Kusum Gandhi Vig: Facilitating a Deeper Transformation with an Integrated Approach

Kusum Gandhi Vig: Facilitating a Deeper Transformation with an Integrated Approach

Kusum Gandhi Vig, Founder & Chairperson

Kusum Gandhi Vig

Founder & Chairperson

NLP is a way of life for people seeking meaningful existence. People nowadays require a flexible approach to drive & manage thinking patterns and solution driven thought process. A master in this art is Mind Matrix Wellness Studio, which provides professional NLP training programs accredited by ICTA which has its presence in Russia, Europe and Asia. This Pune-based institute’s programs are based on coaching approach using NLP Techniques an integrated approach that facilitates its clients to walk through their inner processes which are pragmatic, experiential, aligned with personal & professional aspects.

The institute is run by two empowered women Kusum Gandhi Vig (Founder & Chairperson) and Sulogna Gupta (Operations Head & Corporate Behavioural Trainer) who work in harmony. Kusum’s three decade long academic & professional journey in understanding the human behaviour principles coupled with her fascination towards NLP Mastery has enabled Mind Matrix to transform the lives of many corporate employees, people in the helping profession, millennial, parents, business heads and entrepreneurs. Kusum, in an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights shares about her journey, Mind Matrix’s offerings and future plans.

How has your institute’s journey been so far, and what challenges did you encounter during this journey?

Working in such a niche industry, creating awareness & willingness towards investing time & effort in self-development has been a Herculean task. However, breaking through the traditional conditioning and setting context for the need & importance of self-development through our trainings & workshops does bring-in immense satisfaction. I find the journey truly inspiring and fulfilling when I see our clients transform, create the life they want, and also hear them share their success stories.

Kindly throw some light on your NLP training programs and their unique benefits.

We are basically a Train the Trainer institute which provides various NLP Training programs starting with the
Certified NLP Coach Practitioner Training, followed by NLP Coaching Master Practitioner with eight weeks of Externship in Coaching and a three day Time Line Transformational Workshop for Wellness Professionals. Post the completion of 500 Hours of NLP Coaching experience, they meet the prerequisite to attend the ICTA Professional NLP Trainers Training, and after five years of Training and Coaching Experience, you can get certified as NLP Master Trainer and start your own ICTA-affiliated institute. Our NLP Programs certify participants as NLP Coach Practitioners supervised closely by the International NLP Master Trainer Jack Makani, who has 30 years of NLP experience.

Since we follow a continuous & comprehensive evaluation process, we bring together the best in the world on self development, ensuring upskilling and broad-based learning for everyone

We also offer personalized NLP Programs for Educational Institutes & Corporates. ‘Coaching for Excellence for Change Management’ our most sought after corporate program, influences productivity & engagement levels. Likewise, our distinct NLP module on Coach Approach to Positive Parenting Workshop emphasizing on Parents as NLP Coach Practitioners enables parents to work towards Holistic Development of children and for spectacular family relationships.

Besides classroom Training & Coaching Programs, we also offer Online Live Classroom NLP Training using Zoom Web portal. Recently, Mind Matrix organized a two-day Online ICTA Conference conducted by seven distinguished trainers & coaches from Europe, Russia and Asian countries. The in class program & online courses are also supported by Videos and Audios which remain accessible to the participants for future references. Each webinar program is immersive and provides the level of quality which Mind Matrix is known for. We use sound technology during the Trance Induction Exercises to facilitate access to subconscious mind for a deeper transformation.

How do you ensure to maintain the quality and authenticity of content during the training process?

Since we follow a continuous & comprehensive evaluation process, we bring together the best in the world on self development, ensuring upskilling and broad based learning for everyone. Coaching & training
hours are recorded to ensure consistent feedback gathering, whereas critical evaluation of participant experience helps us enhance our standards. The NLP curriculum is designed by ICTA founders & master trainers, which is culturally implemented in various countries, while our process driven training strategy with client centred approach brings in the authenticity.

Brief us about your panel of trainers and their industry expertise.

Mind Matrix is supported by ICTA Certified NLP Trainers & Master Coaches in India with a collective training experience of over 100+ years as well as Internationally Certified Trainers & Coaches from Europe and Russia. Their own unique skills and life experience laced with Mind Matrix’s techniques help us to function at peak performance. Our unique ‘Facilitated Autonomy’ organizational structure empowers each core team member to make meaningful decisions and drive change aligned with our core values Collaboration, Creativity and Communication.

Kindly tell us about the upgradation plans afoot at your institute?

We have recently started with online one on one coaching sessions through Conference Meeting Rooms to establish better rapport with the Master Coaches. These sessions are evaluated through on the ground feedback in real life scenarios and compared with best in class programs to ensure that the content is apace with the latest research methodology. The NLP Training modules are updated on a quarterly basis, yet the core understanding of the human psyche and behavioural approaches are kept intact.

We are broadening our presence via our Chapter Directors in various cities (Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Bangalore & Kochi), who organize awareness campaigns, and our trainers & coaches travel there to conduct seminars and trainings. We intend to induct 20 Chapters in FY 2019-20 to establish our presence in every city before launching ourselves in the South East Asian countries. Our move towards online programs, webinars, automated feedback mechanisms and apps to bring about positive self-change approach are all either implemented or the work is already in progress.

Key Management

Kusum Gandhi Vig, Founder & Chairperson

Kusum is a Counselling Psychologist & ICTA Certified NLP Trainer. Her three-decade long journey in doing her Masters & M Phil in Psychology, teaching Psychology and being a freelance NLP trainer coupled, with her innate organization building abilities, helps her to adeptly spearhead Mind Matrix’s self driven team to achieve excellence.

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