The Executive Centre: Creating World-Class Office Spaces with Meticulous Attention & Long-Standing Experience

The Executive Centre: Creating World-Class Office Spaces with Meticulous Attention & Long-Standing Experience

Nidhi Marwah, MD - Global Accounts

Nidhi Marwah

MD - Global Accounts

Anticipating the vagaries in the world, majority of the companies are exploring the best ways to establish an alternative workplace, precisely a flexible co-working space that can spark ideas of disruption and innovation among the professional minds. In fact, not a single enterprise would fail to miss out on any of these aspects – right from the space requirements, the level of comfort from the chair you are seated, ambience that promotes work efficiency, enriched workplace ergonomics to piquant cafeterias in less proximity. Being meticulous in enlivening these aspects, The Executive Centre (TEC) demarcates as Asia’s third largest premium serviced office providers that creates personalized yet beautiful and luxurious workplaces in tune with each employee’s preference and work efficiency. TEC even pays attention to the minutest details like placing the phone on the left side of the desk for a left-handed employee, sending a bouquet to the employee’s spouse on their wedding anniversary, or anything that the client wished for.

Despite its inception in 1994, the firm has been seamlessly adapting to the emerging industry trends in order to develop co-working spaces that go beyond the strands of the traditional serviced offices and enthral people in every possible way. TEC has indeed grown by leaps and bounds under the reign of Nidhi Marwah Dhawan (Managing Director - South Asia & GCC, TEC) who stood as the linchpin behind the launch of around 20 world-class business centres so far, across the best locations of India and Colombo. Hailing from a family with army background, Nidhi has always ensured to transform her attributes of discipline, teamwork, solacing during distress and many more into accomplishing business deals for TEC. So far TEC has unveiled over 125+ centres spanning to two million sq. ft. area in 30 cities and
13 countries across Greater China, Southeast Asia, North Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and the Middle East. Read the following excerpts mustered from an exclusive conversation of Nidhi with CEO Insights that can intrigue you on the competence of TEC in creating exceptional office spaces for all businesses.

Kindly shed some light on TEC’s differential factors that are nudging it towards the path of success from the time of establishment.
As true wisdom comes from experience, it is our 25 years of experience that handheld us through our each step at TEC in metamorphosing clients’ dreams into reality. Weaving insights and feedbacks not just from professionals across our in-house team but also from the members of our clients for multiple years, each one of us at TEC have gained versatile experience. Our team is certainly our biggest strength, wherein each member has stayed with us from the beginning of their tenure till date and grown substantially across diverse aspects. Be it conforming to the unfolding industrial trends, learning from each phase of work or accepting feedbacks with a positive attitude, our team has left no stone unturned and never lost even a slightest nuance of the happiness quotient. Hence, clients always had huge trust in working with us because of being associated with familiar faces each time they stepped into TEC.

Could you walk us through the services of your firm and also the amenities offered at your office spaces?
Regardless of the buoyant market and huge influx of clients’ demands, we always pledge to establish office spaces that make them feel at home. We are pre-eminent in developing bespoke workspaces, private, remote and co-working spaces, furnished with meeting, conference facilities and a gamut of business concierge services, that can transform your pursuits into fruitions. A quiet room for an interview or to brainstorm alone, a huddle room to have a long discussion or a beautiful cafeteria to work; we provide you all the services with the best standards while you can pick anything of your mood or choice or priority.

It is all plug & play services we offer to clients at our office spaces (individual capacity of 400 seats) to
keep you highly efficient, productive and happy after all. Once you step into our world-class office setups anywhere across the globe, you can go live immediately with either your laptop while we ensure to cater to all your demands. Right from sipping tea or coffee at your desk, choosing the lunch of your taste to booking your train ticket, we deliver you the best of all and support you round the clock in attaining your business goals. We stay prepared and agile all the time to handle all sorts of situations through our setups with fire-rated doors to our IT team resolving laptop issues.

How do you and your employees at TEC ensure to keep a seamless track of the market dynamics?
While staying abreast of the innovations in the industry by interacting with business magnates, I assure to communicate about the same with the team heads at TEC who in turn assist their members. On the other hand, each member at TEC has grown a lot both personally and professionally by being aware of what really is beneficial in reaching their goals. To connect people and let them work with each other, we are continuously building comprehensive communal spaces and networking systems. We will also be launching an upgraded version of ‘My TEC’, our community application that will allow any member at TEC to connect with any of his/her peer across the globe. Adapting to market dynamics, we sail forward in a flexible manner to address the most pressing demands of our clients in less time while never diluting any of our age-old strengths.

Key Management:
Nidhi Marwah Dhawan, Managing Director - South Asia & GCC
An agile and proficient leader, Nidhi supervises the operations at TEC in developing premium office spaces with classy interiors yet an ambience of genuine hospitality.

•Enterprise Solutions
•Private Workspace
•Remote Workspace
•Business Concierge
•Meeting & Conferences

Offices: Greater China, Southeast Asia, North Asia, India, Sri Lanka, Middle East & Australia

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