lessburn: Creating Capital for Startups & SMEs through Business Information & Digital Marketing Services

lessburn: Creating Capital for Startups & SMEs through Business Information & Digital Marketing Services

Ramesh Srinivasan,Founder & CEO

Ramesh Srinivasan

Founder & CEO

The growth of the Indian market and the increase in the number of industries have surged the need of well evaluated information about the competitive environment and ever evolving market trends, opportunities, and its potentials. This exigency has spiralled the importance and growth of the market research industry, and its propitiousness has turned many aspiring heads to explore its potentiality. Ramesh Srinivasan, a fervent entrepreneur, has fostered the fascination of quenching the avidity of bona fide market research services to organizations that are anxious to track-down opportunities to triumph the cut-throat competition in the market. Being mindful towards his objective, he brought to existence a Growth Consulting firm providing remarkable solutions for Business Information and Digital Marketing services for startups as well as Multinational companies.

Under the meticulous leadership of Ramesh Srinivasan (Founder & CEO), lessburn has grown into a well-known market research organization that offers efficient research services, productively. In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Ramesh shares in detail about the company, its offerings, and future roadmap.

As a Market Research firm, what are the purpose-built Market research services lessburn excels in? In what ways are these satiating the purpose of its clients?
Knowing the industry closely for years has certainly gained me downright knowledge and taught me the art for crafting-out weighty strategies for developing business and have a good hold on the Information and Research discipline. This background has piloted me to engender the most fitting and demanded solutions that succour businesses to discover marketing opportunities, encouraging lucrative growth and progress of their ventures. Reckoning the need, we enthusiastically wield in Business Information, Market Research,
Digital Marketing, Sales, Customer Support and Business Development. However, in an era where technology is dominating most of the manoeuvres, we never relied on such high-tech innovations like AI or ML for shaping-up our top-notch solutions. In fact, we chose the conventional path and opted for pure hand-curated method to mould innovative services and smart strategies completely based on the detailed analysis of our customers’ needs. Primarily, we deliver Business Information Sourcing, Market Research, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Marketing Campaigns, Creative Designs, and many more.

In addition to this, we at lessburn are escorting our clients through the contemporary market research world, apprising them about its unpredictability, constantly evolving trends, changing behaviours and attributes which can assist them in suitably yet genuinely administering the up & running of their businesses, and at the same time, search-out profitable chances too. We are their port of call when it comes to enriching and intensifying the core of their data-base with nonpareil data available to them at reasonable prices.

We at lessburn are escorting our clients through the contemporary market research world, apprising them about its unpredictability, constantly evolving trends, changing behaviours and attributes which can assist them

How has lessburn bloomed over the years? Frame-out the achievement you are proud of?
lessburn is an institution that has grown fruitfully under the rain and sun. At times of adversities, we fortunately came-out with convenient insights that kept us making forward moves. The hard word and innovative approaches of our team secured us a significant position in the ecosystem, reigning the Business Information and Digital Marketing Technology domain in the Asia Pacific, Europe & North America, and of course India. Our constant and trustful image enabled us to collaborate with international companies operating in vivid
verticals like DealSignal, Gazelle, Clearbit and others. Our digital marketing bent established partnership with leading Indian companies including The Chennai Silks. In the span of four years, we have served 40+ clients and witnessed a Y-o-Y turnover of about Rs.2 crore. I single-handedly not only laid the corner stone of the company, but was handling all endeavours by myself at the nascent stage. Today, lessburn has a team of more than 60 members with impressive expertise. We have given lessburn a new four storey edifice, which can house the huge team we are about to erect.

Brief us about the strategic plan you have figured-out for lessburn?
The extensive expansion of our endeavours and the positive response we have received from the clients is our biggest source of inspiration which is continuously inspiring us to march towards our stipulated goals. Giving consideration to the market needs and demands, we have settled on the plan to become a comprehensive data hub, fulfilling the data needs of startups as well as leading establishments. To accomplish this, we have plans to bolster our team strength to more than 240 fresh talents and experts. As always, our aim is to equip startups with futuristic ideas and fortification that supports their evolution and success. Adjacent to our desire of turning into a multi-million dollar company and having our presence spread across the country, we ought to furnish SMEs with cost-efficient market research solutions. By and large, our chief ambition is to keep-up processing productive market and business insights.

Ramesh Srinivasan, Founder & CEO
A dynamic professional, Ramesh has mastered the art of developing businesses from the scratch with respect to Business Information Sourcing and Digital Marketing. In his entire career, he has played the key role in sculptured strategies, which brought-in remunerative gains for every organization he has worked for. Availing his potential and experience, he settled on the plan of establishing his own concern, lessburn, which he dedicates to help entrepreneurs and industry doyens with the most apt Business Information, Market Research and Digital Marketing Services.

Office: Cheran Ma Nagar, Coimbatore
Offerings: Digital Marketing Services, Creative Services, Full Stack Development, Business Information Services, Web & Mobile App Development, and Academics

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