•  Arindam Haldar,    CEO, SRL Diagnostics

    Arindam Haldar, CEO, SRL Diagnostics

  • Breakthroughs in molecular diagnostics are bringing us close to an era in healthcare, often referred to as 'Personalized Medicine', where soon, molecular markers will point towards a person's risk of developing a disease, determine whether a person is a carrier of a hereditary condition, screen for diseases that are present but not yet symptomatic, confirm a diagnosis, or monitor how a patient is responding to treatments. The genome comprises all of our deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA), which carries our genetic information. The DNA molecule contains four chemical units, expressed in letters A, T, G and C. Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) looks at the order of three billion pairs of these letters. There are around 20,000 genes (made of DNA) in every cell of our body, which act as instructions to make molecules called proteins, which then determine the structure and functioning of our cells, tissues and organs. Mutation in any one of these genes on their own or in combination with mutations in other genes or with environmental factors can cause a disease.

  • Will Predictive Genomics Bring a Patient - Empowered Future?

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  • 10 Best CEOs from Healthcare Technology - 2020

    It's an aesthetic sight that the technology adoption curve in the Indian healthcare industry is sky rocketing, unlike the earlier decade. If the trends are anything to go by, the almost $50 billion worth healthcare market in the country is witnessing yet another technology revolution, with a more connected ecosystem in the offering. According to PwC, the country's medical technology sector, which has high government focus on development, is alone expected to touch $9.6 billion in 2022. The IT trends driving this growth range from Telemedicine to the Internet of Medical Things, Artificial Intelligence, advanced Cloud Computing, AR/VR/MR, and most importantly, Data Science & predictive analytics. The stake of hopes on the healthcare technology leaders is huge. While knowledge sharing plays an instrumental role in this pursuit, the CEOs in them simultaneously are entailed to keep a tab on the competition as well. In addition, according to the recent statements made by the ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, the healthcare sector is likely to generate four crore jobs in India by next year, which is another facet where the hopes are sky high and the CEOs are expected to deliver a satisfying number. Lucidly, the stakes are huge! It’s an ideal time to talk about the leading & emerging CEOs in the healthcare technology realm. CEO Insights traces out a bunch of technology leaders in the Indian healthcare industry. We have created a list of ‘10 Best CEOs from Healthcare Technology - 2020’. A renowned panel of industry’s topmost CEOs, directors, and industry analysts, including CEO Insights’ editorial board dissected the list throughout the year, analyzing the occupants across coordinates. This index will help you know about the anecdotes of some of the greatest and emerging healthcare-IT leaders in the subcontinent.

10 Best CEOs from Healthcare Technology - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
ZoftSolutions Dilip Ramachandran, CEO & MD, ZoftSolutions ZoftSolutions Spearheading a novel revolution on a global level by engendering an IT culture of patient driven healthcare powered by advanced Analytics & Data Science
 Niramai Geetha Manjunath,Founder, CEO & CTO Niramai A computer science doctorate having 25 years of research expertise in the IT industry who tried and tested numerous innovative prototypes in diagnostic healthcare sector, some of which received national & international recognition as well
Galactic Medical DataBank Krishnamurthy Ramalingam, CEO & MD, Galactic Medical DataBank Galactic Medical DataBank Though his innovative ideas and forward thinking, he is not just providing cutting edge solutions but also suggesting the government to make healthcare more available to people
LiveHealth Abhimanyu Bhosale,Co-Founder & CEO LiveHealth An experienced thought leader spearheading LiveHealth to steer the healthcare industry with an adept cloud platform in increasing patient experience which finally drives retention
Wenzins Technologies India Manish Katke,Founder & CEO Wenzins Technologies India An accomplished leader & entrepreneur acting as the creative & strategic kingpin in setting-up and managing Profit to Non-Profit organizations
GE Healthcare Nalinikanth Gollagunta, President & CEO - South Asia GE Healthcare Boasts of having two decades of cross-industry experience working multinational corporates such as Texas Instruments, McKinsey & Company, Cisco and GE Healthcare
Applied Cognition Systems Dr. P.S.Ramkumar, Co-Founder & CEO Applied Cognition Systems An exceptional leader who began his career as a University lab assistant and grew it to become the head of the same department, and a technology wizard in the later phase
Watch Your Health Ratheesh Nair, Founder & CEO Watch Your Health An adept innovator with over 19 years of experience in online consumer behaviour and product design, he currently outclasses as an avantgarde leader in the InsureTech industry
Lybrate Saurabh Arora, Co-Founder & CEO Lybrate An IIT Delhi alumus having 17 years of experience woking for companies such as ITC, Times Business Solutions, and Facebook, prior to incepting Lyberate in 2014
IEEARC Technologies Sunil Kumar, Founder & CEO, IEEARC Technologies IEEARC Technologies A young entrepreneur transforming the healthcare delivery across the under served rural population using high-quality healthcare solutions, including innovative remote diagnosis models and credit based healthcare systems

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