• (L-R) Rajat Jain & Mohit Jain,   Co-Founders & Directors

    (L-R) Rajat Jain & Mohit Jain, Co-Founders & Directors

  • It’s no secret that the business processes today are largely dictated by the customer experience, especially a personalized one. Alas, when it comes to the travel & hospitality industry, which concurrently caters to the masses, it’s almost impossible for hotels and airlines to data-mine into the likes and dislikes of every individual customer. We can’t expect Marriott, Hilton or Sheraton Hotels to be prior acquainted with your breakfast cravings, the food items that you are allergic to or the room fragrance that you love the most; could we? Inevitably, it’s always frustrating for travelers to communicate their eating, habitation and flying preferences every time they travel, especially in a foreign language. Adding to the woes is the delayed check-ins; to say nothing of the unexpected waiting in queues at the hotel and cruise reception.

  • Prefme Matrix: Introducing Personalized Guest Experience to the Travel & Hospitality Market
Company of The Month

TrafikSol ITS Technologies: Revolutionizing the Traffic Management Space of India

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Dassault Systèmes, the 3D EXPERIENCE company, offers businesses industry leading software

Top 10 IT Startups to Watch For - 2020

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Being able to let go! The ability to focus on what is within the parameters of something that


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Business Fundamentals & Digital Disruption

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A rapid change in technologies and their interlinked use, is leading to a change in the

  • Top 10 IT Startups to Watch For - 2020

    In the past decade, the Indian startup ecosystem has witnessed a significant growth. Taking-off from 3,000 startups in 2014 to a projection of more than 11,000 by 2020, it has become the second largest startup hub in the world. Either uncovering an absolutely new market or by filling existing gaps in the markets or product lines, these startups have revolutionized the entire business arena, be it technology, finance, food, travel, healthcare and others. Albeit, amidst all the startup sectors, the Indian information technology landscape has seen a tremendous growth with the inception of innovative startups offering tech-enabled solutions. Driven by the incessant contribution of novel IT technologies like AI, IoT, AR/VR, ML, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Blockchain and others, IT Startups companies today are soaring the economy of the country. As we enter a new decade from 2020, Indian startups are poised to venture-in with aggravated enthusiasm, but there is always a need for directional efforts from government bodies, investors, VCs and others who can mentor them through various channels. However, there’s a palpable sense of enthusiasm and optimism from the government and investors also, who through their funding, policies, and initiatives like Skill India, Make in India, Startup India, unbridled entrepreneurship and others are stimulating zeal and getting them ready to conquer new peaks with new technology and business models. Drawing attention towards such recognized IT startups that have emerged and got acknowledged in India so far, CEO Insights has shortlisted the best of them in an informative listing - ‘Top 10 IT Startups to Watch for - 2020’. Post a diligent evaluation, a distinguished panel encompassing the industry leaders, CEOs, VCs and other experts, including CEO Insights Editorial Board have prepared this listing of frontrunners. It not only sheds light on the best-in-class startups anchored across the IT realm, but also the emerging trends and potential technologies that can revolutionize the current industry’s landscape.

Top 10 IT Startups to Watch For - 2020

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
AlphaSense Raj Neervannan, Founder & CTO,Jack Kokko, Co-Founder & CEO AlphaSense Transforming the way companies get information and make critical decisions with its AI-powered market intelligence platform
DataCrux Insights Manisha V Jadhav, Founder & CEO DataCrux Insights Developing enterprises through data-driven technology solutions to generate revenue & bring growth opportunities
Maren Solutions Fahid Mohammad, Director & CTO Maren Solutions A bespoke inhouse software development company backed by Saudi’s leading Business Group attracting young talents through huge technology exposure
OPT-C Digital Solutions Bhanu Prakash, Digital Marketing Strategist & CEO OPT-C Digital Solutions Helping businesses boost their performance and grow in the industry through right strategy and research-based solutions
Prefme Matrix Rajat Jain & Mohit Jain, Co-Founders & Directors Prefme Matrix Recording the eat, stay & flight preferences of guests, letting hospitality partners customize their offerings and provide a personalized staying experience to the guests
Talview Sanjoe Tom Jose, CEO Talview AI-Powered recruitment platform turning candidates into happy hires with video interviews, online assessments, behavioral insights, chatbots and automated proctoring software
TapChief Shashank Murali, Co-Founder & CEO TapChief Using technology to provide a platform to schedule and execute phone calls with experts from various industries and provide the consumers with invaluable advice
TechConfer Technologies Sushant Dass, Global Sales Director & Senior IT Consultant TechConfer Technologies Leveraging advanced technology stacks, the company is proactively transforming the new concepts of product development startups into viable products/solutions
TrafikSol ITS Technologies Praveen Kumar Dubey, Co-Founder & Director TrafikSol ITS Technologies A dynamic technology development company, headstrong on providing the best solutions to the commuters while ensuring safety & mobility with the most advanced highway traffic management system like Intelligent Transport System (ITS)
Yulu Amit Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO Yulu A technology driven mobility platform enabling Integrated Urban Mobility across public and private modes of transport