Sherlyn Oommen: An Eminent Leader Of The Indian Shipping And Logistics Domain

Sherlyn Oommen: An Eminent Leader Of The Indian Shipping And Logistics Domain

Sherlyn Oommen,Founder & Managing Director

Sherlyn Oommen

Founder & Managing Director

Although the 21stcentury has opened a lot of doors for women by enabling them to pursue their dreams, the trails of doubts and questions never stop following them. Not submitting to the patriarchal norms of the society, few women leaders have managed to stand apart in the industry owing to their distinctiveness and Sherlyn Oommen is one of them. Managing the operational flexibilities of five companies seamlessly and simultaneously, Sherlyn Oommen is living her dream as a successful businesswoman.

Regarded as one of the top leaders of the logistic industry, Sherlyn Oommen is pragmatically involved in exploring the borders of the shipping and logistic domain through her unique venture Allseas Global Logistics. Established in 2010 as a complete service-provider across the shipping, logistics & transport verticals, Allseas Global has been offering the full range of logistic services including import and export services, customs clearances, trucking, barging, transhipments for all types of cargos and more.

Engaging in an exclusive conversation with CEO Insights, Sherlyn Oommen reveals her exceptional expedition as an eminent leader of the Indian Shipping and logistics domain.

Along with your educational and professional background, tell us about your entrepreneurial journey so far.
Coming from business-oriented family background, I can adhere to the fact that my passion for creating my own identity in the business world has come true owing to my dedication and endless support of my family. After completing my B. Com, I did my business
development professional graduation from Narottam Morarjee Institute of Shipping. Starting my own company had always been my dream and belonging from a family of Entrepreneurs gave me a push to pursue it diligently.

All Seas Global was my first company which was established in 2010 owing to my prolific industrial expertise and experience. It's an International freight forwarding company, mainly focused on Global Supply Chain Management. Later I co-founded WATBITS in 2015, again an international freight forwarding company, followed by my IT firm PROTECHMANIZE SOLUTIONS in 2018. To fulfill my dream of helping the underprivileged, my NGO AROH - A Ray Of Hope is invested for the people who are deprived of the basic necessities in their life.

Being an efficacious corporate professional, i involve myself across all the levels of my company as per the demand of the situation and play accordingly

Being the founder of Allseas Global Logistics, what are the various roles and responsibilities played by you within the company?
I started as a one-man army without any financial or moral support. Starting with less than 25 staff, I have managed to own 200 staff at present to help me run five companies under the banner of Udaan Group of Companies. Being an efficacious corporate professional, I involve myself across all the levels of my company as per the demand of the situation and play accordingly. I divide my attention equally between all my firms and by maintaining a cordial relationship with the team members I manage to roll smoothly in the industry.

What are the strategies implemented by you to ensure the efficient management of your company?
In the shipping and logistics industry, supply management is considered one of the key factors. Starting from manufacturing to the shipment of cargos, everything revolves around the supply
management as going to the end consumers the price of the goods is subjected to inflation and deflation depending on that. Our motto is to reduce the cost value by automatically reducing the transportation cost which is the major concern of our consumers. Frankly speaking, our motto has always been less profit and more sales owing to which we entertain a good and loyal client base. They know that when they use the cargo, they not only get those at competitive pricing but it reaches safely to the them.

How has your family supported and inspired you throughout your career?
My family plays a major role in my life. Bing a businesswoman sometimes I have to sacrifice my time along with my roles as a mother, wife, daughter and daughter-in-law. I am lucky to have my family as my backup who have supported me through thick and thin. They are like a blessing to me and without their support, I would not have been able to achieve so much. Being a businessman and in the same industry, my husband always motivates me whenever I go through my lows. My kid understands my responsibilities and supports me endlessly to achieve my goals and objectives as a successful industry leader.

Sherlyn Oommen, Founder And Managing Director, Allseas Global Logistics
An entrepreneur at heart, Sherlyn Oommen is an experienced Managing Director with a demonstrated history of over a decade working in the logistics and supply chain industry. Managing five companies simultaneously, she playsherrole in contributing to the needy by actively volunteering to NGOs. Emerging as a new age woman leader of remarkable persona, Sherlyn is renovating the shipping and logistic domain owing to her technical expertise across Supply Chain Management, Global Logistics, Customer Support & Services, Sales and Marketing Management and more.

Hobby: Travelling and reading books
Favourite Cuisine: Italian and Chinese

Awards and Recognition: Best Woman Entrepreneur Award and Perfect Achievers Award by Perfect Woman

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