Sunil Kumar: A Young Turk Democratizing Quality and Affordable Healthcare Plan Across Rural India

Sunil Kumar: A Young Turk Democratizing Quality and Affordable Healthcare Plan Across Rural India

  Sunil Kumar, Founder & CEO, IEEARC Technologies

Sunil Kumar

Founder & CEO, IEEARC Technologies

“If you’re an entrepreneur, you’ve got to dream big and then dream bigger.” Howard Schultz, the world-famous entrepreneur who transformed a regional coffee company into one of the world’s top brands Starbucks, aesthetically elucidates the importance of having dreams, if you are cut out for leadership. Sunil Kumar, the founder & CEO of IEEARC Technologies an emerging healthcare startup, had started dreaming about using his knowledge & technology skills for providing better healthcare to the underserved rural population, ever since he started learning them. During the second year of his B.Tech in Nanotechnology from Amity University, Noida, Sunil commenced his entrepreneurial journey by establishing a technology firm, idea Expo Enterprises. Intervened by the craters and intrigued by the challenges in the healthcare realm, the Young Turk, who is currently pursuing a PhD, registered his company right after completing his M.Tech under the name IEEARC Technologies Pvt. Ltd., which within shuteye time has become one of the fastest growing healthcare service providers in the country, serving thousands of members PAN India.

Through CareUp Plus(a subsidiary of IEEARC) membership, Sunil has conceptualized a healthcare ecosystem, especially amidst the rural population in our country that offers primary health services, while covering the Doctors’ consultation charges in hospitals and personal clinics. The member patients can choose the best healthcare facilities and consult the best doctor, while the company bears consultation charges for a complete year. Through IEEARC, he also spearheads research and development projects under Academic Industrial collaboration for one of the government projects funded by BIRAC(a unit of Department of Science and Technology, Government of India). He delves further about his plans with CEO Insights.
Being a young entrepreneur with a startup in the populous healthcare segment, how challenging has been your journey?
It’s been four fantastic yet challenging years with a lot of ups and downs and sleepless nights. The efforts are getting paid off while we continue to invest more effort and keep improving. Every day is a new challenge and being able to love that makes you an entrepreneur in the first place. As the technologies continue to evolve, we are well acquainted with the need to incorporate them in our solutions before they hit the ground.

Our research is largely focused on providing the underserved rural population with high-quality healthcare at a cost that they can afford

Apart from the business idea, the challenges are pretty much the same with every startup. The need for stable funding and the right set of resources tops the checklist. It’s like the fuel and engine. Since I didn’t initially have the financial savings that a normal job could provide you with, I was taken for rounds with presentations in front of several different investors to raise funds. We are funded and incubated through a new entrepreneurial initiative of the Government of Delhi that’s under Startup India initiative. Furthermore, we are one of the top selected startups by NITI Aayog & IIM-Ahmadabad CIIE, and are acknowledged by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) and Gujarat Government (in Sayaji startup summit). Above all, we were also able to build a fantastic team, which today plays an instrumental role in all our endeavors.

How do you ensure solving the genuine problems of patients, especially in the rural areas of the country? How do you remain updated with the dynamic technology landscape?
Our research is largely focused on providing the underserved rural population and the population with limited income and those who can’t afford expensive insurance policy for highquality healthcare at a cost that they can afford. There are several rural areas in states like Madhya Pradesh and Odisha, where the people often don’t have the habit of consulting with doctors in cases like Malaria and Dengue thereby constituting a higher death rate. I physically visit such areas
frequently and organize seminars & health camps to understand their healthcare challenges real time. This has helped us to come up with several solutions like innovative remote diagnosis models and credit based healthcare systems amidst others.

I always have a tab on the healthcare market and developments in the industry. Since I have been closely associated with the research and development in the segment, especially in integrating artificial intelligence with medical science, updating myself with the latest trends is almost an automated process for me.

How do you ensure closely working with the healthcare industry and government forums to provide the best of benefits to the population?
We are incubated in a Delhi government based incubator and thus we have healthcare experts as our mentors one of them is Mr. Naresh Priyadarshi and Dr. Utkarsh Jain.In addition, we have experienced healthcare professionals from the country’s leading hospitals as our mentors. We engage with them to have the right perceptions and correct analysis of the healthcare market and patient ecosystem.

How has been the support from your family, especially considering that you started your entrepreneurial journey during your college days?
Hailing from a middle class family, where in people generally tend to do a nine-to-five job, I obviously had the pressure initially from my parents to find a government job or financially secured private job. But they have been supportive ever since I took the decision to venture into entrepreneurship. Today, as a startup entrepreneur in this growing phase, most of my time is dedicated to my professional life. Their strong support has been crucial in doing so.

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Sunil Kumar, Founder & CEO
Sunil is a young entrepreneur who commenced his entrepreneurial journey as early as his second year of B.Tech. He went on to complete his M.Tech in Nanotechnology from Amity University, before registering his company in 2017. While riding along a growth curve with his healthcare startup he is currently pursuing a PhD as well.

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