Kanika Rastogi: Combining The Ancient Treasures And Technology

Kanika Rastogi: Combining The Ancient Treasures And Technology

Kanika Rastogi,Co-Founder

Kanika Rastogi


While exploring the fine craftsmanship of the ancient times in Meerut, La Belle Vie (LBV) discovered an invaluable treasure that is, ‘The Golden Book of God Vishwakarma’ – which holds the ancient wisdom of gems, metals, and the art of jewellery making. Guided by the principles of Vishwakarma himself, LBV crafts its pieces to be a significant part of your world. Each piece is curated by Faith, Vastu, Vedic sciences, and more. Modern technology blends with the techniques and wisdom of the ancients to create art with purpose. The company’s craftsmen hailing from every corner of the country, add to the philosophy and knowledge, making LBV a pool of infinite wisdom on the subject of crafting jewelry. To know more about their innovations spanning the essence of culture, CEO Insights engages an exclusive conversation with Kanika Rastogi, the Founder at LBV.

Brief us on your educational and professional background.
I have done my Masters in Business Administration and bachelors in Computers. My attention to detail has turned into the “quality” for our company. My love for history has given me reasons to deep dive and conceptualize the products with cultural roots. For example ‘The Lord Ram coin’, I was wondering what kind of currency they had when Lord Ram was coroneted as the Emperor? Then I found that the “Jaipur Royal Family” is the direct lineage of Lord Ram, hence we took inspiration from their coat of arms and created a Royal Emblem. And, this is how we created a currency of Lord Ram which is available for everyone in 999 Purity Silver, Copper, and Panchdhaatu (Brass).

La Belle Vie collections are focussed on different types of Jewellery Designs. What inspired you to start this fashion line?
During my stay in the USA, I realized that India lacks a Silver focused brand that has a total focus on quality and Objet D’art. With such a great ROYAL past of our country, every Indian does have some exposure to the highest quality of
objet d’art and jewellery through museums, palaces, folk tales, and fables. Hence, we decided to create a brand that can truly live up to the glorious past of our country and the imagination of every Indian. We handpicked the name “La Belle Vie” (LBV), is to reflect that everything which we want to deliver is to second the belief that “life is beautiful’.

Kindly illustrate the unique brand logo you have in place. What does it symbolize?
Our logo is the master creation by our Ukrainian designer Romanchenko Vitaliy after long deliberation and brainstorming. Our Hexagon is the base to the Hexagram reminding us of our place in the world. Believed to represent the epicenter of our power, this 6-dimensional figure has long been regarded across cultures and religions to have sacred geometry. Be it Judaism, Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, or even Buddhism, each of them, have their significance associated with the shape.

LBV is the first Indian Jewellery Company to introduce “Augmented Reality” to enhance the product’s value in terms of user experience

The hexagram is also synonymous with the number 6, which is magical in its own right. It has been accredited with depicting the number of days man is supposed to work, representing the flavours one can experience, the number of notes used to create music, and several other nuances that make up our lives. Mathematically and symbolically, it is a perfect number. Every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers, just as it can be, with Jewellery.

The LaxmiYantra, placed on either side of the LBV monogram, is believed to bestow good health and longevity. It has been incorporated to invoke the blessings of "the eternal Goddess of wealth & prosperity". The Crown, symbolic of a monarch, aims to embody all its best qualities like nobility, grace, honor, integrity, fearlessness, glory, faith & divinity. It is the intangible triumph of the spirit. The crown is the halo that enlightens all of ‘La Belle Vie’. The Monogram, the 'LBV', at the heart of it all showcases the encapsulation of the ethos. Sitting elegantly amidst the symbolism, this monogram radiates positivity through its name, enhancing every element around it. “LBV’s logo is an
enigma that feeds vibrant colors to mankind when solved.”

Enlighten us about the spectrum of Jewelleries & other products that your designing house offers?
With my keen interest in the latest technologies like Augmented Reality (AR) , Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), we have incorporated them for better products and greater user experience. We have released an app, where anyone can scan our logo and enjoy the “augmented reality” experience. We have revolutionized the Indian Festivals by adding “quality” products like Silver Rakhis, though not a new concept but high quality “utilitarian” Rakhi cum pendants make them stand apart. Our rakhis are best-sellers and one of our most beloved products among customers.

LBV launched high-quality coins like the Lord Ram coin . We also requested a world-famous Indian artist to design "NavDurga '' product which is unique in its own context and space. Our limited edition objet d'art scultures series includes artifacts and the scaled miniatures by World-renowned artists like Michelangelo. We have also curated the world heritage sculpture titled ‘Jason and the Golden Fleece’ in pure silver.

To summarize, LBV has ventured into areas and concept which are yet to be thought by other companies. With our product lines, we are trying to fill the “void” in the Indian Silver Industry, recently we are working on creating jewellery out of antique engraved (Arabic) jewels into a completely new style. That’s why we call our-self as “Apple of Silver Jewellery and Objet D’art”.

Kanika Rastogi, Co-Founder, La Belle Vie Soul Jewellery
Working together towards the path of glory
“It is difficult to enter into silver jewelry manufacturing. You can trade by buying existing regular products, doing marketing and selling it further. But conceptualization, research, and creating ‘proof of concepts; are almost near to impossible for outsiders. So we charted a new path altogether to set foot in this industry. We emphasized creating the whole ecosystem where a network of close associates, karigars, and technologists has been created to re-shape the game. In one case it took us 52 e-mails to convince an international artist to work with us on a project. And, now we are like family members. We have built our relations on mutual trust, mutual growth, and the passion for the work we are doing”, Kanika.

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