Sowrirajan Narayanan A: Celebrated Persona With Impeccable Technological Proficiency And Domain Knowledge

Sowrirajan Narayanan A: Celebrated Persona With Impeccable Technological Proficiency And Domain Knowledge

Sowrirajan Narayanan,CTOIn the current digital age, technology is indeed the fuel for any organization playing a vital and distinctive role in catalyzing its progression. Navigating the company through the turfs and turds by implementing premium and innovative technological solutions, the technological officers often compel the organization to achieve its ultimate objective. One of the leading tech-wizard of the industry, Sowrirajan Narayanan is a celebrated persona for his impeccable technological proficiency and domain knowledge. Currently, working as CTO for Notesgen, a crossplatform learning ecosystem for students, teachers, and institutes, Sowrirajan Narayanan has been instrumental in leading the learning application by the virtue of his pragmatic involvement in deriving next-gen solutions.

Engaging in an exclusive interaction with Sowrirajan Narayanan, the CEO Insights takes an attempt at rediscovering his journey as one of the CTOs of the country.

Along with your educational background, tell us about your professional journey so far.
With an MBA in strategic management and MSc in information technology, I have a one-year diploma in DPCS as well. I have also done IRPM in HR as well as IBA, but I can admit that I am still a lifelong learner with a zeal to learn more. After discovering my passion for coding at the age of 18, I developed my first software for the spastic Society of Tamil Nadu as a part of my diploma course. After its completion, I started teaching various software languages and tools starting from MS-DOS to COBOL, Lotus, WordStar, and more gradually switching over to cloud.

In 2001, I happen to steer the enterprise level of application design and development for the theme park called 'MAYAJAAL' which is the first theme park in India. I have engineered and developed more than 80 plus applications out of which almost 70 percent are absolutely defect or maintenance-free, catering to
various industries including medical, retail, education, and more. After that, I moved to UK for good and continued my consulting career for a year.

I returned in 2019 and founded my firm, BEBF (Bridging Education and Building Future), a neighbourhood curriculum developer company to help the education sector to deliver the right educational methods and techniques, right materials, proper learning path, learning experience platform, career guidance, and many more. Soon I joined hands with the founders of Notesgen, an integrated learning network that combines inter-operable & personalized learning platform for learners and an AI powered cloud platform for educators, we are spreading our branches into different segments of the tech world.

I joined hands with the founders of Notesgen, an integrated learning network that combines inter-operable & personalized learning platform for learners and an AI powered cloud platform for educators

Being in the technology business for so long, what are the major challenges you faced in this domain?
While I was working with ProArch IT Solutions, I was allowed to develop a new vertical of Microsoft, as until then, they were doing software development and support. After getting the signal, the first criteria are to become a Microsoft partner, where the employees should have an MCSA certification. After completing the MCSA certification in one go, I became a role model for my peers. Soon I started the vertical of Microsoft along with my tech guru Mr. Robert Hosea who was the Vice President of ProArch at that time and accomplished it within a very short span. I continued to retain the state of gold partnership with Microsoft, by engaging my core team and encouraging them to provide more solutions in those areas. I handpicked the newbies and trained them on the Microsoft tech stack to help them get certified. I created more than 20 MCPs in five months and transformed the company's face completely by opening up different channels of revenue.

In Notesgen how are you managing the company's technologies appropriately to meet the requirements of the company?
Employing the right tools in technology for the best profit is a
key strategy that I believe in. In B2B and B2C space, there are a lot of opportunities for software as a service and method of delivery. Secondly, patience always brings the best result which applies to any startup, irrespective of their start-up bar. I am an organic person who believes in taking time to plan and giving enough time to the tech team to evolve with it. We are closely watching the technological world and are ensuring that we are taking the necessary steps. The minute I switched over here, we focused on widening the product offerings, architectural correctness, process, and good knowledge of the technology by typically following the most traits of PDLC and SDLC.

How are you planning to improve the performance and productivity of the company in the future?
Apart from being a content sharing platform enabler, we are an integrated learning network that combines interoperable and personalized learning platform for learners. An AI-powered cloud platform for educators, we have already shifted over to tech stacks, React JS and React Native stack with AWS lambda. We are planning to implement our own AI-based search engine, combined with AWS, Kendra, and bring machine learning in place for the content recommendation engine. We are developing our content recommendation engine where I'm looking to leverage NLP and AI to make the live translations more linguistic. Our immediate action is to make our content more searchable, reliable, and multi-language localized to manage more front-end applications.

Sowrirajan Narayanan, CTO, Notesgen
Sowrirajan is a strategic technology executive with more than 19+ years in technology and business strategy across industries and geographies. Owing to his unique experience in managing technology strategy, execution and integration during mergers & acquisitions, he has led large transformation programs across large and small enterprises. An experienced tech professional, Sowrirajan holds proficiency across many specialities including technology strategy and management, process implementation, product development, testing, operations, enterprise architecture, contract negotiations, technology standards and governance, budgeting, program management and more.

Hobbies - Yoga, spending time with nature, reading books of Late Mr. Balakumaran in Tamil and Deepak Chopra in English, Playing carrom, and Guitar.

Fav. Food – Curd rice
Travel Destination- London

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