• Shurobi Menon, Chief Creative Officer

    Shurobi Menon, Chief Creative Officer

  • Shurobi Menon is a dynamic, visionary creative with over two decades of experience in the Indian Advertising and digital media realm. She currently works as a strategic, innovative Chief Creative Officer for One Network Entertainment and has successfully developed and executed brand strategy, content design, and production for premium brands. Under her leadership, the company has nurtured, treasured brand partnerships, forming wonderful associations with brand teams, and organically becoming a one-stop-shop for them. Shurobi has also been awarded the Social Samosa Superwoman Award 2020, among other recognitions. 1. Tell us about your unique skill sets and strengths that differentiate you from your peers in the industry? Besides the storytelling craft, my strength lies in my eye for detail, adaptability, and the ability to be completely focused on the job on hand, no amount of distractions can get me off the desk.

  • Shurobi Menon: Stirring Up The Digital Content Revolution

A Creative Edge is a Must in Your Business Growth

By: Deepshikha Singh, Editor

Today, an entrepreneur's mind revolves around new ideas and opportunities for innovation. There is a continuous and conscious effort required to look for niches and undertake the risks in entering them. Being in business involves the

The Smart World Perceptions

By: Vidya Ramakrishnan, Head - Marketing Content & Thought Leadership, Aspire Systems

Today, the market is full of smarts ­ smartwatch, smartphone, smart home, smart money, smart limbs, smart TV and the endless. Anything you want has a smart version and humans have taken to the smarter version of things with such zeal that

Top 10 Chief Creative Officer - 2021

In-flight Safety Protocols Parallel in Financial Management

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In these unprecedented times, can the financial managers draw lessons from an analogous environment that practices risk management actively and where the risk mitigation initiatives have matured and evolved over time?


Marketing During A Pandemic

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It's been over 2 months and the world has come to a halt. One would never have thought that entire countries would lock down, people's movements would be so restricted and physical interactions like sharing a meal, watching a movie or even


Virtual Collaboration: Building And Managing Workforce And Culture Post-Lockdown?

By: Hersh Shah, Co-Founder & COO, AscentHR

In 2020, the pandemic caught everyone by surprise and overturned how the world functioned. The measures to contain the pandemic affected individuals, organizations, and governments around the globe.


How Today's Digital Economy Has Transformed For Industries And Organisations Operate

By: Aditya Arora, CEO, Teleperformance

The World Economic Forum predicts that by 2030, the global workforce will need to reskill over 1 billion people due to the technological transformation that's happening as part of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.


A Leadership Paradigm Shift for the New Normal

By: Dr.Madana Kumar, VP & Global Head - Leadership Development, UST Global

We hear about "New Normal" a lot these days. COVID 19 has disrupted our lives and this has spawned a whole new set of studies and theories about what the future could hold for our lives. We cannot escape this even if we want to.


Five Ways For SMEs To Improve Their Environmental Sustainability

By: Siva Kumar, Senior General Manager - InkJetPrinters, Epson India

Research has shown that even now, SMEs are lagging behind when it comes to eco-friendly technology. In fact, just 24 percent of them are willing to spend on improving sustainability. But with employees to pay, bills to meet, and clients to

  • Top 10 Chief Creative Officer - 2021

    Chief Creative Officers are engaged in affording a plethora of management and creative solutions to businesses and the officers are regarded as the prime of any creative product/service offering. Responsible for communicating and coordinating with the creative leaders of a business, the chief creative officer shows the way for development for artistic blend and augments the process of product promotion or create the foundation of a company's business brand. The chief creative officers with their years of experience mentor the creative teams and manage them in obtaining the best results for marketing, design, media content and message tagline. The daily task includes staff operations, business strategy planning, budget development, and crafting the strategic approach of the solutions of design development, creating and maintaining relationships with agencies, vendors and customers. Chief creative officers are also imbibed in providing technical assistance for maintaining conference room environments for corporate presentations.

    With their experience in marketing chief, creative officers solve any complex task in marketing or advertising communications. Not only the production of advertisements, but the chief creative officers develop narrative of a company, which might even get used in podcast or related media channels. In the field of marketing, chief creative officers work for efficient selling and upholding the belief or message of the company by amalgamating practical and creative proficiency.

    In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of `Top 10 Chief Creative Officer ­ 2021', crafted by a team of industry veterans, CEOs and VCs and the CEO Insight magazine editorial board, is delivered to the readers with detailed information about the Chief Creative Officer expertize and their motivating journeys for providing in genuine creative solutions.

Top 10 Chief Creative Officer - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
Aarts Creative Consultancy Aashirwad Gupta,Chief Creative Officer Aarts Creative Consultancy Having over 15 years of experience working with companies across diverse verticals
Brandfizz Abhimanyu Mishra,Chief Creative Office Brandfizz An example for the rest to follow and look up to
1GEN Ayesha Khan,Chief Creative Officer 1GEN On Sony Entertainment Television, Ayesha was the Creative Group Head for the show Prayaschit Gunahon Ke Zakhm. From research and narrative development to on-location shoots/execution and post-production, up till mastering of the final televised episode, creative supervision was provided for all creative areas
Inteliqo Research and Services Dibbyyan Nath,Chief Creative Officer Inteliqo Research and Services Leading a team of motivated, talented, optimistic, and experienced professionals aiming to provide the highest degree of content delivery service backed with analytical & in-depth research
VMLY&R Mukund Olety,Chief Creative Officer VMLY&R A seasoned creative industry professional with close to two decades of experience across domestic and international markets
NicheMinds Muralidharan Pakath Chandrasekhar,Chief Creative Officer NicheMinds A Post Graduate in Humanities with a specialization in media, he has worked with some of India's top agencies like DDB Mudra, Contract, Euro RSCG and Leo Burnett Orchard
Extraweave Nimisha Srinivas,Chief Creative Officer Extraweave A fine blend of technological advantage, along with superior quality products, and design innovations has made Extraweave a preferred supplier for buyers across the globe
Ogilvy Ritu Sharda,Chief Creative Officer Ogilvy Ritu has been in the creative field for over 13 years now, and held the role of Senior Executive Creative Director at BBDO India prior to Ogilvy
One Network Entertainment Shurobi Menon,Chief Creative Officer One Network Entertainment She has played a crucial role in the success of One Network Entertainment
Rubix Informatics Sudheer Yarashi,Founder, Director & CCO Rubix Informatics A BBM, MCA & General Management Professional from IIM-Bangalore, Sudheer Yarashi has over 15 years of experience in IT Industry