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TrafikSol ITS Technologies: Revolutionizing the Traffic Management Space of India

TrafikSol ITS Technologies: Revolutionizing the Traffic Management Space of India

Praveen Kumar Dubey, Co-Founder & Director

Praveen Kumar Dubey

Co-Founder & Director

India, the second-most populous country in the world and a fast growing economy, is witnessing terrible road congestion problems in its cities. The rapid growth of vehicles combined with the ever increasing population and the migration of people from rural to urban areas are the major factors that are imposing an enormous amount of pressure on transportation infrastructure especially on traffic management practices in India. The need of the hour is a well-managed traffic management system for this countrym and TrafikSol ITS Technologies is focused on offering exactly the same.

TrafikSol is a Noida based dynamic technology development company that is driven by a single idea to make road traffic solutions simple. The firm is headstrong on providing the best solutions to the commuters while ensuring safety & mobility with the most advanced highway traffic management system. Within a short span of time, this 2018-founded company has assembled a dedicated workforce along with the necessary resources to execute the best quality works throughout the nation and beyond. Apart from that, the firm is also renowned for catering to the Intelligent Transport System (ITS) requirements of clients in India by offering the solution on a turnkey basis. Under the aegis of Praveen Kumar Dubey (Co-Founder & Director)the company has cemented its hold in the traffic management industry as one of the leading organizations that provides the most effective solutions. CEO Insights interviews Praveen to know more about the features of TrafikSol.

Tell us about TrafikSol, along with its unique elements that differentiate the company from other industry players.
TrafikSol as an organization is competent and technically strong in solving the biggest problems in traffic-related issues. Besides, it’s our sole aim to mitigate the challenges of traffic management while making road traffic solutions simple. For this, we provide a series of innovative products, services, and processes that were never part of highway traffic management till now. At the same time, we also focus on enhancing the existing
products, services, and processes that are already approved by National Highway Authority and Ministry. This way, we try to bring-out the best of both product development and service improvisation into the deliverables of TrafikSol.

We at TrafikSol are committed to resolving the traffic safety issues through technology, solutions, products, and training for sustainable solutions

The topic of traffic safety has been the biggest priority for many, but getting a solution has always remained a question. We at TrafikSol are committed to resolving the issues through technology, solutions, products, and training for sustainable solutions.

Throw some light on the array of solutions that you offer. Which one do you consider as your flagship offering?
With the increasing growth of highways and expressways in India, the need for ITS has increased many folds. ITS combines many different types of information and communications technology to create a network of systems that helps manage traffic, protect roads and more. Leveraging technology to its best, we offer an array of road safety solutions that include advanced traffic management system, speed violation detection system, tunnel management system, adaptive traffic control system, smart parking solution, smart city solutions, and more.

From a wide range of software solutions, we consider TrafikVIEW as our flagship solution, which is an advanced traffic management solution(ATMS). TrafikVIEW can manage highway control room by adaptive and versatile architecture, and this is what makes it a full-fledged control room software for the highway as well as the smart city. TrafikVIEW can connect with most of the equipment and can provide data to control room for better management. It also allows the control room operator to generate reports, track highway assets such as patrolling vehicles, & ambulances, and manage the traffic on the highway by means of providing real time information to road users with means of variable message signboard, blinker lights and more. In a nutshell, TrafikVIEW has the most advanced features for highway safety and traffic management and it can revolutionize the traffic management space of India.

Tell us about the work culture followed in TrafikSol.
TrafikSol is not just a company, it’s a dream of a number of people who joined this organization keeping only one goal in their mind to create an organization that will lead the ITS field and would contribute to India’s road safety. We started with a small team of three people on-board, and it was our sheer dedication which led us to achieve success in the industry. Today TrafikSol in the second year of its commencement of work proudly stands with the team of 70+ employees, while providing employment to young minds in tier-II & III cities, rural & urban areas, who are high in motivation and pumped up to grow and showcase their talent.

We are not only focused to provide the solution for the safety & security of road users, but also on generating employment for the rural youth of the country. Alongside this, we are an employee centric organization. ‘Employees First’ is not just a statement for us, it’s a culture at TrafikSol, and work-life balance is a priority. We adhere to a clear pathway for career development and a friendly atmosphere that results in employee satisfaction. We believe in the potential of our employees, and we are thankful to them to create such a nice organization.

Tell us about the future roadmap set for TrafikSol.
We are constantly upgrading our technology stack in order to stay in competition with the trending changes in the market and keep ourselves updated with the latest trends & innovations around the globe. We are firm believers of Make in India and make most of our products with completely inhouse development. Be it AI, Machine Learning, IoT, or sustainable green energy to powering roadside equipment, TrafikSol involves itself with every emerging corner.

Apart from providing solutions and services, we believe in returning back to society by involving ourselves in every possible CSR activity that we can offer to the society, whether it is plantation drive or offering solutions and products with almost zero tolerance to single-use plastic.

Key Management:
Praveen Kumar Dubey, Co-Founder & Director
Praveen is an ex-Indian Air Force personnel who has served the motherland for 18+ years. After his defence career, he worked at companies like HCC, SOMA ISOLUX, ITNL, and UNIQUEST INFRA, and his last position was Vice President Road Operations at BRNL.


Offerings:Intelligent transport system solutions like traffic management system, speed violation detection system, tunnel management system and more.

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