• Rohit Singh, MD, Meanohara

    Rohit Singh, MD, Meanohara

  • Architecture and designing are an area where subjective opinions have a major say. Being an architect and designer is not a job for everyone and the ability to take suggestions and 2D renderings to full-scale buildings and objects is not an easy job by any means. Being in your own bubble disconnected from the world around you is not the way to go if you are aspiring to be an elite architect and designer. One individual who is making a name for himself in the Indian architecture and design fraternity through his observational skills and his eye for detail is Rohit Singh. Rohit is the MD of Meanohara. By not limiting himself to architecture, landscape, interior design, lighting, and movable furniture pieces Rohit has been able to address multi disciplinary concerns when it comes to architecture and designing. It is this ability to take it all in that helped him to grow into a unique entity within the Indian architecture and design fraternity.

  • Rohit Singh: A Visionary Cementing His Legacy In The Indian Architecture And Design Industry

Designing India

By: Anamika Sahu, Managing Editor

With major focus on making India's infrastructure of a global standard, and brining global concepts, architecture and designs to India, the leaders in the

A Transformed Real Estate Industry In The New Normal

By: Francis Alfred, CEO And Managing Director, Sobha Realty

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about significant change to the way we live, work and interact.

Top 10 Leaders in Architecture & Design - 2021

Transforming Digital Process Automation During New Normal

By: Dr. Kaushik Sengupta, Product Head ­ Food SAR Region, Bureau Veritas Group

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated the value of IT and digital transformation across industries and businesses are utilizing this time to speed up the transition.


A Leadership Paradigm Shift For The New Normal

By: Dr.Madana Kumar, VP And Global Head - Leadership Development, UST Global

We hear about "New Normal" a lot these days. COVID 19 has disrupted our lives and this has spawned a whole new set of studies and theories about what the future could hold


Going `Vocal For Local' Is The Key To Unlocking Startup And Economic Growth

By: Pravin Khandelwal, Managing Director, Pranay Care And Director, Leadership & Motivation, Risers Accelerator

They say that the punch that knocks you out isn't often the hardest one; it's the one that you don't see coming. Same has been the case the Covid-19


Pursuit Of Excellence

By: Rajesh Kumar Singh, Global Head HR, KPIT

Have explored a variety of roles in a professional life of more than 20 years spanning Public sector, Government, Private Sector and Startup. My journey began with State Bank of India as Probationary


Rural Infrastructure Development Holds The Key To India's Growth

By: Dr Harish Sharma, Executive Director (Smart City And Infrastructure Services), REPL

Target for India's future have been spelt out loud and clear. A US $5 trillion economy; Infrastructure


Change - The Only Constant

By: Lipi Ray, Head - CRM, NCR & Punjab, Ireo

The Sales Force Automation, abbreviated as SFA, refers to the technique wherein the software is used to automate the business tasks such as inventory control system, account management,


Key To Improve Business Margin - `Productivity & Efficiency'

By: Kumar Gaurav, Vice President, Billionsmiles Hospitality

Today, business is evolving, every minute and every second. Consumer demand and consumer perception plays vital role in demand which changes the style of business.

  • Top 10 Leaders in Architecture & Design - 2021

    A report by India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF) states that the real estate sector in India is expected to reach a market size of about $1 trillion by 2030 from $120 billion in 2017 and might be contributing almost 13 percent of the country's summative GDP by 2025. Among the sectors, the retail, hospitality, and commercial real estate are the ones which will be witnessing significant growth with equivalent infrastructure development for the country's revolutionizing requirements. Furthermore, it will be creating demand for architectural services in India. Indian states are also emphasizing holistic living where green building development and sustainable construction are equally important. For this to happen, it is important for bioclimatic design and conceptual engineering construction. Therefore, the role of the architects and designers are pivotally stick-bending towards significant advancements of digital technology. Clarifying the situation is the previous few years' virtual reality and augmented reality integration to designing the building. Presently, there are extremely well-skilled architects and designers are solving the problems pertaining to the industry by conceptualizing and liberating the thoughts through proficient use of technology. The expanding population, increasing income levels, and urbanization are the scratches starting an exciting journey for designers and architects to initiate the construction of smart homes, create social media viral, and integrate high-quality living standards for people. In this issue of the CEO Insights magazine, a list of `Top 10 Leaders in Architecture & Design - 2021' is presented by the industry veterans, CEOs and VCs, and the CEO Insights magazine editorial board. The listing is hoped to channelize the industry about the skills and stories of the architects and designers.

Top 10 Leaders in Architecture & Design - 2021

Company Logo Company Management Company Name Company Description
4 A Home Styling Twinkle Xavier & Milind Nair,Co-founders 4 A Home Styling Provider of solutions like custom designs, turnkey homes, custom built furniture, high quality sourced materials and value for your investment
Aeiforia Architects Bhupendra Kumar,Founder & CEO Aeiforia Architects Delivering solutions to corporate spaces, retail, warehouses, hospitality and residential projects with 3d visualization and logistics
altARQ collaborative Tunisha Mehta,Founder altARQ collaborative Delivers optimum architecture and design planning solutions in India and worldwide
AND Architects Naved Patel,Founder & Principal Architect AND Architects Offering services like site building evaluation, developing detail design, sustainable design, conceptual design, MEP design implementation, construction administration with affordable cost and on-time delivery
Camaraderie Brands Sumit Sharma, Founder,Neha Singh, Co-Founder Camaraderie Brands Offers architecture solutions to big and large businesses like space design, façade, interiors, project management execution, signage, and environmental design
Lumber & Yarn India Vishal Sukera, Upendra Narayan & Narayana Kumar,Co-Founders Lumber & Yarn India Solving home architecture and design challenges for better living spaces
Meanohara Rohit Singh,Managing Director Meanohara His passion for architecture and design has helped him to push all the conventional boundaries of architecture and design
Montimers Jacob Chacko,Owner & Chief Architect Montimers Leveraging efficient and creative design and architecture solutions for commercial, office places and residential
Mu Design Krishnendu Menon,Principal Architect Mu Design The services offered includes design & planning, master planning, project design analysis, design management and interior architecture
Plumb Design Amit Malhotra & Sonal Malhotra,Principal Architects Plumb Design Facilitates architecture and design solutions in space planning, architecture, interior design, engineering, product/systems design and project management

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