• Pallavi Laddha, Director, Manomay Tex India

    Pallavi Laddha, Director, Manomay Tex India

  • Bridging the gender bias in business, Indian women have left no area untouched when it comes to grabbing the leadership thrones. Whether it is the corporate world or politics, 21st-century women exist everywhere, displaying a statement to the world that they are second to none. Especially talking about fashion, textile, and apparel - the industry is meant to be ruled by women. Women in the textile industry never fail to bring something different to the table and groom the consumers' outlook to the best. Today, several women are coming out of their comfort zone and choosing to play multiple roles like a daughter, wife, mother, and also earn their bread - they are inspiring thousands of girls who dream of making a mark on this world. Like any other working arena, the textile & apparel sector also is endowed with some iconic women leaders and administrators who are spearheading their brands to a path of progression and possibilities. One such praiseworthy personality in the fashion sector is Pallavi Laddha, Director at Manomay Tex India Limited (MTIL).

  • Pallavi Laddha: Leading A New Dawn Of Fashion

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Top 10 Women Leaders in Textiles and Apparels - 2021

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  • Top 10 Women Leaders in Textiles and Apparels - 2021

    More women than any other time currently own textile firms, and IFAI's new women in textile summit united large numbers of these business chiefs to share their remarkable aptitude inside an exceptionally specific industry. India has arisen as one of the significant countries for clothing, creating and sending out to countries of the world. Clothing making is a work concentrated industry and the majority of the business goes to ladies. It carries unfamiliar trade to the country through send-outs. In India, the ready made clothing area frames a significant portion of the expansive-based material industry. The exercises of the material business incorporate turning, weaving, and the creation of fabric and articles of clothing things. It represents around 4 percent of Gross Domestic Product, 25 percent of mechanical creation, and 30 percent of the fare profit of the country. Also, the business gives productive work to many individuals straightforwardly and in a roundabout way. Another significant angle is that the significant portion of the labor force in this area establishes ladies. Since the vast majority of the quickly developing piece of clothing units are working in the houses (or leased sheds) of bosses, it is hard to get a solid gauge of their real number. Notwithstanding, as per CMIE (Community for Checking Indian Economy), the business gives work to around 15 million individuals, of which very nearly 90 percent in women. In this issue of the CEO Insights Magazine, a list of ‘Top 10 Women Leaders in Textiles and Apparels - 2021’, prepared by a team of industry veterans, CEOs, and VCs, and the CEO Insights Magazine editorial team, is provided to the readers in different sectors, for informing the excellence of women in textile industry in India.

Top 10 Women Leaders in Textiles and Apparels - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Mulya Creation Alisha Maindolia,Founder Mulya Creation Alisha Miandolia a graduate in textile engineering from NIFT Chennai. In 2019 she left her job to start her own business and in 2020 putting an end to all skepticism, along with her sister started the organisation and was given top ten awards by the government which added to her confidence
The Style Closet Ambika Puri,CEO & Founder The Style Closet Ambika Puri CEO had nine years of expirience in PR and communication industry. She always had an aye of passion for starting her own unique fashion brand and in 2015 she started The Style Close
Mini Klub Anjana Pasi,Founder Mini Klub Anjana and her passion for innovation has been a cornerstone behind the success of Mini Klub
Fashion Accessories Chandrika Thatai,Co-Founder Fashion Accessories Chandrika Thatai along with her husband Anoop Thatai in the year 2000 established the company. With her passion and dedication, she converted her small company to one of the biggest manufacturers in the country
Manomay Tex India Limited Pallavi Laddha,Director Manomay Tex India Limited Pallavi Ladha was a retail toy seller and in 2016 she joined her family business MTIL. As an MBA holder in finance at first she only took care of day to day account activities. Later with her skills and own hard work and dedication she raised the standard of company to another level
Mirra Clothing Private Limited Rajalaxmi Rajendran,CEO & Founder Mirra Clothing Private Limited Rajalaxmi Rajendran was a B.E student at Annai Mathammal Sheela Engineering college. Now she is the provider of pure handloom silk saries from various states of India
Shree Lifestyle Sandeep Kapoor,Chairman & MD Shree Lifestyle Sandeep Kapoor is a business development professional from Punjab. He started SHR Lifestyle Ltd in 2012 with an aim to produce easy and comfortable summer wear to women
Warp & Weft Sarah Ahmed,Founder and CEO Warp & Weft Sarah Ahmed combined this innovative fabric with the sustainable practices she picked up from her family’s luxury denim brand
Wool Sutra Tanya Goyal,Founder & CEO Wool Sutra Tanya Goyal founder of wool sutra from central Delhi is a IDP business management student of California Berkeley and also an MBA graduate from IMT Ghaziabad. Tanya learned ropes of textile business from her father and later started her own business
Veronna Veronna Parikh Damani,Founder Veronna Veronna, a stylist and entrepreneur from Mumbai, was working as a fashion stylist in ELLE India (magazine). For some point of time she had also worked as freelancer. Now she turned in to role of an entrepreneur by launching a kids wear fashion brand named Veronna in 2018