Rajib Das: Driving The Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Industry Innovatively Through Large Format Printing | CEOInsights Vendor
Rajib Das: Driving The Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Industry Innovatively Through Large Format Printing

Rajib Das: Driving The Indoor & Outdoor Advertising Industry Innovatively Through Large Format Printing

Rajib Das,   Managing Director

Rajib Das

Managing Director

The Outdoor Advertising industry plays a pivotal role in the world of marketing and branding, captivating audiences with larger-than-life displays and innovative campaigns that leave a lasting impression. In this dynamic landscape, Rajib Das, the Managing Director of Metromedia Technologies, stands out as a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience spanning various facets of advertising. With a career rooted in project architecture, branding, wide-format printing, and marketing, Rajib has been a driving force behind multi crore projects since 1995. In 2007, he embarked on his entrepreneurial journey, establishing businesses across diverse sectors, including Outdoor Advertising, Digital Printing, Retail Branding, F&B, NBFCs, Event Management, Product Launches, and Consulting. His academic foundation includes a Bachelor of Science degree with Major in Economics from Scottish Church College, Calcutta University and later a Post Graduate degree in Management from IISWBM, Calcutta. With his extensive experience and leadership, Rajib Das continues to empower the Outdoor Advertising industry, driving it toward new horizons of success and creativity. Let’s read on to get more insights.

Tell us about your professional journey so far and what motivates your daily routines.
I commenced my professional journey with Standard Chartered Bank and subsequently transitioned to Selvel Advertising. Following my move to Bangalore, I became part of the Indian Operations of Metromedia Technologies USA, at their Electronic City Facility.

In 2007, I took a leap into entrepreneurship alongside my friend Samir, establishing SPECTACULAR MMT. At the outset, our operations were centered in Bangalore, and we later extended our reach to Kolkata.

In 2020, amid the pandemic, we acquired Metromedia Technologies Dubai, which manages operations across the entire GCC region. This entity is integrated within Circle Graphics formally known as Metromedia Technologies USA. At first, steering the company towards growth was a significant challenge, but we ultimately succeeded in setting it on the right trajectory.
My motivation has always centered around freedom, passion, and respect rather than monetary gains. I found satisfaction in accomplishing something significant and witnessing the true value of my beliefs. During my early career, I often believed I could run things more efficiently than the companies I worked for. While I received recognition both domestically and inter nationally, I never had the opportunity to take the reins. It was in 2007, when Metromedia Technologies closed its Indian operations, that we decided to embark on our entrepreneurial journey.

We are also committed to reducing wastage across our projects, thus playing our part, no matter how small, in building a more sustainable future

How do you cultivate an environment of innovation within the company to ensure it harnesses the latest technological trends in the industry?
Our industry thrives on innovative ideas and unconventional thinking. Often, our clients present visionary concepts for advertising displays, and our task is to turn their visions into reality. At MMT, we actively promote a culture of innovation, encouraging our team to generate creative ideas that can bring our clients' vision to life. These ideas are then assessed by supervisors, and the final approach is determined based on their analysis.

Whether an innovation arises from an individual employee or a collective effort, we ensure that it is openly discussed and acknowledged within the organization. If specific ideas cannot be implemented, we communicate this transparently, enabling us to devise future strategies accordingly. This entire process serves as a valuable learning experience for our entire team.

For instance, the 'DAY & NIGHT' concept for backlit displays was born from one such innovative idea and later became a resounding success among our clients.

To sum it up, my immediate team members consistently inspire the broader team to think innovatively, aiming to enhance our workflow and keep us at the forefront of industry trends.

Could you share your leadership philosophy with us? What principles or methodologies guide your approach as a leader?
It is true that Effective leadership isn't a one-size fits-all strategy. Proficient leaders recognize that
different situations demand diverse leadership styles, and they are willing to adjust their approach to address the unique challenges each scenario presents. More over, exceptional leaders are perpetually striving for improvement, acknowledging that leadership represents an ongoing voyage of personal growth and development. Some key principles to consider include leading by example, maintaining clear communication, fostering empowerment, demonstrating adaptability, proficient delegation, emotional intelligence, establishing a clear vision and mission, and committing to continuous learning. Additionally, cultivating empathy and providing support, practicing ethical leadership, setting and measuring goals, resolving conflicts, and, most importantly, building and strengthening teams are essential components of effective leadership.

Where do you see yourself heading in the future?
In the coming years, we are focused on several key objectives. Firstly, we plan to expand our business presence on an international scale. Our goal is to attain financial independence and establish a solid foundation of financial security. We are driven to make a significant impact within our industry by introducing innovative products and services that bring about positive change. Additionally, we aspire to ascend to the status of an industry thought leader and influencer. These are the milestones that guide our future direction.

What are your insights into the future of the market? Considering your industry experience, what advice would you offer to emerging leaders in the field?
While there are ample growth opportunities, obtaining real time data is crucial for setting strategic objectives. Admittedly, acquiring precise data with concrete facts and figures can be challenging, but I would recommend that others remain well-informed. Key recommendations include maintaining adaptability, prioritizing customer needs, seeking novel innovations, monitoring the financial well-being of the organization, establishing a robust professional network, and leveraging failures as learning experiences to foster resilience and growth.

Rajib Das, Managing Director, MetroMedia Technologies MENA
Rajib Das is an experienced professional in Indoor and Outdoor Advertising specialising in Large Format Printing. His proficiency encompasses branding, wide-format printing, and marketing. His entrepreneurial voyage commenced in 2007, and he presently holds the position of Managing Director at Metromedia Technologies Dubai, UAE, Founder Partner of Spectacular MMT, India and Managing Director of Spectacular MMT Digital, India spearheading innovation and setting a standard of excellence in the industry.

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