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  • Issa Al Hashimi, CEO

    Issa Al Hashimi, CEO

  • Digital technologies have advanced more rapidly than any innovation in history. It has enhanced connectivity, financial inclusion, access to trade, public services and in the healthcare sector, AI enabled frontier technologies are helping to save millions of lives on a daily basis. While technology is at the heart of any digital system, the related transformations cannot be viewed purely through a technological lens. Though, digital transformation, over the past few years, has become important for organizations to stay relevant, and this phenomenon should also be viewed through the lens of sustainability, as it is deeply embedded in the societal context. Therefore, it is necessary for organizations to take sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility into account while strategizing their digitalization roadmap. Issa Al Hashimi, CEO, LIRDigital, understanding the need to address the challenges, established LIRDigital to offer sustainable digital solutions across diverse industries.

  • Issaal Hashimi: Offer Sustainable Digital Solutions Across Multiple Domains

Cyber security Skilling Programme In India Launched By Microsoft

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Microsoft launched a cybersecurity skilling programme that aims to skill over one lakh learners by 2022 so as to address the skills gap and empower India's workforce for bright career in digital security. The programme is designed to give learners

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Kotak Mahindra bank has opened its doors to the crypto market and has become the first bank in India to do business with on one of the major crypto exchanges Wazir X after 8 months of months of payment freeze by major banks. The

Top 10 CEOs in Abu Dhabi - 2021

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BSE signed a MoU with HBF Direct Ltd, so that it can encourage listing of MSMEs across India. Through this HBF Direct Ltd shall assist BSE where it can evaluate SMEs and also refer curated ones for listing on the platform. Also, they will host joint


Expectations from UI/UX startups in India's digital journey to financial inclusion

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As per estimates there is up to 10 percent penetration in exposure to financial market against an average of 90 percent in developed economies. This can be attributed to the weak financial literacy


How Today's Digital Economy Has Transformed For Industries & Organisations Operate

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The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030, the global workforce will need to reskill over 1 billion people due to the technological transformation that's happening as part of the


Transforming Digital Process Automation during New Normal

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The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the value of IT and digital transformation across industries and businesses


Change - The Only Constant

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The Sales Force Automation, abbreviated as SFA, refers to the technique wherein the software is used to automate the business tasks such as inventory control system, account management, process management, contact management,


Core Engineering: The Need of the Hour for a Self-Reliant India

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Ancient inventions of basic tools, objects and machines like wheels and pulleys laid the foundations of the word `Engineering' as we know it today. Deploying mechanical principles


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In these unprecedented times, can the financial managers draw lessons from an analogous environment that practices risk management actively and where the risk mitigation initiatives


Five Ways For SMES To Improve Their Environmental Sustainability

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Research has shown that even now, SMEs are lagging behind when it comes to ecofriendly technology. In fact, just 24 percent of them are

  • Top 10 CEOs in Abu Dhabi - 2021

    Abu Dhabi, an emirate in one of the prosperous countries in the world, is well known for its oil reserves and open policies for conducting business. It is the capital and largest emirate in the UAE. Over the last few years, emirates have been concentrating on making alternative sources of their economy strong, as the world has started shifting to alternative sources of fuels. In the past few decades, Abu Dhabi has grown to a dynamic hub and a major player in numerous business and industrial areas. Being one of the fastest growing business and industrial centers in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East region has made Abu Dhabi a hub for foreign investment and its steady and wealthy economy.

    It is the central point of world trade and commerce. From Abu Dhabi, one could access markets in Africa, Asia, Southern & Eastern Europe, and the Middle East. Due to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, Abu Dhabi has become a major international centre of business activity. Tax benefits are another attractive side of doing business in Abu Dhabi.

    Further, the government is promoting the business, entrepreneurship and foreign investment widely. Abu Dhabi is trying to embrace the economy of future by increasing research & development activities and strengthening the role of private sector. It is also attracting more number of students and offering long term visas to investors and entrepreneurs as a part of 'Thrive in Abu Dhabi' campaign. The economy is expected to expand by 6-8 percent over next two years, owing to the returns from oil sector, financial services, government spending and foreign investment. By 2030, the emirate aims to have a sustainable economy that is not dependent on oil & gas sector.

    In this issue of CEO Insights, we bring you a list of 'Top 10 CEOs in Abu Dhabi - 2021' who have contributed to the economic development of the country. The list has been crafted by a team of CEOs, VCs and the CEO Insights editorial board, thus delivering inspiring stories of their journey and the contributions & roles played by them in the creation and empowerment of a powerful nation.

Top 10 CEOs in Abu Dhabi - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
TRANSCO Afif Saif Al Yafei, CEO TRANSCO An energy industry experienced professional with 18+ years success in various leadership roles within the oil & gas and utilities sector
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Dr. Al Jaber,Group CEO Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Spearheading comprehensive transformation of the company with directive leadership in pioneering renewable energy initiative for 7+ years
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Alaa Mohammed Atta Khalil Eraiqat,Group CEO Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank Board member of the bank, Alaa helps in business progress of the bank in expansion of financial strategies and execution
Agthia Group Alan Smith,CEO Agthia Group Helps in food & beverage business progress of the company with 19+ years of experience in strategic initiatives, including business turnarounds, divestitures, new markets and manu facturing plants
Abu Dhabi Precast Antony Karlson,CEO Abu Dhabi Precast Responsible for financial development and strategies of pointing to private banking and providing operations nationally and East & Central regions
SAKA Group Ashfaq Ahmed Saka,Group CEO SAKA Group Renowned for revolutionizing the HVAC industry with high profile services to the clients and is an excellent entrepreneur with 25+ years of experience in HVAC in Middle East region
LIRDigital Issa Al Hashimi,CEO LIRDigital An impressive leader who has a postgraduate degree in Aeronautical Science and Management, he aims to provide software solutions across healthcare, e-Commerce, education, and fintech
Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company Mohamed Hassan Alsuwaidi,CEO Abu Dhabi Developmental Holding Company Contributing as an alternate board member of EGA with serving expereince in diverse technical challenges and projects management areas
Global Catering Services Rabih Daher,CEO Global Catering Services A passionate food lover who provides world-class services to his consumers, according to their need and choice of cuisine, while ensuring intact quality of food
Abu Dhabi National Hotels Khalid Anib,CEO Abu Dhabi National Hotels An excellent skilled professional with qualities of leadership and achievements in hotel management & hospitality

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