Suman Naidu: A Relentless Business Leader Building Legacy for the Next Generation

Suman Naidu: A Relentless Business Leader Building Legacy for the Next Generation

Jack Welch, a well-renowned American business executive and author, once quoted, “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion”. But most entrepreneurs today sail ahead only with the primordial goal of making money from their business and no long-term perspectives of building an organization out of it. Standing as a stark contrary to these people is Suman Naidu(CEO, Credvest) who is indubitably a figure of inspiration to budding entrepreneurs, giving them the boost to always stay relentless.

All through his career, Suman outclassed as a leader imparting hard work, perseverance, passion, determination, and above all the fervour to always give his best both to the organization he was a part of and the society. Being an exemplar across every field he plunged into and constantly learning from the mistakes, Suman’s performance has always been three times above the set target, thereby leaving no room for comparison. He is indeed a man who creates benchmarks, an accomplished entrepreneur and most importantly a true business leader building legacy for the next generation to look up to!

In an exclusive interview with CEO Insights, Suman has articulated about his professional journey as well as his brainchild - Credvest. Here are the excerpts!

From being a sales professional to the CEO of Credvest today, how has your journey been?
Despite being mediocre in academics and hailing from a middle class family, I always had bigger dreams in life and I’d always stayed conscious to achieve them. I started my career with the family business of managing Adidas outlets, wherein I generated huge profits in a short span of time. Excelling in sales gave me the initial motivation, post which I joined Axis Bank as a Relationship Manager (RM). Unlike my peers, I spent my free time in selling accounts and it was sheer hard work and fervour to never settle for some thing small that got me promoted to NRI RM within mere six months. My next
stint was at HDFC Bank where in I personally wrote to the management regarding my achievements and the appropriate pay scale I deserved. I’m proud to say that I’ve never worked just for the sake of it, and with a sole goal to experience constant change both in lifestyle and salary.

At some point I quit banking and was inclined to become an IFA but somehow stepped into the real estate sector through IndiaHomes. Besides rich exposure to real estate, I was able to earn the kind of salary and incentives akin to that of an entrepreneur. Even in IndiaHomes, I was successful in achieving revenue that was three times the set target during the first month itself through a mere one-member team. I strongly believe that nothing is impossible as long as you have the hunger to achieve it! Also, I was promoted as Karnataka Head from a team lead due to the phenomenal works my team delivered then. But at some point of time, I and Siddharth Renganathan (the then South Head) realized there was no future at the company and hence moved-on to Square Yards.

Even here, I managed to gain revenue 14 times larger than the target in the very second month of joining and later was posted at Singapore where I learnt how the global markets worked. But, it was my stint at Dubai where many unprofessional activities were taking place in real estate that triggered me to establish Credvest in 2018. My aim was to showcase Credvest as a company where every employee can earn significantly and intrinsically be an owner. So far, we have been a self-sustained company and acquired 55 people, with offices in two countries (India (Bangalore) & Dubai) and positive cash flow.

How have you built Credvest way above other real estate consultancies in the market?
Firstly, we have the right intent towards dealing with both developers and clients! We are a boutique real estate consultant that doesn’t merely connect clients with developers, but handhold them personally even post closing deals. While most developers sell their projects with zero market research
today, we ensure to execute a complete background check for each developer before connecting them with the client. We also comprehend the exact requirements of clients with regards to property be it for residence, lease or just investment, and provide them properties that fit their personality.

Unlike others, we respect our clients, stay simple, fair & transparent, and build strong relationships with them. The name Credvest itself stands for credible investments, wherein we simplify real estate investments for them through pre-negotiated values and attractive finance options, thus cutting-down their expenses. We don’t sell real estate as a commodity to clients, but rather create win-win situations for each stakeholder involved in our business, thereby infusing a humane touch to properties.

Above all, our goal is to augment market share at Credvest, while we foresee huge opportunities for the same in the current real estate industry.

Brief us on your Vision 2022 and other future plans.
Through the might of technology and digital platform, we aspire to procure significant market share (up to 40 percent in real estate space by 2022, besides empowering zealous people to gain exposure and earn money. We also envision extending our presence across 10 other countries in the future without raising any capital or funds. Our biggest aim is to match a building to a person, i.e. deploy AI & ML to create an interactive, smart & reliable portal that can deliver properties to clients in exact accordance with their requirements. In a nutshell, we are a team of aficionados at Credvest with great insights on market sentiment, aiming to change the face of real estate industry!

Key Management:
Suman Naidu, CEO
With extensive experience in sales, marketing, banking & real estate, Suman currently spearheads Credvest with an ardent goal of bestowing all his employees with utmost ownership and success.

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