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Sample Junction: Offering Market Research Services of Global Standards

Sample Junction: Offering Market Research Services of Global Standards

Rajan Sharma,Founder & Managing Partner

Rajan Sharma

Founder & Managing Partner

Gone are the days when businesses used to run on sixth sense; today’s oil is data. But then, just getting the numbers on sheet is not enough. It should empower businesses to make better decisions. This is why the market research industry is expected to be $23 billion by 2020. Despite the growing market and the need, the industry is struggling with the challenge of offering impeccable service at the most affordable price. As new companies are opening every other day with the help of sample exchanges, this creates a price war compromising quality of sample.

In this business war, Sample Junction is standing at another level and has etched a name for itself while staying at the forefront of the industry. As a lean organization, it offers pure CPI model where there is no project minimum or setup fee. This empowers the company to take all types of projects with utmost care. Its cost-effective pricing and correct feasibility help clients to ascertain field plan effectively and meet the objective of the research in timely manner. Talking to CEO Insights, Rajan Sharma, Founder & Managing Partner of the company, shares in detail about the company, its offerings, and future plans.

Tell us about the idiosyncrasies of Sample Junction.
A flat structure organization, transparency, accountability, 360 feedback, mutual respect and support are the pillars we stand on. We enjoy employee friendly culture; words like performance incentives & awards, friday fun, team outings, team dinners, birthday & festival celebrations, group discussions, and skill enhancement higher education loan are our culture.

Our mission is to help our clients reach the right audience and get an honest opinion by providing best-in-class research techniques, efficient programming and authentic respondents at value for money, which helps them create better
future products and services. We strongly stand on three core values – deliver the promise, integrity, and constant improvement to enable win-win-win situation for our customers, clients and employees.

What makes your offering unique among your competitors?
We ensure authenticated sample in timely manner adhering compliance to International Data standards like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation Act), CCPA (California Consumer Protection Act) and ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013. We are an employee-centric organization and are highly focused on their personal & professional growth consistently and overall satisfaction. Our employee attrition rate is less than 10 percent. What makes us unique is our agility of service with cost effectiveness, speed and quality.

We have been investing heavily on our panel, technology, process improvement, quality measures and addition of more coverage regions to address the quality challenges in the industry

Could you throw some light on the services you offer?
In Research Design, we plan and execute market research project in collaboration with client to address client’s objective. We support them with end-to-end services like survey programming, sampling through our DOI (Double Opt In) quality panel and thoroughly vetted partner channels, and finally help them get the insight from the collected data.

The market research industry is growing profoundly. What opportunities do you see, and how are you preparing yourself to grab a bigger pie of the cake?
Quality has always been a challenge in the market research industry, especially with new companies opening every other day! We have been investing heavily on our panel, technology, process improvement, quality measures and addition of more coverage regions to address the quality challenges in the industry.

On the other hand, innovation is in Sample Junction’s DNA. We enhance technical landscape and advance analytical tools in addition to continuous upgradation of
our team. To encourage innovation, we have flat organization structure, which helps us in getting new ideas and leverage them towards customer and organizational objectives.

Running an organization with such perfection needs immense experience and commitment. Can you tell about your professional experience and your team that empowers you run your company so efficiently?
I am a management professional and hold 19+ years of relevant experience including market research. My team comes with vast experience from across various industries and comprises of highly professional and senior management with IIT & IIM background. Leveraging these experiences, we provide valuable services to global clients by offering our quality sample, survey programming and research services.

What future have you sketched for Sample Junction?
We have been restructuring our organization by engaging professionals with IIT/IIM background having diversified experience of more than 30 years and strategically planning for customer business challenges to be a one-stop-solution for our customers to support entire business cycle starting from problem identification to data analysis and delivery. With more and more fresh blood in the team, we aim to achieve these goals by mid of 2021. We will soon open local offices in North America and UK to mark our global presence and increase touch with our global clients.

Rajan Sharma, Founder & Managing Partner
A 19+ years experienced professional, Rajan is the linchpin who has committed to offer the best of market research services to the clients while offering a perfect platform to his employees for professional and personal growth.
Bindu Shrama, Managing Partner
Sudhir Mittal, Director – Strategy
Vivek Sharma, Head - Finance

Quick Facts:
Established: 2015
Office: Delhi
Offerings: Research Design & Operations, Survey Programming & Hosting, Data Collection Services, and Data Analytics & Insights

Clients: Toluna, Dynata, Research for Good, Hall & Partners, OP4G, Branded Research, Pure Profile and many more

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