Intelizon Energy: Reinforces Smart Energy Ecosystem with Innovative & Reliable Lithium-Ion Based Solar DC Systems

Intelizon Energy: Reinforces Smart Energy Ecosystem with Innovative & Reliable Lithium-Ion Based Solar DC Systems

Dr.Kushant Uppal, Founder & MD
Dr.Kushant Uppal, Founder& MD

Recently, the Union Cabinet of India has approved phase three of the off-grid & decentralized solar PV application program in order to install a total of three lakh street lights across different parts of the country. But, streetlights with the ability to incorporate security & surveillance are highly imperative across the present-day Indian streets deluged with alarming crimes & atrocities. Establishing itself as a pioneer in Lithium-ion based solar systems, Intelizon Energy Private Limited framed the most reliable and innovative platform ‘Zonstreet’ to provide the customers with solar LED streetlights, integrated with in-built CCTV cameras and GSM/Wi-Fi controllers. Deployed across the globe with over six years of field performance, this platform indeed renders the perfect outdoor solar lighting solution along with wireless security surveillance (24x7), real-time monitoring of light from remote locations through mobile phones, auto dimming via motion sensors and self autonomy (efficient charging even on cloudy days). Hence forth, these standalone solar streetlights eliminate the need for expensive underground cabling and maintenance unlike the conventional grid & lead-acid based streetlights.

Being the intellect behind numerous innovations like these, Dr. Kushant Uppal (Founder & MD) laid the foundation for the firm in 2007 to mould his past 15-year of experience in developing industry leading energy technology products at Silicon Valley into energy services for rural India. Besides achieving 20 years of techno commercial success, Dr. Kushant is pre-eminent as a global leader for incubating and managing global business operations in Asia, Africa, Europe & North America with sales up to Rs.1000 million. The snippets of an exclusive conversation of Dr. Kushant with CEO Insights shown here under casts light on the firm’s strategies, products and solutions that make them stand apart.
Kindly elucidate the strategies, models and technologies followed while framing solutions at Intelizon Energy.
Following the ‘base of the pyramid’ concept, we are in the business of creating energy solutions with high-grade light & power especially for people grappling to attain even the basic amenities thereby facilitating them with an opportunity to improve incomes. We also assure to create reliable, affordable and top-notch products and solutions for our customers by leveraging solar, LED and advanced electronics technologies. Built based on the triple impact model – social (light for rural/remote areas), environmental (low carbon footprint) and economic (savings on electricity), our products have so far reduced around 29,146 metric tonnes of CO2 and 16 MU of electricity while impacting over two million lives. Moreover with emphasis on the entire energy ecosystem, our systems yield the best-in-class efficiency through source & load management and the perfect balance by integrating with reliable electronics instead of providing just piecemeal solutions like other beige companies.

" We are in the business of creating energy solutions with high-grade light & power especially for people grappling to attain even the basic amenities"

What are your solar lighting products and how unique are they from the conventional light fixtures?
We demarcate as the innovators of outdoor, indoor and portable lighting platforms in the industry by deploying Lithium-ion based solar DC systems infused with communication technologies like Wi-Fi and GSM. Being system designers, we choose the highest energy density and reliable Lithium-ion cells to create battery packs and integrate them inside the luminary casing while installing separate solar panels facing south for maximum efficiency. In addition, we craft dialux design services for projects to estimate the number of lights, spacing and wattage based on the lux requirements while our local channel partners craft installation & after sales service to render seamless support for our esteemed customers.

Akin to the aforementioned Zonstreet, we have also designed 'Zonlight', an LED-based task light with no solar panel installation for indoors that is widely used across
rural and semi-urban markets. Also, this fixture with longer life (10+ years) and 50 percent power savings acts as an ideal replacement for kerosene lamps, candles, torches and emergency lights. On the other hand, our ‘Zonbulb’ is widely used as a multi-purpose light inside homes wherein its fully charged battery can be deployed for five hours in normal and two and a half hours in high setting. In fact, two Zonbulbs kept in separate rooms require just a single solar panel to charge and hence, provides an affordable means of effective lighting.

Kindly elaborate on your innovations across the systems at Intelizon Energy and also on your future plans to fortify their features.
Since inception, innovation has been the hallmark of our firm and we own a large number of design patents and trademarks. To illustrate, our portfolio of unmatched products are instilled with innovative attributes like self autonomy, auto dimming, reliability, in-built GSM, in-built CCTV and many others. Apart from these, we are exploring to blend the nuances of IoT and AI into our systems for the cameras to perform face recognition, number plate identification and other activities while enhancing security for the end customers. Essentially, we are also planning to develop smart poles enriched with multiple features and functions for smarter cities.

By leveraging the state-of-the-art technologies in computing, LED, battery, software and firmware, we visualize our lighting platform to be intelligent and feature-rich in order to craft services that can escalate the security at households and communities. Furthermore, we also envision ourselves metamorphosing from a pure hardware company into a software /service company.

Key Management:
Dr. Kushant Uppal, Founder & MD
Equipped with hands-on experience in manufacturing, R&D and sales & marketing, Dr. Kushant was stimulated with boundless fervour to create Intelizon Energy in order to drive technology and business through smart energy services.

• Indoor Lighting
• Outdoor Lighting
• Portable Lighting
• Design & After-Sales Services

Office: Hyderabad

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