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Prefme Matrix: Introducing Personalized Guest Experience to the Travel & Hospitality Market

Prefme Matrix: Introducing Personalized Guest Experience to the Travel & Hospitality Market

Rajat Jain & Mohit Jain,  Co-Founders & Directors

Rajat Jain & Mohit Jain

Co-Founders & Directors

It’s no secret that the business processes today are largely dictated by the customer experience, especially a personalized one. Alas, when it comes to the travel & hospitality industry, which concurrently caters to the masses, it’s almost impossible for hotels and airlines to data-mine into the likes and dislikes of every individual customer. We can’t expect Marriott, Hilton or Sheraton Hotels to be prior acquainted with your breakfast cravings, the food items that you are allergic to or the room fragrance that you love the most; could we? Inevitably, it’s always frustrating for travelers to communicate their eating, habitation and flying preferences every time they travel, especially in a foreign language. Adding to the woes is the delayed check-ins to say nothing of the unexpected waiting in queues at the hotel and cruise reception.

But the tech world has long fallen love with data to the tune of companies being able to provide customers with the experience that they hitherto only dreamed of. Personalizing travel & hospitality services is no exception. Proving this elementary fact is Prefme app a first-of-its-kind mobile application developed by Prefme Matrix, an innovative mobile app & web development company that bridges the carters within the travel & hospitality industry using a creative design thinking approach that keenly focuses on providing great UI & UX. An ecosystem of travel & hospitality providers and their customers, Prefme app acts as a panacea to all the aforementioned hassles of guests by recording their eat, stay and flight preferences, letting hospitality partners customize their offerings accordingly, and in turn providing the guests with a personalized staying experience. At the same time, the guests can communicate directly with the staff to get answers for any query they have, not only during the course of stay, but also before and even after the duration of the stay. Additionally, the guests no longer have to wait at the check-in counters, as Prefme’s travel & hospitality ecosystem also enables a seamless digital pre check-in to hospitality partners anywhere in the world.

Catering to the Need
The co-founders of Prefme the entrepreneur siblings Rajat Jain(Director – Strategy & Operation) and Mohit Jain (Director Product Design & Marketing), came across this business-idea a few years back after the awe-inspiring success of their first entrepreneurial venture Kimirica Hunter International, a leading manufacturer of luxury hotel amenities in India. “The idea of Prefme app emerged while we (Rajat & Mohit) were lunching in
a restaurant in Europe along with a few of our friends. Our order was automatically upgraded from Tomato Bruschetta to a Tuna dish. Being vegetarians, we were never going to have that and we realized the importance of knowing individual eating preferences before serving food. Prefme’s journey originally commenced there on that table,” recalls Rajat.

Guests no longer have to wait at the check-in counters, as Prefme’s travel & hospitality ecosystem also enables a seamless digital pre-check-in to hospitality partners anywhere in the world

The well experienced siblings knew what exactly is entailed to incubate an idea and thrive it as a business plan that provides masses with personalized experiences meticulous data mining. Hence, the duo kick started the development of Prefme app with indepth research & analysis to understand the pain points that the clients face. They analyzed a number of case studies from the real world before finalizing the requirements of the clients and features of the product. The deployment of advanced project management tools and the Agile development methodology became instrumental in making the app market ready. It provided the hospitality partners with a chance to customize the minutest of things for the guests from the type of bed & pillow to the contents of minibar & room fragrance, and from the meals that guests love to infotainment channels streamed in the rooms. Giving experienced and passionate developers with state-of-the-art development tools could always do wonders. Being able to find synergy with guest’s dietary regimes, restrictions and health concerns and providing food QR scanning feature at the hotels, cruises, and restaurants are only a few among the additional features that Prefme boasts of. It indeed turned-out to be a single super-app solving the complex business challenges of the travel & hospitality industry and accomplishing the tasks of multiple travel apps; thanks to the company’s creative design thinking approach and keen focus on UI & UX, and a strong team with an innovative mindset that made it possible.

A Big Family of Talents
“We firmly believe in the positive change that innovation and technology can bring into businesses,” adjoins Mohit. He adds, “We maintain a high amount of openness and transparency with the employees, giving everyone a chance to be a part of the creative development process. Our managers are extremely approachable and opinions of employees in terms of ideas, concerns, queries, feedback and grievances are given substantial importance”.

Prefme’s growth to become a team of 40 talented people who have quickly become a part of its journey and have contributed to its greater vision, within merely a couple of years is a testament to Mohit’s
words.The company has been quite exemplary in delicately building a workplace focused on nurturing the talents and fostering relationships with them. While startups the world over face hiccups in terms of building a stable team, retention of talented workforce has never been really a concern for Prefme. The company’s joining procedure it self is quite elaborate, wherein a candidate is called for an interview only if the profile and the job description find a perfect match. The candidates are further acquainted with KRAs for the job profile, giving them a chance to introspect and analyze their future roles and responsibilities before joining the organization. “Being a high-growth, high learning fast paced startup, we provide our employees great avenues to work first-hand on the latest technologies during design & development, in addition to a robust learning & development infrastructure the recently finished inhouse AWS training is merely an example. Even when an employee leaves our organization we have elaborate exit interviews to find-out the real concern,” Rajat elucidates the ways Prefme nurtures talent.

The Pipeline for Future
The right talent with constantly updated knowledge implicates only one thing Prefme remains committed to its vision of bridging the technology gap that the modern marketplace faces, currently focusing a lot on the technologies that are trending in the global business domain. “The Internet of Things(IoT) and Blockchain are being seriously dealt with and development is being aligned to modern innovations. In addition we engage Artificial Intelligence to help our partners in personalizing and digitizing their services, ensuring a hassle-free guest experience. The roadmap ahead is well defined. We will be focusing on increasing the scalability of the app, while targeting partners in the global landscape,” concludes Mohit. The Indore based company is lucidly setting its wings on fire.

Rajat Jain, Co-Founder & Director
A visionary leader, Rajat has completed B.Pharma from Institute of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Sciences, Gujarat. He pioneers ideation and creates a blueprint of requirements, formulates the strategy, and guides the operations.

Mohit Jain,Co-Founder & Director
Mohit has completed his Master’s in Marketing from University of Birmingham (UK). A proactive leader, he looks after the product design and marketing.

Prefme Matrix in Spotlight
•An innovative mobile app & web development company promoted by a dynamic team of knowledgeable business leader

•Possesses excellent Creative Thinking, Problem Solving, Design and Development capabilities

•Prefme creates an ecosystem of travel & hospitality providers and their customers by recording the guests’ eat, stay & flight preferences, letting hospitality partners customize their offerings accordingly, and in turn providing the guests with a personalized staying experience


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