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Sam Ramasamy: The Quintessence of an Executive Leader in Public Safety Software Domain

Sam Ramasamy: The Quintessence of an Executive Leader in Public Safety Software Domain

Sam Ramasamy,President & CEO

Sam Ramasamy

President & CEO

With 30 years of executive leadership expertise in the crucial public safety software industry, Sam Ramasamy laid the foundation of ProPhoenix in 2003 with insights on seamlessly creating innovative solutions that offer the best value to all customers. After serving a long tenure as Vice President of Engineering at DM Data (a public safety software solutions provider), Sam's only mission at ProPhoenix is to produce responsive, top-notch, feature-rich, fully integrated and intelligence-driven Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) applications for a wide range of clients at affordable prices.

Sam ensures that all ProPhoenix products and services are developed and offered exclusively by his employees, without the inclusion of subcontractors, to a wide range of law enforcement agencies, communication centres, fire/EMS, and correctional institutions. Read the following excerpts of an exclusive conversation of Sam with CEO Insights to get a brief overview about his proficiency that escalated ProPhoenix to the apex of its career.

Kindly explain your role in developing the essential model, processes and tools for the creation of superior quality products.
First, we are proud to never have been acquired, sold, or merged with another company, which is quite unusual in the public safety software space. To carry-out all our public safety operations, we deploy an efficient software development model and numerous agile processes. This software development model leverages small and highly collaborative teams built of former public safety employees, experienced engineers, architects with Microsoft .net expertise, talented developers, QA personnel, and professional services staff, all of whom I hired personal. Moreover, we commingle the support, technical, and subject matter
expertise of our American operations with the efficient and cost effective software engineering of our global operations.

We also employ the latest communication tools enhancing effective collaboration over long distances and varying time zones, as well as requisite public safety software, to produce uninterrupted products to our clients. Throughout the process, I am committed to overseeing both the development of products and the growth of my company.

What are the pivotal attributes about your solutions that distinguish your products from that of the competition?
With an understanding of officer and citizen safety, we have integrated all our products into our systems to provide maximum information about the person, place, and vehicles associated with an accident to personnel in the field /street as well as at the station. To further reduce on administrative data entry time, we have embedded innovative interface designs into our systems, which eliminate duplicate entries of data. Especially for few furnish personnel away from the station with smartphones and tablets with affordable cloud resources and applications to carry-out the analytics of the incident.

We propose site licensing and all -inclusive pricing to assist agencies with budgeting and reduce extra/hidden costs pertaining to Government bidding proposals. We also decrease the annual costs to our customers preventing the need for multiple products and vendors by providing a comprehensive list of modules and functions. On the whole, I always ensure that each service or solution we deliver is enriched with proper intelligence coupled with pattern, prediction, and trends to save lives.

Could you cast some light on the way you approach and address the demands from customers?
Receiving a steady stream of enhancement requests from our customers, we first consult with our subject-matter experts to fully comprehend the need for the new functionality. Then we explore its suitability with our current products, and accordingly design the appropriate screens. Following the completion of programming, the new functionality is tested thoroughly in our QA center from a technical standpoint, and then with
users from a user perspective. Should any issues arise, the development process is amended until the function is fit enough to be incorporated into the customers’ products. These enhancements are further unveiled at our annual users’ conference, where representatives of our customers assemble for advanced training, introduction of new products, and networking with other customers. Moreover, I work with our development teams to provide the necessary tools and integration within our applications to minimize manpower requirements, while still satisfying the emerging public and Government demands.

How do you cope-up with the unfolding industry trends and stay ahead of the burgeoning competition?
Besides constantly monitoring industry trends and embracing the guidance from many organizations in terms of the growth and maturity of our product lines, we attend an annual meeting with our users to garner their feedback and duly plan our next initiatives. A clear and concise strategic plan for controlled growth of the company and its products, a customer-centric philosophy, the most efficient and effective lean business model, seamless learning of innovations and constant infusion of the industry and market trends into the development process help me in uplifting my firm way ahead of the competition.

Key Management:
Sam Ramasamy, President & CEO
Holding an Electronics & Communication Engineering degree from MIT-India, as well as Bachelor of Science in Physics from Madras University, Sam sowed the seeds of his firm, ProPhoenix, to channel his mastery in the public safety software industry into framing intelligent products and services.

Offices: Moorestown, New Jersey(HQ),Brookfield & Chennai

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• Fire Records Management System
• Police & Fire Citizen Services Program
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