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Rajat Arora: Manifesting Never-Settle Attitude In Growth

Rajat Arora: Manifesting Never-Settle Attitude In Growth

Rajat Arora,  Chief Business Officer

Rajat Arora

Chief Business Officer

Flip through any leadership guide, and you'll Find hundreds of traits that describe successful leaders. However, three simple yet powerful qualities shine the brightest - confidence, visionary prowess, and an empathetic attitude of treating teams like family. Meet Rajat Arora, a maven who picture-perfectly embodies these attributes and more.

His professional journey began in 2001 with ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company, where he embarked on a path that led him to redefine success at every step. Throughout his remarkable career, Rajat has left an indelible mark on the organizations he's been a part of. From his tenure at Aviva Life Insurance, HDFC Standard Life, Tata AIA, to his venture as an entrepreneur and his impactful contributions to RJ Corp, he has consistently carved out new avenues of growth and innovation. His ventures have not only achieved outstanding sales figures but have also garnered him numerous accolades.

However, his motivation isn't driven solely by the pursuit of accolades; it's anchored in the determination to be the best in all he undertakes. The ethos of being Number One fuels his commitment to giving his all, not just 100 percent, but 200 percent, setting a standard of excellence that inspires those around him. In his most recent role as the Chief Business Officer at Aiqahealth, Rajat Arora has been instrumental in driving Aiqahealth's vision to provide equitable healthcare services to all, especially underserved people.
How would you define Aiqahealth’s current position in the market?
At Aiqahealth, our mission is to address healthcare disparities in India, focusing on underserved Tier 2 to Tier 5 cities where medical access is limited. Initially, our 'Doctor on Call' service provided phone consultations, but we realized the challenge for those without internet access or knowledge. To bridge this gap, we launched E-clinics, fostering trust and connecting patients with doctors seamlessly. With a remarkable journey of two and a half years, our efforts have led us to serve around 2.5 lakh patients per month across India. We've opened over 372 clinics, with a plan to expand to more than 2000 clinics in the near future. As we move forward, our vision is to become No.1 player in this specific niche of healthcare, ensuring accessible and quality care nationwide and globally as well.

The ethos of being Number One fuels his commitment to giving 200 percent in everything he does

What are the latest strategic plans you have adopted to achieve your goals in the market?
Our forward-looking strategy focuses on expanding our reach and impact. Recognizing the challenge of one-on-one product sales, we've devised a unique approach. Partnering with MFIs and NBFCs, we offer bundled products attached to the loans, addressing affordability concerns in India. These packages provide customers with comprehensive benefits including 24/7 doctor consultations for families, daily income wage replacement, accidental coverage, and funeral costs. We have also designed the E-clinic model designed to cater to underserved communities, particularly those who might not be familiar with or have easy access to online consultations. In this innovative approach, we establish physical E-clinic locations started by trained health workers.
These E-clinics serve as a bridge between virtual consultations and in-person care. When individuals who have availed loans from our partners visit these E-clinics, our health workers assist them in taking their vitals like blood pressure and sugar levels. And then facilitate an online consultation with a qualified doctor; receiving medical advice, prescriptions and providing the medicines free-of-cost on the spot.

Tell us about your leadership approach and your guiding philosophy to stay ahead.
My approach is centered on setting benchmarks and leading by example. I guide my team by demonstrating the path to success. We engage with the market, ask questions, connect with leaders, and gain insights into market needs. Aligning customer and seller preferences with product strategies is the key. It is important to plan products based on these insights and pitch them accordingly to, ensure a customer-centric approach to business growth. Being immersed in the field around the clock brings awareness of competitors and market dynamics. Social media's pervasive influence connects us everywhere. From magazines to TV, information is abundant but in-person engagement (unlike sitting at office and reading reports), reveals real market insights.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
Aiqahealth's identity isn't just an organization, but a family to me. As a leader, I'm dedicated to nurturing our family's growth and well-being. We always aim for the best, by the close of Fiscal 2023-24, our vision is to rise to the top spot. This ambition isn't limited to India; we're driven to lead in healthcare across Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka. Beyond this, the sky's the limit for our journey.

Rajat Arora, Chief Business Officer, Aiqahealth
Under his strategic guidance, the organization has transformed into a force that touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients every month, bridging the gap between medical expertise and those in need.

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