Ramkumar Thirumurthi: A Zealous Entrepreneur Dedicated To Deliver The Best Fintech Solutions

Ramkumar Thirumurthi: A Zealous Entrepreneur Dedicated To Deliver The Best Fintech Solutions

Ramkumar Thirumurthi,Founder & CEOAlthough a relatively new sec-tor, the Indian Financial Technology (fintech) ecosystem is the third largest in the world. With investments worth $6 billion already made in past few years towards the development of this industry, market for fintech is expected to grow to the tune of $31 billion by year end 2020. A large market base, innovation-driven startup landscape, and friendly government policies are key factors skyrocketing the fintech cause in India. Furthermore, foreign investments in fintech-focused startup accelerators & incubators are responsible for an extensive proliferation of startups & MSMEs catering to the sector.

Ramkumar Thirumurthi, Founder & CEO, Autolytics Technology, is a polymath with widespread expertise in various facets of the fintech industry. Starting his career in 1997 as a sales executive, he carved-out the corporate finance division for his firm within just three months of joining. In a matter of just nine months, he took-over the reins of his employer's entire business, escalating it to greater heights. A serial entrepreneur, he is credited with the ideation of several fintech startups including Pinnacle India (1998), Enterprise Marketing Solutions (2006), and Advetaya Business Consultant (2016).

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Ramkumar reveals what it really means to be a Financial Technology CEO. The following are the key high-lights of the interactions we had with him.
How has your extensive experience been aiding you in shaping your leadership journey?
My professional & entrepreneurial journey has taught me several valuable lessons besides sharpening my skillsets. Business ideas succeed only when the time is right and there is a critical market need. Failure of an idea/venture is not the end of the story for an entrepreneur. And entrepreneur-ship, which gives the power to generate wealth for others, ought to be enjoyed. Implementing these life lessons while curating effective business modules for my firm has contributed a great deal in generating efficient and effective outputs.

My work with FIs coupled with focus on MSME segment has empowered me with intricate insights into business dynamics

I personally believe that technology is an enabler for businesses. If one is crystal clear about business ideas, it can skyrocket enterprises into a completely different orbit. My work with FIs coupled with focus on MSME segment has empowered me with intricate insights into business dynamics. Besides this, it has bestowed upon me success and recognition which keeps me motivated to keep coming-up with afford-able and appropriate technology support solutions, which could be useful to them without disturbing their routine.

Acquaint us with the way you chalk-out efficient business modules for your firm?
It is a fact that only businesses with well-defined/proper structure sustain. We at Autolytics Technology ensure developing effective business modules through solutions addressing consumer pain points. Interactions with Business Leaders and brainstorming with team members renders us with competitive edge required for the purpose. Organised functioning and
reverence to business vision guides my course of action.

Strategic business alignment with key stakeholders who are in sync with company's vision is our only way to success. It is essential for us that clients see the transformation that technology brings to their eco-system, for it is their smiling faces that is our measure of efficiency.

Please throw some light on the skills you consider unique to yourself.
I am a zealous entrepreneur, high on ethics, integrity and knowledge of the financial industry. As such, I value persistence, right attitude, and team building as my topmost skillsets. Time & again, I have proven my capabilities to build business from scratch. Setting appropriate processes to scale-up, guiding teams and bringing extraordinary focus on execution are some of my other leadership skills.

Inner spiritual strength with Divine blessings have guided me in this journey. My wife has been an unstinting support throughout the journey.

How do you stay updated with the latest technological trends in the fintech sector?
Extensive reading helps me stay abreast on the latest industry trends. Fortunately, Raghu Venkat, our Co-Founder, is a tech wizard and a great story teller. Learning from him is a wonder, as he breaks-down the complicated concepts for me, enabling us to align business vision within a technology framework. Seminars, conferences, and mentorship programs are also helpful in this regard.

Ramkumar Thirumurthi, Founder & CEO, Autolytics Technology (Actyv)
Ramkumar is a serial entrepreneur & business leader with over 20 years of experience in scaling multiple companies and consistently building great teams predominantly in the financial services space.

Offerings: Financial Technology Services ­ Neobanking, and Insurance
Headquarters: Bangalore

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