Pallavi Laddha: Leading A New Dawn Of Fashion

Pallavi Laddha: Leading A New Dawn Of Fashion

Pallavi Laddha,DirectorBridging the gender bias in business, Indian women have left no area untouched when it comes to grabbing the leadership thrones. Whether it is the corporate world or politics, 21st-century women exist everywhere, displaying a statement to the world that they are second to none. Especially talking about fashion, textile, and apparel - the industry is meant to be ruled by women. Women in the textile industry never fail to bring something different to the table and groom the consumers’ outlook to the best.

Today, several women are coming out of their comfort zone and choosing to play multiple roles like a daughter, wife, mother, and also earn their bread - they are inspiring thousands of girls who dream of making a mark on this world.

Like any other working arena, the textile & apparel sector also is endowed with some iconic women leaders and administrators who are spearheading their brands to a path of progression and possibilities. One such praiseworthy personality in the fashion sector is Pallavi Laddha, Director at Manomay Tex India Limited (MTIL).

Writing A New Saga Of Equality In Leadership
Pallavi Laddha always aspired to be a go-getter. She inherited leadership qualities and business strategies from her father- who owned a Marble business. Unlike other playful kids, Pallavi dreamt to become an entrepreneur. “I was very clear in my thoughts that led me to pursue MBA in finance from Pacific University Udaipur. I started with accounts when we had a small proprietorship firm. Then I ideated a retail outlet of toys and kids accessories called “Jack n Jill”.

This was the successful venture that gave me recognition at my place. Later, I joined MTIL in 2013. My in-law’s family is in the clothing business for a long time. Previously, we were in traditional Indian Clothing like dhotis. With time, we started adapting to the trends and observed that denim has become the fashion statement in recent days. In 2012-13, we established our first denim manufacturing unit in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. I am proud to say that in a very short period, MTIL was recognized globally in denim manufacturing. Since then, there is no turning back. In 2017, we were listed as the SME platform. We started exports in 2017. Today, we operate with a monthly capacity of 3
million meters,” says Pallavi Laddha. The success didn’t come overnight. As we know, business comes with responsibilities and risks!

The journey of MTIL was also a roller coaster ride. However, with dedication commitment, and high-quality products the company spread its presence amidst a wide set of consumers. She also extends her gratitude towards her family with kind words, “What I am is because of my parents and I get management skills from my mother who is a perfect home maker. My capabilities and qualities are at one place but without family support the reach limits. I am here because I get full support as decision maker from my husband Mr. Yogesh Laddha (M.D. MTIL) & my kids Aarav & Mridav. Because the time they need sometimes took by my work.”

One-Of-A-Kind Offerings
MTIL is a well-known brand in the denim manufacturing industry. Manomay idealized the image of Indian denim as a global trendsetter. The company is trustworthy and often classy riffed on by high fashion houses.

The company is a front-runner in manufacturing stretchable denim. Satin denim is its forte. MTIL is the first brand to introduce a wider width in denim. It is also recognized as 3rd highest exporters in the country.

With a top-notch production facility, high-end infrastructure, and latest technology, Mtil focuses on “you” and your style

Delivering What You Deserve
In this increasingly competitive world, raising quality standards becomes extremely important. Customers today look for quality rather than the price, and they are eager to pay higher prices if the quality is the best. Hence, MTIL uses many quality testing tools developed to test the finished goods.

“Testing provides an insight into the variables and values that are needed to be tweaked to get the best results. At MTIL, we recognize this need, and hence our products go through a thorough quality testing and control process. We are committed to our customers for consistent supplies. In exports, we scale our own market. We don’t compete with Indian exporters but replace Chinese mills. This Consistency in quality and delivery makes us a reputed Indian Denim Mill. We have equipped all our divisions with the latest technology,” Pallavi informs.

She further adds, “We offer denim for all segments. In manufacturing, we have a team for product development and quality testing. Our dexterous team develops 300 to 400 new designs of cloth every year.
We are prone to constant development, which motivates employees to work beyond job definitions and come with new ideas every day. We as a team of highly professionals & qualified experts are always on the lookout to better ourselves in every possible way. The high-end technology used in our factories is constantly upgraded to ensure that our name in the denim textiles industries leaves a mark on our customers. I believe in the wise words of an American Author Helen Keller, “Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” Our vision is also aligned to this “Together we achieve more.”

Pallavi Laddha, Director, Manomay Tex India
The Youngest Of The Board Members At Manomay, Pallaviladdha Is A Promoter And Full-Time Director Of Mtil. Her Journey That Began With Human Resource Department At Bhilwara Location, Has Now Graduated To One Of The Top Leaders In The Company With Her Expertise In Finance. While She Makes Sure Her Eccentricity Stays High 24x7, She Also Inspires All Of The Ones Around Her!

• MTIL is the 3rd highest exporters of denim in the country
• The company won Texprocil Gold Award for exports in the year 2017-18 and 2018-19. Manomay is the only company to confer the prestigious award in the first year of export operations.

“Manomay’s manufacturing process has been vertically integrated to facilitate all the processes involved in denim fabrics manufacturing under one roof”

MTIL’s Corporate Social Responsibility
Business success is always incomplete without social and environmental responsibilities. Team MTIL is very much aware of the need to be socially responsible. The company’s current CSR project is to provide pure water and nutritious food to children. MTIL is installing water purifiers and coolers in nearby villages to ensure that people access clean drinking water.

Most importantly, the brand is working on operating a school in association with the “Sneh Samarpan foundation”. The institute is specially ideated to educate and help kids who collect trash and segregate garbage to earn money. At present, its strength is around 130 bright minds. With this dream project, MTIL envisions changing the children’s future by offering them complete education and emotional support.

The company plants thousands of trees every year to maintain a green campus and sustainable infrastructure. It has taken the initiative to plant saplings in several schools, hospitals, and police stations as part of the ‘Green Earth Clean Earth’ project. MTIL is also aware of our staff cleanliness on campus as well as their villages too.

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