Sachin Garg: A Fintech Savant Advancing The Best Loan Services

Sachin Garg: A Fintech Savant Advancing The Best Loan Services

Sachin Garg,FounderThe modern world gave rise to the greatest amalgamation of the two most important constituents of the business industry ­ finance and technology, which actuated the innovation of a digital innovation known as the financial technology or fintech. These new tech and processes have improved and automated the administration and utilization of financial services. In the recent times, fintech has been assisting businesses and the common man to have a better grasp over their financial dealings. Owing to its efficacies and advantageousness, the exponential growth in the Fintech space enabled it to be counted among the leading sectors that are extremely valued by the investors and the finance industry, making it $140 billion industry by the year 2023.

Sachin Garg, an innovative and passionate business-man found this remunerative aspect of the domain immensely appealing. His complex knowledge of the business, finance and technology sectors made things quite clearer and kindled him to set the cornerstone of a fintech App, CrediMe that serves his objective of offering fast, easy and affordable loan to the salaried, self-employed, freelancers and others who are in need of some quick money. The predominant function of the company as a personal loan app is to contemplate over and make the process of acquiring loans simple, accessible and quick. The loan seeker can get the loan approved in minutes and the funds are immediately disbursed to the bank account of the borrowers, which they can use for any purpose they want.

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Sachin apprises us about the role and purpose of Financial Technology firms, highlighting his own contributions to make financial practices elementary and trouble-free. The following are the key highlights of the interactions we had with him.

Brief us about your adroit
professionalism and an exuberant entrepreneurship that constituted the foundation of such impressive leadership?
I have walked the business world for two decades now and each day gave me the opportunity to come across something new. I have worked in various verticals for both well-established companies and startups. These all-pervading experiences apprised me about the different requisites of businesses. In every role I played, I moulded effective feather-bed solutions. This interest and versatility has been my strength and inspiration to initiate concerns of my own, and I have availed each and every protean to construct the foundation of entrepreneurial journey.

Through this venture, I have given shape to my end-in-view, which was to simplify and at the same time make financial technology available to each and every one

Availing the knowledge I gained from my academics and the experience I earned in the Fintech space, I architected the functioning of my latest venture CrediMe. Giving thoughts to the role this plat-form is to play in the ecosystem and the targeted audience, I have designed the app's functionality to be facile and operative on smartphones. Through this venture, I have given shape to my end-in-view, which was to simplify and at the same time make financial technology available to each and every one. This purpose incited me to introduce a simple and fast medium to obtain loans, equipping people with an indubitably trustworthy and hassle-free loan services at the touch of a button, at anytime and anywhere.

What special strategy have you observed in order to keep your firm efficient and secure?
I keep the firm efficient by keeping a very lean, high-performance team and an excellent work culture. For our operations team, we have benchmarks that they need to follow, while at the same time, we have a very employee friendly environment.

Since the time trade and commerce took to the online shift, the data is at high vulnerability. This obligation has propelled me to think deeply about building a platform that can set new bars in terms of efficiency
and customer data security. And to shield their valuable information from any kind of infiltration, I have called for security protocols that keep all of the customers' information completely safe and secure. For better data security, I made sure that we used third-party products that are reliable and also use the most trustable security protocols. It is these fast and efficient attributes that enables us to stand-out from the pack and be recognised as the leading Fintech firm in the India.

What game plan do you usually observe to benefit the business?
A lean & adroit team, effective team-work and a positive work environment is the bedrock of a successful venture. And this is the technique I have implemented to drive my startups to gain momentum in their specific domains, including CrediMe. As the Founder and CEO of the company, I am very particular about the hiring and the formation of the team; simultaneously, I confer equal opportunity, responsibility and create a competitive environment to stimulate innovation within all the team members. This has helped the business experience a steady growth and made us the fastest growing lending company in India in a short span of six months.

‘Staying hungry, Staying foolish' is a great mantra from Steve Jobs that I follow. I am always enthused to learn new things and upgrade my knowledge with the latest trends and developments in consumer behaviour. I also encourage my staff to match pace with the new-fangled products and approaches. This school of thought has derived fruitful results for my company, and I aspire to continue to use this theory in future to reach new pinnacles of success and make substantial contribution in the fintech sector.

Sachin Garg, Founder & CEO, CrediMe
Having gained over 18 years of professional experience, Sachin has worked for numerous industries, varying from e-Commerce to fintech. He has worked in four different countries and obtained an MBA from Yale University, US. His academic knowledge and experience as an entrepreneur and a global professional has helped him craft innovative products and incited him to create felicitous businesses. He has also successfully invested in other startups.

Offerings: Salary advance and short-term instant personal loans
Headquarter: Bengaluru

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