Nidhi Gupta: A Passion-Driven Entrepreneur With Foresightedness

Nidhi Gupta: A Passion-Driven Entrepreneur With Foresightedness

Nidhi Gupta,Co-Founder

Nidhi Gupta


Plagued by low banking transactions and lack of structured credit history, there are many small and medium enterprises deprived of availing finance to support their business. Therefore, a large segment of the Indian population depends on informal sources at high-interest rates. Loan2Grow, with its mission to make credit accessible to anyone in need, unfurls a credible financing and lending ecosystem. Nidhi Gupta, the Co-Founder, is bringing a team with diverse banking experience to render customizable product offerings such as an alternative to education loan, medical loans, and emergency loans. With impressive work experience from major financial institutions in India, she channelizes them to manage all the aspects of the organization right from credit appraisals to team and customer handling. In an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, Nidhi Gupta gives a more in-depth insight into her role in Loan2Grow and how it caters to the needful.

What is Loan2Grow? Also, brief us about the inspiration behind establishing the company.
Along with other Co-Founders, I started Loan2Grow to cater to India’s MSMEs in the Delhi NCR region, who are currently underserved by organized lending institutions. We intend to solve the core problem of not having a credit history and formal documentation using advanced technology, data science, and artificial intelligence. The formal lending sector is currently ignoring numerous people in the urban mass. It is a myth that un/under-banked means unworthy or non-bankable. We work tirelessly to access, assess, understand and extend suitable and responsible credit services to such people. Our unique hybrid credit assessment model encompasses traditional merits of on-ground profile assessment supplemented by
additional analysis and other data points.

As an entrepreneur and co-founder to Loan2Grow, what is that significant achievement you brought into being?
I have always wanted to make a positive difference in the lives of as many people as possible in whatever small way I can, to make my life count on that parameter. Loan2Grow has given me an excellent opportunity to achieve this. Let me brief a small example of touching lives of my woman counterparts. As a part of my contribution for women upliftment, we had incorporated a condition that one female co-applicant as mandatory. The idea behind this was to promote female participation in financial decision making process. As it happens in most of the households that women are not given equitable position in terms of financial dealings neither they are informed nor their opinions are taken into account. Our effort was to make our loan a” family loan” where all the parties are given full information and have equal say in matters which are going to effect their lives.

think this crisis calls for a focus on short sprints within the broader purpose of always trying to do the right thing for your customers

This small effort has gone a long way in instilling a great sense confidence in our female counterparts. Moreover, the most important outcome was that a lot of these women didn’t have bank accounts, but because of our unique condition we got their accounts opened and in cases where there were dormant we made them operational. It required a lot of persuasions and convincing, and at times we had to let go of a few customers who disagreed. However, we can boast of disbursing 100 percent loans with woman co-applicant having operational bank accounts.

Could you share how does it feel to have your family and dear ones by your side through the career journey?
I aspire to find enjoyment and
fulfilment in four quadrants; Work, Family, Friends, and Self. Fortunately, I am richly blessed with all the four. My parents have always insisted on giving importance to the family, but they also knew how work-oriented I was. My husband has been significant support he has given me the vision to think big. I feel we are a great team, and without family support, it’s impossible to enjoy fruits of hard work and achievement. Loan2Grow is dear to both of us, and it has given us a shared vision.

A partner and family’s support may come in various forms, but what it often boils down is to make sure one manages his or her human capital effectively. If a family unit can help each other keep their eyes on what matters, invest their time and energy, live healthfully, and make desirable choices, I think that is great!!!!

Do you have any advice/suggestions to budding entrepreneurs in the same segment?
In pursuit of rich professional and personal lives, men and women will surely continue to face tough decisions about where to concentrate their efforts. I feel as an entrepreneur one must constantly revisit one’s understanding, new information, and re-evaluate a problem they already solved. One should be open to new points of view, ideas and contradictions as well.Covid-19 has forced us to do that in true sense.

While it’s tempting to treat a crisis like this with a waterfall “plan, resource, and execute” process.
I think this crisis calls for a focus on short sprints within the broader purpose of always trying to do the right thing for your customers. Customers are going to remember for a long time how they are treated during the next 6 to 12 months.

Nidhi Gupta, Co-Founder, Loan2Grow
Nidhi Gupta started her career in ICICI Bank treasury department, where she worked as a dealer in foreign currency denominated bonds. After working in ICICI for six years, she started her financial advisory. Nidhi advised corporates on strategy and fundraising and set up a team to serve the unbanked segment of the society through loan sourcing from the organized sector.

Headquarter: New Delhi

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