we execute complex programs for international clients in the Automotive, Retain & BFSI domain, msg global encourages people to be innovative and create fun at work. msg global offers a high degree of freedom for independent work, individualized training, and many growth opportunities.

Our employees are as unique as the continents where they live. Diversity is what makes msg global great. msg global is committed to supporting and ensuring a diverse and inclusive work environment where all individuals are treated fairly.

Employees at Offshore services work on niche technology solutions for our Automotive and Insurance clients, which challenge them day in and day out to provide out-of-the-box thinking. By working on complex projects and programs, our people have a platform for bringing the value of their skills and experience while directly interacting with clients.

Our company tagline is Passion, People, Performance. and it accurately summarizes who we are. Passion is how we approach our work loving what we do and joyfully delivering on our promises. People make it all possible. Our people are the best in the business and provide the power to deliver our mission and vision. Performance and specifically'better performance' is our ultimate goal.

Tell us about the technology environment the employees get to work in. What are the latest
technologies the company is working with?
We are working on technologies like Big Data, Predictive Analytics, AI, and ML (Machine Learning),the Internet of Things, Blockchain, Telematics, Chatbots, and other emerging technologies. Our customers can custom tailor offers to individual users, which will gain higher return on invest and grow their customer base. With growing databases and financial information, cybersecurity is vital in making technology. We see companies moving towards high levels of automation to improve back-office operations, analytics, and customer experience. Hyper automation will be a game-changer for the industry.

We work with many hightech customers and industries to promote networking and take advantage of the potential digitalization offers. We continuously strengthen our product portfolio and develop new business models and innovative solutions, driving development and constant expansion.

What are the ways of recognizing top talents & great performances within the organization?
msg global believes in rewarding talent in multiple ways, because we know a motivated talent is always an asset to our company. We provide clear career paths, numerous progression opportunities, flexible work schedules, generous salaries, and opportunities to work with colleagues and clients across the globe. And we very much believe in and practice recognition and rewards organization-wide, department- specific, and spontaneously for commendable performances.

We also appreciate the contributions of our long tenured employees. We recognize and reward them for their loyalty, expertise, and leadership.

Kiran Sirurmath, MD-Offshore Services, msg global solutions
Kiran has more than 26 years of IT expertise working in a wide range of positions ranging from technical to the business unit manager to program manager and pre-sales manager. Because of his extensive background in business management, program delivery, technical abilities, domain expertise, and team leadership, he has a demonstrated record of assisting retail customers to better adapt to the ever-changing industry. Kiran has had tremendous success managing several challenging projects utilizing Scrum Agile in Azure Cloud Platform,using the Microsoft tools(Streaming Analytics, Power BI)and Machine Learning (R-model).

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