Shubhabrata Samantaray: Pioneering World's 1st Ai System Enabling Urban Sustainability & Environmental Justice | CEOInsights Vendor
Shubhabrata Samantaray: Pioneering World's 1st Ai System Enabling Urban Sustainability & Environmental Justice

Shubhabrata Samantaray: Pioneering World's 1st Ai System Enabling Urban Sustainability & Environmental Justice

Shubhabrata Samantaray,   Founder & CEO

Shubhabrata Samantaray

Founder & CEO

Shubhabrata Samantaray is the founder of Enheroes, Asia's first Deeptech Impact Startup to build a prototype of the world's first Carbon Neutral Super Kit to assist enterprises in championing sustainability and empowering the geoenergy professional community. Under his leadership, Enheroes has built a foundation of a revolutionary Carbon Neutral Tech Summit Platform & Digital Twin Super University to drive sustainability awareness across Geo-Energy corporates & executives. He has been instrumental in the signing of an MoU between IIT(ISM) Dhanbad, A premier tech institution in India & Enheroes to build an industry academic bridge across the Geo-Energy Sector. His invented patent-pending technology is ready for commercialization in more than 25 global markets. It aims to offer Equitable Executive Education while promoting Clean Technology using innovative business models.

Malaysia is an Asian Geo-Energy hub & Enheroes Is Committed To Leading Malaysia's Digital Economy Forward. I am happy to get an opportunity to catalyze this mission. I am confident & hopeful that I will be able to create sustainable value for my stakeholders & partners in the near future", adds Shubhabrata Samantaray after receiving the Prestigeous Malaysian Tech Entrepreneur Fellowship Award in Mid 2022 from MDEC(Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation). In an exclusive Interview with CEO Insights Magazine Shubhabrata Samantaray enlightens us more about his professional traits and the unique play of Enheroes Group in the industry.

Throw some light on your professional background. What inspired you to establish Enheroes Group?
I have been a Professional Geoscientist with more than 17 years of international work experience (PETRONAS-CGG-RIL-BP) in the Geo-Energy industry. I am an alumnus of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-ISM Dhanbad), India & hold an MBA from Cardiff School of Management, UK. I have been fortunate to be the first Asian Scientist to invent a novel AI operating system officially certified by World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO).

After decades of global professional experience as a Geoscience Specialist, I was fired from a high level geoscientist job in 2016 owing to volatile market conditions. Despite receiving the Best Geoscientist Award and having
years of expertise in the oil and energy industry, I was unable to find a professional engagement opportunity. So I began delving deeper into this intel lectual Sustainability issue, a fundamental challenge to all industries & communities together.

There is no overnight success or shortcuts in life. Nothing is Impossible in life if you follow Passion Persistence Perseverance in your heart & never give up on your dreams

I was then introduced to the Global Goals 2030 and vowed to discover a practical approach to make the world a better place while undertaking independent research on Intellectual Sustainability. I began developing a solution to address the challenges of the global intellectual burden. In parallel, I began my research on Intellectual Sustainability and continued bootstrapping to convert my idea of using Technology, Business & Intellect together as a force for Good to create a positive collective impact. I learned about AI, Blockchain, and XR through the internet and Design Thinking from MIT Sloan and bootstrapped & "Enheroes”a DeepTech Impact startup aiming to fill intellectual sustainability gaps while protecting our planet with the support of the Geo-Energy Industry to affect net positive change.

How would you define Enheroes Group as an organization and its position in the market?
Enheroes has developed the world's first Carbon Neutral Super Kit and is on the verge of launching it across the Geo-Energy domain, which is a rapidly evolving Technology driven sector that connects Geoscience with Energy and Natural resources Business. This Super Kit will be the Future's Most Sustainable & Impactful Business Productivity Booster Kit. This Ultimate Carbon Neutral Super Kit is designed to enable Geo-Energy executives to achieve ultimate Sustainable Business Productivity and to assist organizations in achieving Sustainability. With this innovative Super Kit, Enheroes becomes Asia's first DeepTech Impact Startup to develop a break through Solution field fueling Sustainable Innovations across the Geo-Energy Sector. Its novelty & high commercial applicability makes it one of the most valued emerging Tech Startups in Asia.

Enumerate the technologies deployed in your services & how are you adapting it to revolutionize your services to be at par with current industry standards?
Much like the Tesla Vehicles, the Integration of Advanced Carbon Neutral Gadgets & Accessories along with the Special Purpose AI Powered Digital Twin Super App, will make Enheroes Super Kit project
shall empower executives & leaders across the Geo-Energy sector to co-create business profitability & social progress while protecting the planet, a first of kind corporate sustainability solution in its segment propelling Doing Well by Doing Good philosophy. Our primary objective at the moment is to make this Super kit inclusive & accessible to everyone across global Geo-Energy clusters to fill the Digital Equity gaps.

Going forward, what are the changes in market behavior that you anticipate & what are the opportunities thatyou foresee?
Due to megatrends like Digital Transformation, NetZero 2050 & Clean Energy Transition, Geo-energy sector is undergoing a massive change & a lot of business opportunities are being available to explore. Leveraging on the power of its Super Kit, Enheroes is building the foundation of several Impact centric integrated ventures that is going to transform it into one of the most Impactful Tech Startups emerging around the Geo-Energy Sector. A large scale deployment of Super Kits can help Enheroes to facilitate

•100 percent Sustainability Centric Tech Summit Platform & Digital Twin Super University
•100 percent Carbon Neutral Digital Infrastructure of Communityled Super computing Facility
•100 percent Sustainable Community Development focused Open Innovation Centers

Shubhabrata Samantaray, Founder & CEO, ENHEROES GROUP
A Professional Geoscientist with 17+ years of international work experience in the Geo-Energy industry (PETRONAS-CGG-RIL-BP), Shubhabrata is the first Asian scientist to develop a revolutionary AI operating system that has been officially certified by WIPO. Shubhabrata graduated from IIT-ISM Dhanbad in India and possesses an MBA from Cardiff School of Management in the UK.

Hobbies: Ideation & Prototyping
Favorite Cuisine: Indian Thali
Favorite Book: "Ecosystem of Shared Value"
Favorite Travel Destination: Malaysia

Awards & Honors
•Top10 Best Indian Business Leaders in Malaysia 2022 by CEOinsight Magazine.
•Nominated for Honorary Doctorate from University of Azteca for making significant contribution in the field of Computer Science for inventing a novel Artificial Intelligence solution aim to catalyze Urban & Corporate Sustainability.
•A recipient of the Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur(MTE)Award under the Established Entrepreneur Category in2022 by Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC).
•Officially recognized as an inventor of a novel & commercially Viable Sustainability Focused DeepTech integrated Utility Innovation by World Intellectual Property Organization.
•Best Geoscience Poster award at ADIPEC2013 Conference.

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