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Ira Wealth Management: Ensuring Engagement, Trust & Performance

Ira Wealth Management: Ensuring Engagement, Trust & Performance

Aakash Gupta, Co-Founder & Managing Partner

Aakash Gupta

Co-Founder & Managing Partner

It’s a good time to be a wealth manager in India today. With a booming service industry, burgeoning technology sector and a meteoric rise in entrepreneurship, the number of High Net Worth Individuals (HNI) and Ultra High Net Worth Individuals (UHNI) is slated to skyrocket in the years to come. The market has also witnessed a growing trend of wealth moving from traditional asset classes/ businesses towards financial assets/new age businesses. Clients today are looking to actively professionalize their investment operations which in turn has opened the wealth management market for proficient and skilled financial service providers.

Leveraging the impending growth of the wealth management sector through its cutting-edge, best-in-class solutions is Ira Wealth Management, a prudent provider of wide range of financial services. The Hyderabad headquartered firm specializes in generating consistent & sensible returns for its clients while also ensuring safety nets and building a judicious estate plan for them. Founded in 2017, the young organization has won the trust of several prestigious corporates, financial institutions, HNIs and UHNIs. Having achieved an Asset Under Advisory (AUA) of over $0.50 billion within a rather short span of time, Ira has cemented its position as one of India’s fastest growing wealth management businesses in India. The CEO Insights team conversed with Aakash Gupta, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Ira Wealth Management about this trailblazing organization.

Tell us about the various services that Ira provides and how are these services designed to meet the requirements of your clientele?
The future of private banking and wealth management is very exciting and we have products for all
investors ‘conservative to aggressive’. We specialize in wealth management advisory, brokerage & distribution services in areas of Equities, Fixed Income, Real Estate, Market Linked Debentures, Bonds, Corporate Deposits, loans to Institutions and High-NetWorth Individuals and families.

Our seasoned financial experts render a unique platform across asset classes, customized to help our new age clients create and protect their wealth and aspirations

We believe in addition to the traditional investment space, UHNIs are looking at early stage investments and also keen to invest at various stages from an idea to private equity space. Our seasoned financial experts render a unique platform across asset classes, customized to help our new age clients create and protect their wealth and aspirations.

We are also seeing interesting opportunities from manufacturers like the long short funds, funds investing in distressed assets, Pre-IPO funds therefore, we have added some interesting products to our investors’ portfolios.

Our other area of expertise is the Family Office Business service, which has been created to dedicatedly work with eminent families and addresses necessities pertaining to investments, wealth structuring & succession planning, governance,tax planning and philanthropy. We work with few families but with deeper level engagements.

Tell us about your clientele and how does the firm harbor trust and engagement to keep the clients satisfied throughout?
We work with new age entrepreneurs, business owners/promoters, family offices and corporate treasuries. The families with over a million dollar liquidity could be the target audience for us.

Private Wealth Management is a people-oriented business and you need to have the right team with the right mindset on board. Managing wealth as a profession is nothing
but managing trust and relationships. Unless you follow the right practices you won't succeed over a period time and hence, transparency is very important.

Incorporating cutting edge technology and adopting digitization has become a business necessity today. How is Ira leveraging tech trends to stay relevant in the industry?
Technology and innovation will be the way forward for the wealth management industry in the years to come and we are arming ourselves with nextgen tech solutions and digitization. For instance, investment traditionally required heavy paperwork, but we are striving to digitize all paperwork related to investments to speed up the on boarding of clients. We have also incorporated simple changes such as presenting product details on tabs, online investment and providing customers tools to analyze their investments through apps andportals which has improved transparency and made it easier for the HNIs to monitor their investments.

How has the entrepreneurial journey been and what is in store for the future of Ira?
I have been in the financial service industry for over a decade specializing in Private Wealth Management advising HNI and UHNI families. We started Ira Wealth Management three years back in early 2017. Our strength was our team intellectual capital and our passion to do something different. We have grown from strength to strength over the past three years and set up a reasonable presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai Hyderabad and Ahmedabad. In the years to come, we want to establish our strong presence in the top 10 cities in India.

Aakash Gupta, Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Armed with an MBA in finance & marketing and a Certified Financial Planner(CFP), Aakash has a decade of experience in the financial services industry. Taking a lead in cementing relationships with clients, he drives Ira’s philosophy, mission, vision and its strategic goals & objectives.

OFFERINGS: Financial solutions, treasury management, family office, estate planning & lending solutions

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