• Aditya Bagree, Director, Business Aggregate

    Aditya Bagree, Director, Business Aggregate

  • International trade has occurred since the earliest civilizations began trading, but in recent years, international trade has become increasingly important with a constantly growing share of GDP coming from imports and exports. The impact of international trade is so significant that it has uplifted nations from the realms of poverty to being superpowers of the global economy. International trade between different countries has also played a major role in raising living standards, providing employment and enabling consumers to enjoy a greater variety of goods and services. However, global trade wouldn't be possible without international trade finance. It is only with the support of international trade finance, that global trade can take place between entities as small as SMEs or as large as MNCs. Exporters and Importers tend to have limited access to financial services and risk mitigation strategies that are essential for their growth. This is where companies having expertise on global trade finance and allied services come into the picture and contribute to the growth of global trade which is estimated to be a whooping $24 trillion annually.

  • Aditya Bagree: Financing Global Trade And Projects

Flocking to and Flourishing in Dubai

By: Deepshikha Singh, Editor

Today, millions of Indians call one of the six Gulf countries home. Some have even established prominent global conglomerates in the region, while others have migrated to one of these countries to lead international companies. Ongoing

Digital Payments Roadmap In India

By: Bharat Panchal, Chief Risk Officer - APAC, Middle East & Africa, FIS

Currently, India has the pivotal position in the thrilling era of digitalization. Certainly, during the previous decade, digitalization has spurred the boost, with the electronic

Top 10 Growing Indian Business Leaders In Dubai - 2021

The Current Esports Industry Scenario In India

By: Ishaan Arya, Co-Founder, The Esports Club

Esports continues to grow at a rapid pace in India. What started thanks in large part to the smartphone and 4G revolution in country, turned into a juggernaut with the advent of PUBG Mobile over the past few years. However, despite PUBG's well known


Core Engineering: The Need Of The Hour For A Self-Reliant India

By: Chandra Reddy, CEO, Altran India

Ancient inventions of basic tools, objects and machines like wheels and pulleys laid the foundations of the word `Engineering' as we know it today. Deploying mechanical principles of engineering, our ancestors gave birth to these creations and later,


Navigating The New Normal: How Brands Can Re-Strategise To Create Meaningful Experiences For Consumers

By: Vipin Pungalia, Director - Professional Segment, Sennheiser India

This pandemic has twisted our lives in more ways than we could imagine. The world that is grappling in the health crisis has also severely affected businesses across the world.


The Future Of Performance Management

By: Rohit Hasteer, Group Chro, Housing.Com, Makaan.Com, Proptiger.Com

According to the 2019 Global Performance Management Study by Mercer, only two percent of companies feel their performance management approach delivers exceptional value. Even though there have been significant changes in


The Integration Of Technology With Farming Processes, A Blessing To Agribusinesses

By: Sanjay Borkar, Co-Founder & CEO, Farmerp

Agriculture is the age-old occupation of India. It is a primary source of income for about 60percent of Indians. India is an agrarian economy, and hence, it is also a large contributor (16percent) to the Gross Domestic Product of our country.


Key To Improve Business Margin - `Productivity & Efficiency'

By: Kumar Gaurav, Vice President, Billionsmiles Hospitality

Today, business is evolving, every minute and every second. Consumer demand and consumer perception plays vital role in demand which changes the style of business.

  • Top 10 Growing Indian Business Leaders In Dubai - 2021

    Dubai has seen people build fortune spending and investing money to live a lifestyle imbibed with luxury. Expert stats suggest that only 15 percent of the population is from UAE in Dubai and the remaining are foreigners. From India, people with good English and Hindi/Urdu speaking capability can start a business from scratch. People in Dubai find the business environment protected with world-class security system and limited/nil outside business risks. The government has also made sure with its norms that foreigners are not in trouble while conducting any business. The smart infrastructure of Dubai allows it to offer businesses the authority for expanding business operations and avail solutions such as business evaluation and expansion probability by renowned companies.

    Setting-up a business in Dubai is a lucrative opportunity for profit generation, international business growth and instilling brand reputation. A small and medium business or large company can get the most from Dubai's state-of-the-art infrastructure, strategic location, nearby markets and excellent workforce for turning a potential workforce to a performing startup. Aligning business services and solutions with future growth approaches, businesses get professional assistance from different sources or consulting firms to set company location or any business process.

    The Government of Dubai offers top-notch opportunities for Indians, where with proper documents, a business can be started within three days. This is because of the ingenious business productivity of the international investors by the Indian nationals for the development of business avenues and employment facilities in Dubai. The leaders from India are bestowed plans and skills for business development in Dubai, and in this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, we offer the list of 'Top 10 Growing Indian Business Leaders In Dubai - 2021'. Crafted by a team of international business researchers, industry veterans, CEOs and VCs and the CEO Insights magazine editorial team, this archive offers information about the leadership roles and the inspiring stories of the business leaders in Dubai.

Top 10 Growing Indian Business Leaders In Dubai - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Business Aggregate Aditya Bagree,Director Business Aggregate Aditya has over 10 years of experience in global trade and capital markets, having covered domestic and cross border transactions over 10 Billion USD
Ascentria Alka Malik,Managing Director Ascentria Alka has been associated with Ascentria for over eight years now, and has played a key role in the company's growth & business strategies
Woodlands Energy Services Amit Kumar Mishra,Director & CEO Woodlands Energy Services He has strong technical and commercial understanding of the upstream sector in the Middle East and Asia established through multiple roles in business development and new ventures
Advanta Seeds Bhupen Dubey,Global CEO Advanta Seeds Holding a Bachelor's and Master's degree in Agriculture, he is well known for his industry expertise and is an active member of many professional affiliations
WOW SOLAR GROUP Kunal Seth,Group CEO WOW SOLAR GROUP Holding an MBA from the University of Warwick, Kunal, in his 24-year long career, has handled key responsibilities across an array of companies such as AXA, Intelenet Global Services, IBM, TIM Infratech, and BENEFIT Wellness, to name a few
Ajackus Maulik Bengali,Founder & CTO Ajackus Leadership role in development of agile and accountable technology with disruptive innovation
Harmonizer Manoj Soni,Founder & CEO Harmonizer Delivering success with sustainable growth and profit for 20+ years with business development and international sales skills
Acceleric Niraj Vedwa,Founder & Executive Director Acceleric 34 years' experienced professional with track record of managing P&L, sales, marketing, operations, delivery, M&A, companies and subsidiaries
Finmark Capital Renoy Kundukulam,SEO and Executive Director Finmark Capital For 23+ years contributing to the wealth management business and helping financial institutions to grow
Stallion Group Sunil Vaswani,Group Chairman Stallion Group He is one of the most influential business leaders in Dubai, with vast expertise across diverse business functions

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