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Anurag Nigam: A Pioneering Leader Shaping The Future Of Payments

Anurag Nigam: A Pioneering Leader Shaping The Future Of Payments

 Anurag Nigam,  Chief Business Officer

Anurag Nigam

Chief Business Officer

A Chief Business Officer(CBO) serves as a crucial executive in an organization, responsible for shaping and executing business strategies to drive growth and success. This role involves strategic planning, market analysis, and building key relationships to ensure the company's overall prosperity. As the Chief Business Officer (CBO), Anurag Nigam stands at the forefront of Electronic Payments and Services Pvt. Ltd., driving strategic initiatives for growth and market prominence.

With a proven track record spanning 28 years, Anurag's journey encompasses leadership roles in renowned organizations like Tata Consultancy Services(TCS), Diebold, Tata Communications Payments Solutions(TCPSL), and FIS. Currently heading business development and marketing, at Electronic Payments and Services, Anurag's dynamic leadership is marked by a focus on innovation and excellence, solidifying his role as a visionary Chief Business Officer in the dynamic realm of payments.

Engaging in an distinctive interaction with CEO Insights magazine, Anurag shares the imperious details of his journey as one of the influencing business leader in the country. Let’s hear it from him.

Define Electronic Payment & Services as an organization and its position in the market.
EPS is a dynamic and comprehensive payment technology services company with its roots in ATM services but has evolved into a full-service payment ecosystem provider. Our key strength lies in being an end-to-end solution provider, catering to the entire payment lifecycle. What sets us apart is our unwavering focus on balancing customer needs and optimizing cost. We pride ourselves on understanding the gaps in technology and innovation, ensuring we not only meet but exceed customer expectations.

As a system integration company, in payment domain we have endeavoured to master the complexity of large projects and have achieved industry leading service levels. Our proficiency in leveraging technology and cultivating partner networks allows us to consistently deliver high-quality services. Through a range of
services, including ATM services, digital payments, technology-driven solutions, and our innovative MSME platform, we have consistently set new standards and redefined the market landscape.

At Electronic Payments and Services (EPS), we remain committed to leading the charge into the future of payments by seamlessly by blending cutting-edge technology with deep industry expertise

As the Chief Business Officer, what are the latest strategic plans that you have adopted to optimize operations and engage new audiences in the market?
As the Chief Business Officer, my immediate focus has been on elevating our market presence and engaging new audiences through strategic initiatives. Over the past six to seven months, we've actively participated in various forums, established direct customer contacts, and effectively communicated our capabilities to influence business results for our customers. Simultaneously, we've identified and addressed smaller, unattended gaps in the market, swiftly developing technology-driven solutions that offer significant benefits at incremental costs.

Adopting a two-pronged approach, we've strengthened relationships with both public sector banks and private sector customers, yielding positive results. Internally, we're cultivating champions who passionately showcase our capabilities, while also encouraging collaborative co-development with customers to address evolving needs in the payment space.

Tell us about your leadership approach. What are the methodologies that you follow as a leader?
As a leader, my approach centers around collaboration, diversity, transparency, and continuous learning. An inclusive approach ensures that every team member's input is valued, fostering well-rounded decision making. I've championed diversity, recognizing that a mix of perspectives and experiences enhances problem-solving and innovation. Transparency is key, whether setting clear organizational objectives for larger teams or fostering close-knit understanding within smaller teams.

I prioritize knowing each team member's strengths and areas for improvement, enabling effective utilization in various circumstances. For me, fostering a culture where saying "I don't know" is acceptable, and mistakes are viewed as opportunities for learning and
improvement, with a focus on continuous development.

What is the future destination you are headed towards?
In the next five years, my vision for this organization is two fold: first to establish it as one of the most credible players in the payment space, and second, to create substantial value for both investors and our dedicated workforce. I intend to realize this objective by capitalizing on available opportunities and driving substantial growth, aiming for a three fold expansion within the specified timeframe. Beyond financial success, I am equally committed to fostering a work environment where every individual takes pride in being part of our organization. I want our team members to feel a genuine sense of fulfillment, finding joy in representing the company and embracing their roles.

What is your piece of advice for the upcoming leaders?
For aspiring leaders, my advice is to cultivate self-trust and instill trust in your team. In a dynamic landscape where obsolescence is rapid, continuous upskilling is essential. Today, business models and technologies evolve at an unprecedented pace, demanding constant adaptation. Trusting your own capabilities and fostering trust within your team creates a foundation for success. Equally important is an unwavering focus on execution. Prioritize turning ideas into tangible outcomes to see them come to fruition.

Anurag Nigam, Chief Business Officer, Electronic Payment and Services(EPS)
Anurag Nigam's 28-year professional journey showcases a versatile career, commencing with Tata Group's Voltas in 1995. After pursuing management in marketing and finance, he spent 11 years at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), traversing roles and geographies. Transitioning to the ATM and self-service technology realm, he led P&L and operations at Diebold and managed services for Diebold across Asia. As COO of Tata Communications Payments Solutions (TCPSL), he pioneered the nation's first white-label ATM network. With diverse experience, including leading FIS's ATM business, successfully divested to NCR, Anurag currently spearheads business, marketing, and EPShiksha (the educational arm) at Electronic Payment and Services Private Limited, a payment technology solution provider.

Favorite Hobbies:Playing Squash, Reading, Travelling, Watching Movies
Favorite Cuisine:Sri Lankan, Indian
Favorite Book:Who Moved My Cheese by Spencer Johnson
Favorite Travel Destination:Mid-West in the USA

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