• Ashish Jindal, Co-Founder

    Ashish Jindal, Co-Founder

  • The growing adoption curve of digital payments hit me hard as a tangible revolution when Hashim bhai, who sells fruits and vegetables on his cart in our neighborhood as long as I can remember, recently started accepting digital payments. He truly represents a paradigm shift subject to almost all the segments of society. According to data from the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), digital transactions in India increased by 55 percent last year, compared with 48 percent in China and 23 percent in Indonesia. As we continue to reap the harvest of 2016’s demonetization, the corporate realm is at the forefront, leveraging it through reinforcing Prepaid Financial Services (PFS) with more advanced prepaid expense cards and digital wallets as a solution to recurring payments like employee incentives and benefits. While it provides the employers with an opportunity to cut costs on processing payroll,

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Top 10 Financial Technology CEOs - 2020

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  • Top 10 Financial Technology CEOs - 2020

    The world is moving towards being highly tech-driven post this pandemic. However, sectors like finance has always been skeptical about integrating technology in every aspect of their offerings. But in such times, every business is adapting technology to ensure seamless internal (within organization) and external (to customers) service without any disruption. Hence as the need of financial technology is picking up pace, the global market for fintech is expected to amount to $305 billion by 2025. The role of fintech companies have become more crucial in such times as they have to not just ensure that the services are seamless but also that its leakproof with no space for cyberattackers/hackers to even peep in your financials. There is a constant increase in the use of technologies like block chain to ensure better security and operational efficiency. Hence fintech CEOs need to act as superhero who knows exactly how to tackle the villains while providing peaceful nights to the customers. Looking at the need of the hour, CEO Insights Magazine scrutinized several CEOs from the financial industry along with a panel of experts from the industry to shortlist them. Post a detailed due diligence, the team interacted with them, and brings to you the story of some of these fintech experts in ‘Top 10 Financial Technology CEOs ­ 2020', who are changing the face of finance sector in the most positive say.

Top 10 Financial Technology CEOs - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Linedata Anvaraly Jiva,Founder & CEO Linedata He drives the group's strategy and is building the future of the global financial industry through his years of industry experience
iMoney Wallet Ashish Jindal,Co-Founder iMoney Wallet Possesses over two decades of experience in entrepreneurship, management, business planning, financial analysis, software engineering, operations, and decision analysis. He has mastered the ability to quickly understand entrepreneurs' businesses and craft the most suitable solutions
Mercatus Haresh Patel,CEO Mercatus A visionary leader, he is been the former SVP of three public companies and has the impeccable record of successfully navigating through complex growth markets
Agile Financial Technologies Kalpesh Desai,Founder & CEO Agile Financial Technologies Has over two decades of experience as a techno-commercial executive having held multiple roles in product development, operations management, sales and marketing management and general management
Pine Labs Lokvir Kapoor,CEO Pine Labs Has over 25 years of diverse experience in identifying new opportunities, setting goals and strategies, and building teams to spearhead various initiatives
 InnovationM Manish Seth,Co-Founder & CEO InnovationM The chief mentor and strategist for all tech-related efforts within the company, he provides strategic direction to the firm in terms of focus areas and competencies in various technologies
Aartha Manish Sharma,CEO Aartha An accomplished leader in IT industry with over 25 years of experience across the globe, he is passionate about technology trends, building teams and order out of chaos
Autolytics Technology Ramkumar Thirumurthi,Founder & CEO Autolytics Technology A serial entrepreneur with a widespread professional experience in the fintech sector and zeal to deliver efficient products capable of effectively addressing customer pain points
Credime Sachin Garg,Founder Credime An innovative and passionate business man, he has complex knowledge of the technology and finance sector
Renovite Viren Rana,CEO Renovite With phenomenal experiences in the payments domain, he outshines as a successful serial entrepreneur and technology veteran taking the Cloud-Native payment processing technology to newer heights

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