Twinkle Xavier & Milind Nair: Angels Making Your Home Feel Heavenly

Twinkle Xavier & Milind Nair: Angels Making Your Home Feel Heavenly

Emphasizing the fact that the place we dwell reflects our personality, Winston Churchill once said, "We shape our homes and then our homes shape us". And, it is high time that we perfect our homes to become the best selves. However, we need a trustworthy and reliable service provider for sculpting our home into a better place and catering to our lifestyle, mood-setting, and interests. With that said, a safehand for transforming a house into a ‘home, sweet-home’ is 4A Home Styling.

Under the aegis of Twinkle Xavier & Milind Nair, 4 A Home Styling has become a brand where people discover an extraordinary experience of design, décor and furnishing that are in complete harmony, connected by a symbiotic bond that helps transform your house into the work of an artist. From the retro look to classic European, contemporary American, minimalistic Japanese, rugged African, or vibrant Indian styles, the brand does everything just to make your room look – Heavenly!

It specializes in theme-based home styling and loves to make homes come alive. From elegant designs and cozy interiors, it gives your space a more bespoke feel. The company is offering plans which is known for classic beauty, modernity, versatility, and much more. The brand’s choice of products, accessories, and designs for each home is well-coordinated and aligned to a theme that is great at complementing everything around.

Founded in 2017, every project they worked on is an absolute delight both in terms of look and feel. A scroll through their portfolio makes anyone feel Wow! Appreciating their uniqueness in the niche of Home Styling, CEO Insights engages an exclusive conversation with Twinkle and Milind. Kindly peruse the following snippet gives an insightful tour of 4A wwwHome Styling.

What prompted the ideation of 4 A Home Styling? Tell about the key management of the company.
Well, I am a third-generation entrepreneur from a family that is into interiors and furniture for several decades. My family's legacy goes back to my grandfather who manufactured rosewood and teak-wood furniture for the British Army during World War 2. Later, my father and his two brothers continued the business and started a store called Woodways-India in Bangalore.

Though I worked for 15 years in the PR domain with startups and
technology stalwarts; like Freshworks and having worked in 20:20 MSL and Value 360, I was always passionate about beautifying spaces. From the time, I could remember, I was always taking time out to make other's rooms look beautiful. I would go to my hostel mate’s rooms; cleaning, rearranging, and styling them to make them look beautiful and personalized to their tastes, as a pocket-money-making task. When I got an opportunity to set up a new office of 3000 Sq. ft space on Church Street, Bangalore, I shifted my profession from the PR job and went back to what I love - making rooms beautiful.

All that 4 A Home Styling does is - Making the world beautiful, one room at a time

My husband, Milind who is also the co-founder, comes with diverse experience from working in FMCG to launching companies, like Kati Zone in Bangalore to exporting steel, and working with Akamai Technologies. He is an expert in sourcing anything for the right price and that’s what makes us a great team. Ivan Raj - the Business Consultant, has also been a strong support for us. He is the one who suggested the brand name 4 A – 4 Angels, and the concept we are working on today.

Kindly throw some light on your design projects and services.
We would call ourselves as an aggregator when it comes to home renovations, interiors & home styling. We do everything right from civil work to changing the whole look & feel of projects be it 40 years old or just 5 years houses or apartments to transforming them into beautiful homes. As an aggregator, we find the right vendor for their needs, budget, and get everything done.

We work for residential spaces, commercial spaces, home styling, and turnkey projects. Our core is home styling, where we take care of every aspect from who is staying there, the age group, gender, and more to offer the best to them. Most importantly, we consider their travel history, as it has a huge impact on an individual’s expectations on their surroundings.

Highlight the USPs of 4 A Home Styling.
In the Indian context, interior design is all about woodworks, mostly, the fixed furniture like wardrobe &
kitchen. Over time, we have also started experimenting with loose furniture. There are numerous players in the market catering to both fixed furniture and loose furniture. Standing ahead of all these brands, we go the last mile and do what the others don’t do i.e., accessorizing and styling. We do the entire gamut of renovation, in fact, a one-stop-shop for everything with respect to homes.

Another USP is our professionalism. Having worked with international companies, we realize the need for professionalism and bring that to the table in an unorganized industry. We make sure all the workers are on-time and stick to the schedules. Most importantly, we ensure that there is no commotion to the clients while offering our services.

What lies ahead in the plans you have for your brainchild?
We have already adapted to 3D imaging and reality for showing the design plans to our clients. However, we would be delving into Augmented Reality to make the visualization more real and better. The Middle-Class section of our society has a lot of dreams and aspirations, but they feel home styling is a luxury. We want to prove that wrong and give them their dream spaces, at their budget.
Twinkle Xavier, Chief Home Stylist & Co-Founder
Milind Nair, Head (Operations And Accounts) & Co-Founder
4 A Home Styling
Major offerings
• Renovation
• Fixed Furniture – Kitchens & Wardrobes
• Loose Furniture Sourcing
• Lighting
• Window treatments
• Accessorizing

Key Management
Twinkle Xavier, Chief Home Stylist & Co-Founder Milind Nair, Head (Operations and Accounts) & Co-Founder

Personal Front
Twinkle loves embroidery. She has also won a district-level competition for her skills in embroidery during her school days.

Milind is an ardent biker and he loves watching documentaries on foreign society, life stands, and politics.

The duo loves experimenting with different cuisines. However, Milind says, his mom’s recipes are the best. Their all-time favourite travel destination is their home-town, Kozhikode, Kerala.

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