Narayan Govindram Jaesingh: Profiling A Journey Of Leadership & Ambition In Digital Landscape | CEOInsights Vendor
Narayan Govindram Jaesingh: Profiling A Journey Of Leadership & Ambition In Digital Landscape

Narayan Govindram Jaesingh: Profiling A Journey Of Leadership & Ambition In Digital Landscape

 Narayan Govindram Jaesingh,   Chief Business Officer

Narayan Govindram Jaesingh

Chief Business Officer

In the contemporary digital landscape, enterprises are endowed with unprecedented data, which serves as the bedrock of sagacious corporate decision-making. To ensure that their personnel are equipped with the requisite data driven tool to make informed choices, organisations must allocate resources towards smarter digital solutions that enhance the facets of transparency, dependability, safeguarding, and expand ability.

Vserv AudiencePro is a leading organization in the data management platform sector. Within the Vserv AudiencePro platform, clients can expect a personalized approach that caters to their brand's distinct growth requirements. It equips them with the capability to generate in-depth insights of consumer traits, encompassing transactional behaviour, app usage, places of interest, digital product purchases, socio-economic background and more. These insights are finely tuned to align seamlessly with their Marketing goals. Narayan Govindram Jaesingh, the Chief Business Officer at Vserv AudiencePro, is a prominent and committed executive who has left a significant impact on the industry.

In a candid interview conducted with us, Narayan opened up about pivotal insights from his personal life and career, providing a lucid perspective on his forthcoming ventures.

Can you briefly outline your professional background and what motivates your daily routines?
My professional journey has been quite unique, with a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering during a time when the telecom industry was just taking off. I witnessed the transformation of the cellular industry from urban tele-density of 4 percent (2003/4) to ~134 percent (2019). Over the course of 14 years, I honed my expertise in telecom, working with the Tata Group and the Aditya Birla Group. However, I eventually found
myself seeking fresh challenges and an opportunity to apply my telecom knowledge to newer industry domains. This led me to the BFSI sector, where I transitioned to a role leading partnerships and venture investments (M&A). My motivation in the professional realm is driven by a simple yet profound philosophy: each day presents an opportunity for fresh accomplishments and value addition.

Can you provide a description of Vserv Audience Pro's organizational identity and its present standing within the market?
Vserv AudiencePro is India’s premier consumer intelligence and activation platform. Audience Pro allows businesses to securely leverage alternative consumer intelligence to achieve exceptional marketing outcomes. Our data solutions are built around privacy by design. AudiencePro platform empowers leading agencies, brands, DSPs, publishers, and MarTech platforms to make their investments in marketing more effective.

I will entrust the task to you, granting you the authority to execute it, and ensure that you are fully cognizant of the ultimate goal we are striving to achieve

For instance, if you are a D2C fashion brand, we leverage our deterministic audiences who are consumers of fashion brands and target the cohort on social media platforms thus enabling the D2C fashion brand to reach to their potential relevant customers with higher Return on Ad-Spend (RoAS). Our goal is to target the relevant transacting cohorts, thereby optimizing the digital spends, which is quite different from traditional mass marketing. Currently, in the market, we stand as pioneers, uniquely offering data-driven targeted advertising with a proven track record encompassing over 100 brands, setting us apart from the competition.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the guidelines or methodologies you follow as a leader?
Often I demonstrate a mix of ‘Laissez-Faire’ & ‘Transformational’ Leadership style of operating. It primarily involves motivating the teams by empowering them with a high degree of autonomy to make decision while having full clarity of the goal that needs to be objective within the given timeframe
In the light of your strong experience within the industry, what advice would you give to the budding industry leaders?
Be Innovative, Be Adaptive & Be Networked! We are living in a digitally connected world with knowledge being just a ‘click away’.Important to network with stalwarts, change makers and industry peers so that one keeps challenging their own awareness and learn from the best your network has to offer! The best investment is in ‘Self-Development’.

Could you please provide a concise overview of your core product offerings and the enhanced value that your customers can anticipate from these offerings?
Our flagship offering, AudiencePro, is a leading consumer intelligence and activation platform in India, serving over 100 trusted brands. With AudiencePro's self-serve platform, agencies and marketers can access high-quality 2P Audience Segments for insights, planning, and activation across any digital channel. By using AudiencePro, you can make your marketing investments more effective.

Our distinct value proposition lies in not just providing audiences but intelligently leveraging it to achieve KPIs and tangible results for our clients.

Where do you envision your future destination or goals?
In terms of the company's future, we have ambitious collective goals to become India's foremost audience marketplace in the realm of digital marketing. Much like Amazon and Flipkart offer an array of products, we aim to provide access to the most precise audience segments for every CMO across any industry. This includes tailoring segment recommendations for specific product category.

On a personal level, my focus is to significantly impact our shareholders, investors and employees by creating substantial value. I aspire to foster a workplace where individuals not only find professional success but also view it as a place where they've built their careers and secured their futures, akin to how people regard TCS/Infosys.

Narayan Govindram Jaesingh, Chief Business Officer, Vserv AudiencePro
Narayan Govindram Jaesingh, a seasoned & result oriented management professional, boasts over 18 years of expertise in formulating and implementing profit-focused business strategies.

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