Regus: The IWG-Brand Taking Your Workplace Aspirations to the Global Level

Regus: The IWG-Brand Taking Your Workplace Aspirations to the Global Level

Harsh Lambah ,Country Manager - IWG

Harsh Lambah

Country Manager - IWG

A country with the second largest labor force in the world, India is smart in its very ethos of workmanship. We don’t remain immune to even the breezes of progress, which is why having started with startups, co-working model has increasingly made it to the mainstream. A report by real estate firm CBRE divulges that co-working companies would take up almost 10 million sq.ft.of office space in India by 2020. The case is no different in other parts of the world.

Carving a niche for itself at the helm of this burgeoning global market is IWG Plc (LSE: IWG.L, Market Cap: GBP 2.163 billion) - one of the world’s largest providers of flexible workspace solutions, which boast of a prestigious customer ecosystem encompassing some of the most successful entrepreneurs, individuals and multi-billion-dollar corporations. IWG’s (Est. in 1989) network includes almost 3000 business centers, spanning across 900 cities in 120 countries. In India, with 110 workspaces across 16 cities under its two brands - Spaces and Regus, this global giant is one of the national leaders. Credit goes to its wide range of office formats and price points that ensure there is something for every business’ need. IWG further consolidates its offerings with its growing mobile, virtual office, and workplace recovery businesses.

Today, Regus& Spaces look forward to more region-centric innovations and new avenues for growth in India, marshaled by Harsh Lambah (Country Manager, IWG), who achieved masters in both political science (from Osmania University) as well as business administration (from Indiana University), before a massing a matchless experience of close to three decades. Joined IWG in 2014, Harsh today plays an instrumental role in taking the organization towards future with his prodigious experience and multitasking abilities including identifying talents and building & managing
exceptionally responsible teams, as well as risk acceptance. CEO Insights indulges in an exclusive interaction with Harsh.

What are the diverse parameters you consider while facilitating workplaces for startups as well as mega-corps?
Our unparalleled global network of infrastructure is designed to support every opportunity of businesses. We provide workplace solutions including scalable, flexible, & outsourced office space, meeting rooms, disaster recovery, tele-presence, video conferencing, executive suites, business lounges, co-working spaces, and much more, wherein they need no CapEx to operate anywhere and fully outsource their portfolio. Designed to enhance productivity and connect 2.5 million like-minded professionals, it’s an instant global community and a place to belong.
"Designed to enhance productivity and connect 2.5 million like-minded professionals, it’s an instant global community and a place to belong"

How do you ensure the security of data and safety of members in the ecosystem, especially while catering to disparate geographies?
Over the years, we have set benchmarks in health safety as well as IT standards in the industry, enabling our customers a seamless workspace with global standards – whether they are in Mumbai, Barcelona or Milan. Our proprietary IT network connects our customers, consolidates the safety features, and thus ensures that they are stress-free during their journey with us.

All our workspaces are fully compliant with the health & safety requirements of all the large companies in the world, as well as local regulations. Customers can just bring their laptops in and focus on their business.

What opportunities do you foresee in the current industry and what are your strategies to make Regus leverage the best out of that?
According to Statista Dossier, the number of co-working spaces across the globe has grown by 3,050 percent (from 600 to 18,900 centers) since 2010, while the number of people working in these facilities has exploded by close to 8,000 percent - growing from 21,000 to 1.7 million seats in the same period. The key to flexible working is convenience, so IWG is open wherever our growing members (2.1 million memberships thus far) need support. This can be city centers, suburban districts, shopping centers & retail outlets,
railway stations, universities, motorway service stations or even community centers. With our brands including Regus, Regus Express, Signature Group, Open Office, Spaces and Kora within our group, we offer anything from traditional offices to vibrant creative environments that foster creative thinking, collaboration, and networking opportunities.

Innovation is the sustainable fuel in a niche industry like co-working space. What kind of innovation/up-gradation is currently happening in your organization?
The reason IWG has been successful and a pioneer in the industry is because we are constantly watching the trends and emerging. We have constantly adapted the design palate & layout of our workspaces in line with the latest trends, and most importantly, according to the feedback we get from our customers across the globe. This ascertains being at the cutting-edge of design and innovation.

What is the future roadmap set for IWG? How are you updating yourself with the latest technologies/industry trends to make Regus reach its future goals?
We envision doubling the number of ‘Spaces’ (currently six), which was launched in India last year, alongside planning to bring in other brands as well. We are focused on driving our network growth globally. In India, the plan is to double our network in the next 36 to 48 months and open our workspaces in new cities. We are the global leaders and pioneers, which make us committed and determined in staying ahead of the curve by redefining the world of workmanship.

Key Management:
Mark Dixon, CEO
Mark is one of the Europe’s best known entrepreneurs. Since founding Regus, he has achieved a formidable reputation for leadership and innovation.

Harsh Lambah, Country Manager, IWG
Harsh holds Master’s degree in both Political Science & Business Administration. Joined the company in 2014, he formerly has played a pivotal role in setting up & building business for organizations like Western Union and Moneygram across South Asia.

Headquarter: Mumbai

Offering: Working & Co-Working Space

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