Sudheer Yarashi: Instilling Creativity To Foster Business Growth

Sudheer Yarashi: Instilling Creativity To Foster Business Growth

Sudheer Yarashi,Founder, Director & CCO

Sudheer Yarashi

Founder, Director & CCO

"Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it has produced the most extraordinary results in human culture," quoted the renowned British Author and International Speaker Ken Robinson. However, instilling creativity to foster innovation in the workplace, products and services will happen only with the leaders who are curious and sensual with the ability of forecasting and building visionary growth perspectives. Moreover, the leader should be capable of igniting innovation by driving an atmosphere that offers freedom to think and explore. With that said, many business leaders are now opening up innovation-driven work environments and promoting a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere, where new approaches are respected and failures are considered as an opportunity to learn. Sudheer Yarashi is such a maven who promotes the growth of RUBIX Informatics with creative and out-of-the-box strategies.

The impressive story of this industry leader takes us through a ride where introduced H2H -> Human 2 Human Approach/Concept in Work. Personal Life and Professional Life of any Human is the same as Head/Tail of a Coin. There isn't any existence if both aren't there. Personal Life has a deep influence in Profession and Profession also deeply impacts the Personal Life. Hence Sudheer is decently interested in knowing the person's Life whoever wants to work with him. This creates an intrinsic bond between each other and helps to strive and thrive on the relationship.

CEO Insights engages an exclusive interview with Sudheer Yarashi, the Founder, Director and the Chief Creative Officer of RUBIX informatics to learn valuable nuggets of his professional journey.

Brief us on your educational background. What roles are you undertaking at RUBIX?
I completed a Bachelor of Business Management from Maharaja's College (Mysore) and did a Post-Graduation of MCA (Master of Computer Applications) from the National Institute of Engineering (Mysore). At 10 years of experience
in the IT career, pursued General Management Programme from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in 2014.

My primary goal is to enunciate the vision and mission of the company and direct the team in the right direction. To make the vision and mission possible, we focus on improving ourselves on daily basis. As part of this, whoever is working in RUBIX can give feedback to me directly and specifically without any hitch and glitch. Usually, the feedback Channels are WhatsApp and in Person Conversation. I trust that feedback is always with respect to the behaviour exhibited at work/work place. Always and in All Ways, the Behaviour is attributed to the personal side rather than the Professional side of any person. Hence, we only prefer either WhatsApp or Direct Conversation only. If the feedback is progressive, I ACT ON (I ACT ON = ACTION) it accordingly.

As a person with a high degree of technical skill and managerial capabilities, Sudheer always focuses on motiWAYting the team and TRUEsting them

I have 22,600+ followers in LinkedIn & it is trending everyday as I enthuse my tribe with CLIPS (Creative LinkedIn PostS) on every working day.

How do you come up with innovative business strategies that can help your company move forward and sustain success in the industry?
My way of tackling any problem is through creativity. According to Medical Science, the Right Brain of the Human is the epicentre of Creativity & all we just need to tap it to realize its potential. Every day, I make a conscious effort in developing a Creative Attitude to look at things differently and I share it on LinkedIn as a CLIP. This daily Ritual makes me Creative and garners popularity in LinkedIn as well. Feedback received is always a bonus!

Another way of sustaining success is by observing the contemporaries. Irrespective of a new player or experienced person I look for learning and analyse how I am different and how could I become better?

Not involving in a price war, adding extra value to the customers and aligning to their constructive/critical feedbacks are my core strategies to
drive business growth.

Please share with us about your journey as Chief Creative Officer. What are the challenges you encountered during your professional journey?
On 26/1/2021, RUBIX launched an Online Wellness Platform for Holistic Health, which is First of its kind so far. i2we is associated with H-A-N-A (Homeopathy-Allopathy-Naturopathy-Ayurveda) Doctors and offers services in all these 4 Major Lines of Medicine. Balanced Physical, Mental, Emotional, Social & Spiritual Health is known as Holistic Health. We ren-der holistic healthcare services with an emphasis on Emotional Fitness. We extensively use Coaching and Counselling to impart Emotional Fitness/Wellness.

Other Premium Services of RUBIX are as depicted below:
1) Start-up CTO Services as Smart CTO, Swift CTO, Go To Market CTO, Global Market CTO & Pivot CTO
2) Pitch Decking for Funding, Marketing, Strategic Alliances for Start-ups
3) Creative Content Writing for Anything!
4) Personal Brand Building (we turn branDEAD to bRANDed & persoNULL to perSUNal)
5) Social Media Management (Branding & Marketing) on LIFY (LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook & YouTube)

How would people working for you describe your management style and what's your success mantra in business?
Believe in constant improvement by taking feedback and constructive criticism. My management style can be defined in a word; Freedom. We follow the no micro-managing policy at RUBIX. Trust is at the core of our ethos. I trust my team and never doubt them for any reason. In my opinion, what is right is important than who is right, and what is wrong is more import-ant than who is wrong. We provide open opportunities for them to explore, execute and improve. Everything is P-A-U-S-E ble (instead of `Nothing Is Impossible') is My SucCESS Mantra.

Everything is P-A-U-S-E ble (instead of `Nothing Is Impossible') is My SucCESS Mantra.

Sudheer Yarashi, Founder, Director and Chief Creative Officer, RUBIX Informatics
Despite hailing from a technical background, I have always had a boundless passion for writing for a long time. The inclination towards creative writing and content creation sprouted by proactively engaging in a plethora of activities that helped me learn its nuances better to write catchy taglines, create content for brand marketing and makeover.

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