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  • Prince Champappilly, CTO, Appobile Labs

    Prince Champappilly, CTO, Appobile Labs

  • There is an African proverb that says, "If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together". This definitely holds true for the corporate environment! A leader who treats one's employees like just another cog in the wheel might eschew some minor expenses in the short term, but such a dysfunctional team would only lead them to a disaster in the long run. On the contrary, a leader capable of establishing a close-knit relationship with one's team can empower them to confidently present their innovative ideas and deliver high-quality work efficiently, which would eventually take the organization to the peak. Being a firm believer of the aforementioned African proverb, Prince Champapilly, CTO, Appobile Labs, has been thrusting his company to reach newer milestones everyday by spearheading his team with such mutual trust, and he is keen on taking along the entire team with him in his successful ride. "My team is my pride and joy. Everyone in our team is a specialist in a certain area.

  • Prince Champappilly: A People's Leader Steering The Team With Mutual Trust
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  • Top 10 CTOs - 2020

    According to the global market stats, the CTO dependency is expected to increase by a whopping margin in the next few years in the Indian business sector. The continuous business growth which is conducted over information systems is the actual reason for rapid advancements in the business solutions, and growth in mobile device usage, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, software-as-a-service, machine learning, and related technologies, it is contributing to the expected increase in the chief technology officer’s intervention. In everyday life processes, like shopping, food ordering, managing various work processes, or other technologies are required. With maturing technology, solutions by the chief technology officers are important for business expansion. From infrastructure chief technology officer to planner to consumer-focused or thinker, chief technology officers play a vital role. They analyze a company’s data, security, maintenance, and network, and sometimes implement those for managing the company’s technological pathway. Now that the latest technologies are either invented or innovated now and then, it is overall a competitive market for staying aligned to the structure of technology evolution. Chief Technology Officers (CTOs) are standing firmly with the solutions for challenges arising in a unicorn startup or a small business at the very beginning. CTOs may also be involved in nurturing the tech quadrant of a business. Featuring some of the topnotch CTOs in the present-day industry, in this edition of the CEO Insights magazine, we present a list of ‘Top 10 CTOs - 2020’, selected by industry’s renowned veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights editorial board. The listing will guide the readers in knowing the CTOs better, their culture, and how they keep focus, attune their thought process, and perform exuberantly.

Top 10 CTOs - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Indifi Animesh Sharma,CTO Indifi Known for his abilities in leadership, web application design, platform and infrastructure, open source tools, big data, and operations.
ItzCash Card Daykin Creado,Chief Technology Officer ItzCash Card He is responsible for implementation of technology pathway, and executing strategy & vision.
Teknobuilt Dr Sourish Acharia,Global AVP - Corporate and Digital Teknobuilt Technocrat and business leader who is responsible to future proof the business by creating and implementing digital technology/product roadmap.
MullenLowe Lintas Group Pravin Savant,CTO MullenLowe Lintas Group He is interested in solving complex problems of industries such as fmcg, media & entertainment, supply chain & manufacturing with success.
Appobile Labs Prince Champappilly,CTO Appobile Labs An ardent full stack developer with 10 years’ experience in leading technologies, who has demonstrated excellent leadership and to some renowned organizations like BEL.
Siesta Hospitality Services Sachin Mudholkar,CTO Siesta Hospitality Services He is an affluent technologist with keen notion to work on Innovative Products, Platform or Services where his Leadership skills, Product Development Experience and Technical Insights can be leveraged.
Collekto Senthil Nathan Velu,Chief Technology Officer Collekto A veteran with two decades of experience in designing and implementing solutions across a range of industry verticals including financial services, public sector and Internet of Things.
Axidio Corporation Shyam Kumar,CTO Axidio Corporation A CTO is a C-suite position in a company who is held responsible for maintaining the strategic focus of the project and is in charge of turning a tech idea into reality.
Notesgen Sowrirajan Narayanan,CTO Notesgen Employing the right tools in technology for the best profit is a key strategy that I believe in.
Moneyfront Vidhi Mehta,CTO Moneyfront She has supported Moneyfront’s growth from 150 Crores routed through the platform in mutual funds to over 2000+ Crores in direct plans.

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