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PalmPower India: Reimagining Doctor's Workplace & Empowering Doctors Through Digital Healthcare Transformation

PalmPower India: Reimagining Doctor's Workplace & Empowering Doctors Through Digital Healthcare Transformation

Over the recent years, healthcare firms are majorly focusing on providing better customer services to their patients by understanding their concerns and winning their trust. It is here patient relationship management (PRM) software comes into picture that facilitates patient engagement, satisfaction and experience all through the patient-doctor relationship. One such patient relationship management platform that is the most trusted and preferred by doctors is PalmPower Medicus, powered by Bengaluru-based PalmPower India. This trustworthy and flexible platform helps doctors to consult, care and communicate with their patients, enhance loyalty, and thus increase patient satisfaction and revenue. So far, 250+ doctors, 300,000+ patients and a few hospitals have been greatly benefitted by this platform, while close to a million appointments have been processed. Most importantly, almost 60 percent of wait time at practices has been reduced through this platform.

Shreyas Muralidhar (Co-Founder, PalmPower India) has elucidated volumes about the nuances and technicalities of this platform during an exclusive colloquy with CEO Insights.

Brief us on the inspiration behind the development of PalmPower Medicus.
Our main aim was to find the smartest and the fastest way for doctors to go digital! Designed by doctors for doctors, Medicus was initially a real-time queue management solution to reduce patient wait times. Through this solution, patients can track the queue’s status in real time by knowing their current position, how many are ahead of them, how many have already come-in to the practice, and the expected time of their consultation. This way, they can focus on their other works around the appointment, and thus leave home only when their turn comes-up. The real time tracking assumes particular significance given today’s COVID scenario in order to be able to maintain ‘Social Distancing’ and prevent crowding in clinics.

Besides long patient wait times, we witnessed a spectrum of problems in clinics and hospitals. At clinics, there were many problems like manual processes at front desk, revenue leakages, illegible handwritten prescription, less patient adherence to medical advices, physical follow-up visits, and many others. At hospitals, we observed poor adoption of technology by doctors, redundant data entry at registration desk (same data being written and typed), lack of effective patient engagement strategy, ineffective data security systems, and others. Hence, we came-up with PalmPower Medicus platform as a one-stop solution to all these problems.

What are the various services that you offer across your PRM platform?
We emphasize on three core modules that address different problems at both clinics and hospitals. For clinics, Medicus Front desk focuses on reducing patient wait time in the front desk, managing appointments efficiently, enhancing patient experience, seamless patient engagement, automation of routine front desk tasks, and elimination of revenue leakage.

For hospitals, Medicus DocStation provides one stop solution for doctors, bringing-in all necessary information by integrating with various subsystems within the hospital such as Hospital Information System and Document
Management Systems. Prior to DocStation, doctors were required to switch between applications that cost their time which reduced number of consultations per day. With zero behavioral change, DocStation dramatically increases adoption among doctors in a hospital environment. For clinics, Medicus Docstation can be used as a standalone EMR system and can be used with the other two modules.

Medicus Telecon module focuses on providing telemedicine and video/audio consultations to the patients remotely. Both clinics and hospitals can use it to enhance patient experience and avoid unnecessary visits to the clinic/hospital. With digital payment options, visit to clinics for reasons such as showing a report or mere period review with the doctor can be eliminated, thus reducing crowding within the waiting halls.

Medicus Front desk focuses on reducing patient wait time in the front desk, managing appointments efficiently, enhancing patient experience, seamless patient engagement, automation of routine front desk tasks, and elimination of revenue leakage

Patients can add doctors in this platform and create their family doctors’ list for quick access. They can also book their appointments for free without making a call to doctor’s office. In a nutshell, Medicus stands-out as a complete solution for clinics and as a standalone module for hospitals, wherein its API can be easily integrated with their existing Hospital Management System.

Explain about the diverse technologies that are deployed in this platform.
Medicus is built on Open Source technologies such as Linux, Apache and MySQL. Its C++ backend ensures performance benefits and lower deployment costs. Medicus can be used across mobiles, tablets and laptops by both doctors and patients. All records are stored on highly secure, HIPAA compliant servers. All critical information access is password protected, and passwords themselves are encrypted and stored. All over the wire communications are industry standard Secured-Socket-Layer encrypted.

Cast some light on your team members.
We have four Co-Founders and 10 employees in our team. Ravichandran Natarajan (Founder CEO, PalmPower India) holds 30+ years of experience in managing startups and corporates. Prior to this, Ravi was working as the Senior Vice President at Appnomic Systems. While Somashekar M has a background in Biotechnology and has worked extensively in some of the largest Pharma companies, Yashas S K, the other Co-Founder has a background in Computer science and finance. I’m the other CoFounder with profound experience in the Healthcare and Lifesciences space. During my tenure at Accenture, I was a business analyst engaged in helping large pharma clients in optimizing their business process through an application. This is where I clearly comprehended the diverse problems of healthcare industry, and
thus developed an inclination to resolve them.

What is your take on innovations?
Innovation is the key to succeed in today’s competitive world and is embedded in PalmPower’s culture. We were the first to introduce real-time queue management system that disseminates queue information to all connected devices in real-time with a mobile first focus. We are also a leading innovator in building solutions for doctors using hand-writing technology and recognition. This key innovation removed learning curve for doctors and increased adoption among doctors. To give you an example, in a leading hospital chain, adoption of technology among doctors increased from zero to 98 percent after the implementation of Dostation.

Natarajan Ravichandran, Founder,Shreyas Muralidhar, Somashekar M & Yashas SK, Co-Founders
PalmPower India Team
To stay updated with the trends in the healthcare industry, we regularly attend conferences and summits. Besides, we have a team of doctors who are our advisors. They enlighten us on the requirements and expectations of doctors and patients across the industry.

Tell us about your future plans.
We have been in data collection phase so far. In the near future we will start mining the data we have collected using AI and ML technologies to provide timely insights to doctors and in the future to aid population analytics. We are also critically analyzing existing workflows among the stakeholders within the healthcare eco-system to bring-in efficiencies. One another area of innovation for us would be voice enabling our products, supported by our predictive algorithms that we have already deployed.

Shreyas Muralidhar, Co-Founder
With a demonstrated history of working in the computer software and healthcare industry, Shreyas is currently living his passion of building and scaling products that can disrupt the healthcare space, at PalmPower India.

Natarajan Ravichandran, Founder
With 30+ years of experience in technology, Ravi comes with extensive knowledge in technology. As CTO, he has built and scaled products at various companies before founding PalmPower India.

Yashas SK, Co-Founder
Yashas holds a Bachelors of Technology degree in Computer Science. He has 7+ years of experience across various domains. He was associated with Accenture as a Software Engineer before joining hands with his long term friends to start Medzstop, an E Pharma company, which was later acquired.

Somashekar M, Co-Founder
Somashekar holds a Bachelor’s in Technology (Biotechnology) from M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology. He has extensively worked in the healthcare industry during his stint at Novo Nordisk and Cognizant, and has 8 + years of experience in Healthcare

Quick Facts:
• Location: : Bengaluru
• Services: : Queue Engagement, Patient Engagement, Unified Communications, Billing, Patient Centric Health Records, Prescription Management, Chat, Video Calling, and Reports & Analytics

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