Hindustan International School: A Perfect Balance Of Academics, Co-Curricular And Sports Activities

Hindustan International School: A Perfect Balance Of Academics, Co-Curricular And Sports Activities

Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese,Director & CEOBoundless career possibilities, open to various cultures and subjective experience, and tremendous self-improvement are some of the many advantages that come with enrolling in an International School. Through creative schoolwork and active experimentation, this form of education assists children in being self-sufficient. CEO Insights interviewed Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese, Director & CEO of Hindustan International School wherein he highlighted and elucidated the schools’ unique factors.

What Are The Key Aspects Of Your School – Hindustan International School?
The Hindustan Group of Institutions entered the school education market six years ago and has since developed itself as one of the city's leading schools, offering both Cambridge and CBSE curriculum. The school's main features include its flexible facilities, well-qualified teachers, well-organized educational system, and just the right student-teacher ratio. The school is also a meaningful place to pursue quality education because of the robust professional development given to the teachers.

How Has Your School’s Journey Been So Far And What Challenges Have You Encountered During This Journey?
The journey has been exciting, particularly in the last year when we went fully digital. It was a challenge, but a rewarding one to familiarize teachers with the Virtual Mode of Learning, as well as to persuade parents and students to accept the new standard. Despite that, there were a variety of difficulties - disciplinary, academic, and communication-related. Our learning philosophy, however, has always been that teachers and parents must recognize that they must function together in order for the child's educational experience to be meaningful.

Where is Hindustan international school positioned in the current
education sector of India and how are you leveraging the best of emerging education opportunities for the growth of the establishment?
In a matter of a few years, the Hindustan International Schools have managed to carve out a niche not only in the hearts of children, but in the minds of those who seek Education from the perspective of ‘Character Building’. Hindustan International School is among the 'Top 5 Schools in Chennai’ and amongst the ‘Top 20 Schools of the Country’ as per the surveys conducted by various organizations. The best educational practices come from a regular update and practicing of emerging trends. It is important to be selective and know what suits each of us best. Schooling is about knowing and understanding the needs of the generation and yet keeping the roots in check.

Hindustan international schools have managed to carve out a niche not only in the hearts of children but in the minds of those who seek education from the perspective of ‘character building’

Give us some insights on the admission process and various academic courses that you offer at your school along with the career and college guidance that you provide to your students.
The admissions procedure is simple but precise. Parents can contact us in person or through a virtual mode. An Admission Counsellor will address all of their preliminary questions, show them around the school, and, if required, assist them in meeting with Academic Staff. There will be an assessment and a meeting with the Principal following the assessment. Career Counseling will be held in conjunction with talks by industry experts, and students will be able to consult with these Counsellors and discuss their career concerns.

tell us the most effective methodology & technologies used in your school to ensure better learning experiences for your students?
The most efficacious methods used in schools is based on Howard Garner's Multiple Intelligence Theory, in which we cater to children of various intelligence levels and teach them individually.
Smartboards and computerized classes are among the technologies used. Each subject has digital content to help our students understand it better. Academics, co-curricular programs, and sports activities are all well-balanced at our school. We agree that learning should be a pleasurable experience in which the body, mind, and spirit are all taken care of.

Apart from academics tell us about the various extra-curricular facilities and infrastructure that students can avail at your school.
As previously mentioned, schooling aims to make children's childhood, adolescence, and formative years unforgettable. Apart from academics, we provide opportunities for children's emotional and social growth through sports (basketball, football, horseback riding, tennis, badminton, and athletics), theatre, dance, yoga, and oratorical skill development, all of which are incorporated into our curriculum and infrastructure. The school is situated in a beautiful and natural environment, which has a positive impact on the students' and teachers' mental health.

“Teachers must be proficient in their communication skills as well as subject knowledge”

Kindly share with us the qualification & working experience of your faculty and staff and also explain how their combined experience is helping your school to establish itself as a brand in the education sector?
The school does not cut corners when it comes to the standard of education it provides, and this necessitates the hiring of qualified teachers at all levels (Kindergarten, Primary, Upper Primary, High school and Higher Secondary). Teachers must be proficient in their communication skills as well as subject knowledge. We keep in mind that the whole environment plays an important role in a child's education, so the support staff is often trained in the proper etiquette procedures.

Dr. Anand Jacob Verghes, Director & CEO, Hindustan International Schools
Dr. Anand Jacob Verghese completed his school education at St. Bede's School, Chennai; graduated with a B.S in Engineering Management from the American International University, London in 1993; and in the subsequent year pursued his MBA at Huron University, London. In honor of his contribution to Research & Development, Dongguk University, South Korea conferred him an Honorary Doctorate.
Location: Chennai

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