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  • Aalok Kumar,   Corporate Officer & SVP - Head Of Global Smart City Business (NEC Corporation), & President & CEO, NEC Corporation India

    Aalok Kumar, Corporate Officer & SVP - Head Of Global Smart City Business (NEC Corporation), & President & CEO, NEC Corporation India

  • While living in an era of artificial intelligence, a populous country like India can’t afford to miss out on the potential of AI Technology. AI powered smart cities and green buildings represent the future of our cities. According to data, Indian cities are home to more than 35 percent of the country’s population. By 2023, urban areas are expected to accommodate 40 percent of India's population. For a country with 140 crore people, these numbers indicate acute infrastructure management and service delivery challenges. The government of India launched the Smart Cities Mission in 2015 - an initiative that aims to efficiently and effectively tackle these challenges. After eight years, the technology landscape in the country has undergone further, dramatic transformations. “What’s the status of the smart cities mission in 2023, and where it is headed” are two questions that get asked repeatedly. Aalok Kumar, Corporate Officer & Senior VP-Head of the Global Smart City Business at NEC Corporation, and President & CEO of NEC Corporation India, engages in an exclusive interview with CEO Insights to walk through the latest challenges and opportunities across the smart city projects in the country.

  • Building Smart Cities In The AI Era; Seizing Opportunities

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  • Top 10 Chief Business Officers - 2023

    Navigating Growth, Driving Success
    The role of a Chief Business Officer (CBO) is pivotal in shaping the strategic direction and overall success of a company. Tasked with overseeing various aspects of business operations, the CBO plays a crucial role in driving growth, profitability, and sustainability. One primary responsibility of a CBO is to formulate and execute business strategies that align with the organization's goals. This involves conducting market analysis, identifying opportunities for expansion, and mitigating potential risks. The CBO collaborates with other executives to ensure a cohesive and comprehensive approach to achieving the company's objectives.

    "A Chief Business Officer thrives not just on data and analytics but on the art of turning insights into impactful strategies"

    Strategic Minds, Sustainable Futures
    In addition to strategic planning, the CBO is often involved in forging partnerships and alliances that can enhance the company's market position. Building and maintaining strong relationships with key stakeholders, such as clients, suppliers, and investors, is integral to the CBO's role. Effective communication and negotiation skills are essential in navigating the complex landscape of business relationships. Financial acumen is another critical aspect of the CBO's skill set. Monitoring and managing the financial health of the company, including budgeting, forecasting, and resource allocation, are essential tasks. The CBO must make informed decisions to optimize operational efficiency and ensure a positive bottom line. Moreover, the CBO often spearheads innovation initiatives to keep the company competitive in rapidly evolving markets. This involves fostering a culture of creativity and continuous improvement within the organization. The CBO must stay abreast of industry trends and emerging technologies, guiding the company toward opportunities for growth and adaptation. Their multifaceted role is instrumental in achieving sustainable business success in a dynamic and competitive business environment.

    CEO Insights in this issue presents a list of ‘Top 10 Chief Business officer- 2023' who have leveraged their extensive industry expertise and experience in offering effective skills to the market. The following list has been prepared after being closely scrutinized by a distinguished panel of judges including CXOs, analysts and our editorial board. We recognize their valuable contribution to the ever expanding and competitive market and their ability to sustain themselves and emerge as top contestants through their reliable knowledge.

Top 10 Chief Business Officers - 2023

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Electronic Payment & Services (EPS) Anurag Nigam, Chief Business Officer Electronic Payment & Services (EPS) A pioneering leader with a proven track record spanning 28 years, having diverse experience, including leading FIS's ATM business, successfully divested to NCR
William Penn (P) Gokulnath Subramanian, Chief Business Officer William Penn (P) A motivated business leader with 10+ years’ across industry leading teams, with proven expertise in retail strategy, store operations, retail roll-out, key accounts, distribution and market expansion, budgeting and forecasting
Unacademy Jayan Modi, Chief Business Officer Unacademy A professional leader with experience spans in P&L leadership, stakeholder management, strategic planning, operations management, mentoring future leaders and driving new product development
Scholfe Krishnamurthy B S, Chief Business Officer Scholfe An MBA graduate specialized in marketing and human resource management, with Seventeen years of experience in managing both assets & liabilities business, administering the branch in a highly competitive environment
 Vserv AudiencePro Narayan Govindram Jaesingh, Chief Business Officer Vserv AudiencePro A seasoned & result oriented management professional, boasts over 18 years of expertise in formulating and implementing profit-focused business strategies
 Urban Ladder Nishant Gupta, Chief Business Officer Urban Ladder A dynamic leader with 16+ yrs experience in the consumer goods industry with a track record of delivering breakthrough business results; managed both digital first as well as traditional business; enjoy working on growth/turnaround business problems
Furlenco Nitesh Mohandas, Chief Business Officer Furlenco A seasoned business leader with 12+ years of rich exposure in building & leading businesses across e-commerce, consumer durables, banking and advertising for multiple brands across India
Aiqahealth Rajat Arora, Chief Business Officer Aiqahealth An incredible leader transforming the organisation into a force that touches the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients every month, also bridging the gap between medical expertise and those in need
Sumeru Saurabh Saxena, Chief Business Officer Sumeru An accomplished professional with around two decades of experience in various domains, such as Marketing, Sales, Trade and so on
InMobi Vasuta Agarwal, Chief Business Officer InMobi Leading the global ad monetization for the company's consumer businesses across strategy, product, technology, go-to-market and revenue operations

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